The World’s Only Multi-Functional Folio, Clutch, Messenger, and Laptop Bag On Kickstarter

  • March 9, 2020
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Are you looking for a handmade bag that matches your unique, personal style? Introducing the KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ the world’s only multi-functional Folio/ Clutch/ Messenger/ Laptop Bag now available for support on Kickstarter.

If you’ve ever been on Amazon and searched the keywords “clutchbag” you’ll be confronted with a sea of generic, boring handbags. The uniformity actually looks like every sci-fi show in the future where everyone wears the same uniform. You have to ask youself… “Do I want to be like everyone else?” If the answer is yes than go ahead and purchase form a mass market store. If the answer is no than you may be the next customer of the KNOTTY Bag.

The most distinctive part of the KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags in my opinion is the styling. This is a bag that will truely set you apart from others. I can imagine lots of people at the airport asking about it, in the office, or coffee shop. The bag takes its styling cues from high end fashion. Watch the Kickstarter video and you’ll see what I mean. Some of the bags featured in the video are based on a leather jacket and tuxedo. It’s one of the most unique clutch bags I’ve seen actually. Style features include clean lines, sustainable leather and synthetic materials (No Ostrich or Crocs), multi pockets, functionality and luxury, classic design, and lightweight materials.

Support KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ on Kickstarter

I’d like to support the campaign, but when will I get my bag?

The campaign will run from Feb. and ends this month. Product goes into full production in April – May. Shipping starts in June and fulfillment to all backers starts in September. “We will work hard to ensure that we deliver what we promise and to go the extra mile whenever it is possible.” This is a “all or nothing” campaign so if you’d like the bag be sure to support their $15,165 goal as soon as possible.

KNOTTY ClutchBag

Not only is the bag stylish it’s also functional.

– Pen slot

– Outlet rear zipper pocket

– Inner zipper pocket

– Quick access slots

– Special strap when carrying a laptop (13.3 in.)

– Fits a luggage bar perfectly

– 2 in 1 optional detachable shoulder strap

– Lightweight

– Fits a phone in the mobile phone slot

– Passport sleave

Shoulder Strap Bag

The ability to use the KNOTTY Bag on one’s luggage bar at the airport is one of my personal favorite features.

Kickstatar Rewards

The rewards start at £115 and that level gets you one clutch bag. Pledges go all the way up to £2,129 and that gets you 20 clutch bags. Each one of these rewards has a limited amount. The £115 reward level seems to be the most popular so you might want to hurry if you are interested in one. Kickstarter funds will be used for 50% raw materials and manufacturing, 20% taxes, 16% packaging and shipping, 8% crowdfunding platform and merchant fee, and finally 6% promotion. “At KNOTTY we work together, every single day, to redefine the world of functional fashion.”

Support KNOTTY ‘ClutchBags’ on Kickstarter.


If you are looking for a unique, distinctive, fashion forward bag consider supporting the KNOTTY Bag Kickstarter Campaign today. If you like the KNOTTY Bag they will be back at it again with their new line of belts with glass buckles very soon. Stain tuned!

Pantrybag 2 in 1 Reusable Shopping Bag On Kickstarter

  • January 30, 2020
  • Crowdfunding
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When I saw this campaign on Kickstarter I immediately thought it would be the perfect bag invention to review on my blog. My city charges 5 cents per paper shopping bag used to encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. The Pantrybag could become my go to shopping bag from now on because of some unique key features.

What is the Pantrybag?

The story of the Pantrybag started about 4 years ago. The inventor was at a bus stop and noticed a person gathering plastic Walmart bags and how long it took to gather up all the handles. The man made about 4 trips to get all the bags inside the bus. This is when the inventor had an eureka moment. “How can this be done more efficiently and save time.” He immediately went home and started coming up with designs to solve this issue facing shoppers all around planet Earth.

Find Pantrybags on Kickstarter

Pantrybags Logo

The Problem

The main problem was plastic bags used for shopping don’t stand on its own and for you to carry lots of the bags creates another problem – so many handles to carry.

The Solution

The inventor observed that when people tie bags together it’s much easier to carry more items and it also gives the bag self standing capability. This idea was enough inspiration to create what is now called the Pantrybag.

Pantrybag is born! The world may never be the same.

The Benefits

Key benefits of the Pantrybag.

– Eco friendly
– Double bag with single handle
– Stands on its own
– Environmental friendly
– Attractive ingenious design

Additional Bag Features

– Light weight design
– Carried above 100 pounds
– Fits in one’s pocket
– Machine washable. This is a huge one, because one of the main reasons I don’t use reusable bags is for this reason.
– Durable ripstop polyester and tyvek
– Waterproof and non coated
– Equivalent to 7 standard grocery bags
– Can be used as a bag for other things, such as a picnic
– Made from recycled plastic bottles

What Next?

The samples have been created, they’ve been tested, but in order to launch the bag at full scale the company needs your support on Kickstarter. That’s where you come in. Please consider supporting the company on Kickstarter.

The funding goal is $5,000 and they haven’t met this yet. Pledge $15 or more and get the bag, pouch, and keyholder. Pledge $185 or more and times the order of the $15 contribution plus 20. 20x return! Wow, those are some great rewards.

Seems like a cool idea, definitely something needs to be done about the lame, boring bags you see at the grocery store. There is huge opportunity in this space so I cant wait to see what’s next for Pantrybag Inc. in the future.

The Button Witch Indie Game On Kickstarter

  • January 27, 2020
  • Tech, Video Games
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As a kid I was a huge fan of RPG games. Some of my favorite RPG games for Nintendo and Super Nintendo were Zelda, Dragon Warrior, and the  Final Fantasy series. That later carried into PlayStation with more Final Fantasy and then to the Xbox Consoles and beyond. That’s why I knew I had to review a new indie, 2D pixel, retro feel, RPG game called The Button Witch by DDreams Games when I saw it.

– Visit the Official DDreams Games Button Witch Website:

– Get more information and see a demo of the game. The company is also very active in Twitter.

– Support DDreams Games on Kickstarter

The Button Witch

Gameplay and Plot

The Button Witch is complete with puzzles, interactive magic, escape rooms, riddles, and even a talking squirrel ghost. The plot begins with Ellen and her quest to complete an internship at the Witch Academy and find out what happened in her supervisor’s Manor. Ellen is a young witch who has been accepted for a exclusive internship before she can take the SAT (Superior Arcane Training) exam.

The Button Witch Gameplay

The game includes many interesting characters, plot full of twists, multiple endings, original music, original artwork by Italian artist Caterina Capogrossi, and even a unique magic system (See below).

Magic System: “Spells that interact with the enviroment, such as the “Magnet Spell” to move metal objects and the “Light Spell” to light up small fires or turn on lights! Unlock more as you progress with the story!”

One of my favorite things about playing RPG games is how you could get lost in them for days. The progression of the game, the leveling up, and the seemingly endless environment one could explore. The Button Witch takes the best of the retro gaming games and packages it into a modern fresh game with a retro feel.

Kickstarter Progress

The Kickstarter goal is $3,308 and there are only 28 days to go in the campaign at the time of this writing. If nothing else visit the Kickstarter for a preview of the ghost squirrel that will be featured in the game.

What’s Next For DDreams Games

DDreams Games and developer Jacopo Lorenzetti are moving full speed ahead with the development and launch of this indie game. They launched a Kickstarter around Christmas that still needs your support. There are many benefits to being a Kickstarter supporter including seeing your own statue in the game, your character as a talking portrait with bust artwork, to designing a puzzle room, and more.

The game looks like it’s going to be a good one, check it out and get into contact with the company if interested. It’s going to be fun!


UPstage The New App Designed For Theatre Professionals

  • April 27, 2019
  • Crowdfunding
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Are you a theatre professional looking to connect with the public and promote the play you are working on? There is a new app for that called Upstage. It’s an app specifically designed for theatre professionals and it needs your help on Kickstarter.

Visit their Kickstarter page today for more information:

Who are theatre professionals you might ask? Theatre professionals include theatre companies, actors, production teams, stage crew, playwrites, and even the venue itself. Theatre professionals include Upstage has set a goal of $5,000 in order to develop and go live with this app.

This is such a great idea!

Here is what the app looks like so far:

Add a play, catalog of plays, personnel, calendar, submissions, auditions, rehearsals, and search.

The app essentially lets multiple artists collaborate in real time via the UpStage platform to create and present live theatrical performances.

Industry Features Include:

You can search for plays one wants to produce, if the desired play is not found the theatre company can request submissions from playwrights, search jobs, search for auditions, create and send rehearsal notes, search for venues once you have show. Once you have done all this now you can promote the show and find an audience within 50 miles of your phone. Your actors, production team, and stage crew no longer have to update their resume that they were in your show. Upstage keeps a IMDB record of their work history.

Features For Average Customer:

You’ll get a preview of the play, who’s in the play, rating, playbill, driving directions, call the box office, buy a ticket, leave a review, and see how others review the play.

Any Kickstarter Bonuses?

Yes, there are several for this campaign. $1 gets you honorable mention, $50 gets you an account on UPstage for one year as a playwrite, actor, or production staff. $100 gets you all of the previous plus honorable mention on their website and mention on playbill. $200 gets you a full feature account for one year. The bonuses go all the way up to $5,000. This pledge gets you entry into Upstage introductory rates for the next 7 years, listing on the web site, listing on the playbill at annual festival in Chicago, listed in credits of their TV show, and they will create TV episodes for your plays for two years which air on cable access.


As a consumer I could definitely see myself checking this app regularly. I’m actually going to see West Side Story next month, but it would be nice to see additional plays at smaller theaters. Whenever I’ve seen a play in the past I usually search the largest theaters in my city or Ticketmaster directly. Since this app will allow more theater productions to happen me as a customer will be able to see a greater number of plays.

Upstage began development back in 2003 by programmer Douglas Bagnall and is still one of a kind. It’s the only platform that is all things theatre under one roof. The Upstage team have worked on this project for the past six years to perfect it and get it ready for this Kickstarter moment. Upstage is expected to arrive October 2019. Consider supporting their Kickstart campaign today. They have already created the product so there is no risk of not receiving delivery.

End Messy Cables Forever For Just $29

  • December 5, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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As I’m writing this blog post there are literally cables everywhere. There are power cords for my computer and monitor, printer cables, USB cables, charging cables for my phone, and even a random Roku cable. Have you ever wondered is there a solution to ending the modern mess caused by tech cables? Well I have good news for you there is a Kickstarter that’s currently in funding stages that will solve this problem for you for just $29.

The Kickstater campaign has a funding goal of $1,281 and I’m happy to report that the goal has been met, they actually have received $2,373 in pledges thus far. Please check out their Kickstarter and consider purchasing this cable solution for only $29. This is early bird pricing only, it will go up to $59 very soon. Best part of this offer is you get worldwide free shipping.

Kickstarter Campaign:

Kickstarter Cable Management

I plan on organizing my space very soon, there is something calming about an organized office. Kind of like making your bed in the morning an organized office starts your day out on the right foot.

The cable solution is unlike anything I’ve seen before. The cable system is made up of modules that connect together behind one’s desk and fit together to hide and protect all the cables on one’s desk.

Here’s what makes the system so special:

– The long module contains your main cables.

– The T-module splits the cable in different directions.

– The corner module splits cable out in different directions in different corners of the desk.

– There are extension modules that one can use to fit the system to any size desk or room.

– The big module support of 5-8 cables, the medium module supports 3-5 cables, and the small modules support 1-2 cables.

The pieces fit together like LEGO blocks. You can customize them in virtually any way you want to. It’s not just limited to one’s desk either. There’s a store where I live called the Container Store, it’s a store dedicated to finding organizing solutions. They definitely need this cable management system by GreenLanternLabs on their shelves.

So what are you waiting for? Get your space organized in 2019. These things start shipping in February 2019.

Dungeon Dreams Roguelike-Style Romance JRPG On Kickstarter

  • April 22, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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In grade school and later in high school I was a HUGE fan of the RPG games. Especially games like Dragon Quest and the Final Fantasy Series. I used to play RPG games on Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and later Playstation and XBOX. That’s why I love featuring RPG Kickstater campaigns on the blog. There is a new RPG Kickstater called Dungeon Dreams with some of the retro touches I saw in my youth. Dungeon Dreams is a roguelike-style romance JRPG. The current goal of this campaign is $2,215, so at about 50% funded they need your help.

Consider supporting Dungeon Dreams on Kickstater today:

Kickstater New Video Game RPG

Dungeon Dreams is designed to be like a roguelike-style romance Japanese Role Playing Game. What makes this game different from many others is your choices in the game matter, your choices change the outcome of the game. Dungeon Dreams features a flexible story system, randomly generated dungeon, town building, relationship/dating sim, and more.

Additional Features

65+ titled sub-quests, 15 recruitable party members + 10 temporary guests/summons, 5 romance options (including marriage), 35+ classes, 12+ minigames, 45 pieces of furniture, 8+ building opportunities, 250+ skills to learn, 500+ pieces of equipment, and more being added soon.

The Characters

I think one of the key features of the most successful RPG games is the artwork. That’s one of the reason I enjoyed the Final Fantasy games so much. The Dungeon Dreams designers you can tell spent countless hours designing the characters.

This is just a sample of the quality of characters/artwork you’ll see in the game.

Jane RPG

Jane from Dungeon Dreams (Above)

Grant RPG

Grant from Dungeon Dreams (Above)

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, you’ll get several rewards for supporting this awesome Kickstater. Level one starts at $6 USD and you’ll get a huge thanks and name in credits. If nothing else, I’d do this one, how cool would it be to see your name in the video game credits for only $6? $18 is my recommended level of support. With $18 you’ll get a digital copy of the game and your name in the credits. The reward level goes all the way up to $123, it includes original party member, game copy, artbook, 4 HD wallpapers, soundtrack, and name in credits. If you can afford this one I’d say go for the top level.


A big portion of Dungeon Dreams has already been created and is being tested by a small group of dedicated beta testers, but they need your help in order to fully complete this video game. Consider supporting this RPG with 2D retro touches and anime influences today.

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