Top 10 Books Of 2017 Recommended Reading

  • January 22, 2017
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This is a list of the top 10 books I read in 2016 and recommend them to you in 2017 if you haven’t read them already. Let me know what you think of my list or what other books should be on it.

1) Open: An Autobiography Andre Agassi

Note: If you don’t read any other book this year, read Open by Andre Agassi. It’s that good.

2) So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson

3) Medium Raw Anthony Bourdain

4) TED Talks Chris Anderso

5) Fully Present Susan Smally, Diana Winston

6) The Five Elements of Effective Thinking Edward B. Burger, Michael Starbird

7) How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Scott Adams

8) Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain

9) Do No Harm Henry Marsh

10) Talking to Crazy Mark Goulston MD


Saying Goodbye to the Hostess that Kids Grew Up With

Saying Goodbye to the Hostess that Kids Grew Up With

Growing up, we see certain items and brands that become all too familiar with.  The familiarity would then create an association that would, in our older years, trigger childhood memories.  Most would identify with the Coca-Cola commercials that remind us of our Christmas vacations during our elementary years, and then there’s the Twinkies cakes that we munch on whenever we’re hungry, or whenever we just want something in ours mouths.

List of Hostess Products Going Away

Unfortunately, companies that make these products do not last forever, and Hostess, the makers of our favorite Twinkies cakes, have recently filed for bankruptcy.  Although the owners say that they will try to sell the brand names they hold (and the sale would, of course, come with the exact recipe of the product), the following cakes may never be seen on store shelves again:

a) Hostess Cupcakes – These are the chocolate cupcakes that come topped with chocolate icing and stuffed with vanilla cream.

b) Twinkies – Perhaps the most well known product of the Hostess line, these are the vanilla sponge cakes that have vanilla filling.


c) Sno Balls – Another version of a mini chocolate cake, these bread items have the well known vanilla filling, but have a layer of marshmallow on the outside, further covered with coconut.


d) Fruit Pie – The name does say what the product already is, but the fillings differ.  There is the well known apple filling as well as a cherry and lemon version.

e) Ding Dongs – Could be the next famous product of Hostess.  Another chocolate cake with vanilla filling, but now covered with a chocolate glaze, guaranteeing a sugar high like no other!


f) Mini Muffins – Small muffins sold in boxes, these provide a mouthful of flavor for every person.  Flavors are chocolate chip, banana walnut and and blueberry.

mini muffin

g) Ho-hos – The product would remind any kid of Christmas, and it would taste like the season as well.  It’s a chocolate cake, glazed with chocolate on the outside but with a swirl of vanilla inside, which adds a punch to each bite.


h) Zingers – a variant of the well known Twinkie, these are the same vanilla sponge cakes but have flavors covering the outside, such as raspberry, vanilla and chocolate.


i) Donettes – it should not take much for anyone to figure out through the name that these are mini-donuts, although there is quite a variety to the product.  The flavors are varied, and the way they are flavored are varied as well.  Some are powdered, others are “crumbed” (the flavor comes from the crumbs that are sprinkled rather generously over the mini do-nut), while others are glazed.


j) Pudding Pie – similar to the fruit pies, these are pies that are filled with either vanilla or chocolate cream.


k) Chocodiles – no, they aren’t flavored with crocodiles, nor do they look anything like the animal.  These are small cakes that are coated with chocolate and filled with vanilla cream.

l) Suzy Q’s – No one really pays attention to the reason behind the name, but all would know that this is a sandwich with vanilla or banana filling.

m) Wonder – this is bread, plain, white, and simple.

It is never easy to see a product go, especially when it is a product that we have lived with for so long.  Sometimes seeing the very products in a store would bring a sense of familiarity.  As time moves on though, we just hope that other products just like these find a way to stay alive and keep kids happy as they grow up.

Must-Have Travel Apps Reviewed, List Of Travel Apps You Need to Download Now

  • July 20, 2012
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Must-Have Travel Apps Reviewed, List Of Travel Apps You Need to Download Now

Top Travel Apps

Apps have become travel essentials in this digital age, as essential as passports and plane tickets. Apps help travelers communicate, find their way through strange cities, locate hotels and restaurants, book tickets, convert currency, find Wi-Fi and even report foul treatment by TSA officials. But with so many choices, which apps do you pick? We’ve listed some of the best and most useful travel apps of 2012. They’re all free, too:

Zuji Packman

The Zuji Packman manages to make packing fun with this cool app. Not only does it help travelers with packing duties, it also helps you organize and share travel schedules with your friends. You can create packing lists for each trip, see what your friends are packing and set up reminders so you don’t forget anything. The app is currently available only on iOS devices, but it’s coming to Android soon. Cost: Free


  • Create multiple packing lists
  • See your friends’ packing lists
  • Share packing lists
  • Store your itinerary
  • Delegate packing items to friends
  • Set reminders


Travel App Women

Boeing Milestones in Innovation

Boeing has launched Milestones in Innovation, an iPad app for aviation history buffs. Learn about Boeing’s history and aviation innovations through archival images, videos and an interactive timeline.  The “digital coffee table book” covers almost a hundred years’ worth of Boeing information, the perfect company on those long flights. Cost: Free


  • Archival images and video
  • Interactive timeline
  • Covers Boeing history and innovations from 1916 to present day


Condition One

At first glance, Condition One looks just like any other video app on the market. But once you use it, you know that you have something mind blowing in your hands. Condition One mixes still images and 180-degree video that turns travel stories into an immersive viewer experience. When watching a narrative, you feel like you were there with the filmmakers experiencing the action. The secret is the “pan” button that lets you view a scene from all angles—diagonally, up, down, left, right—by swiping your finger across the screen or tilting the tablet. Currently, the app does not let you take your own videos and you can only watch other people’s videos. Condition One is available on the iPad 2 and iPad 1. Cost: Free


  • Watch immersive videos
  • Change field of view by tilting or moving the iPad 2
  • Change field of view by touching the screen of the iPad 1
  • Save videos
  • Download videos


Image It

The Image It app solves the language barrier problem by using pictograms instead of words, useful if you get sick in a foreign country and you don’t know the word for “hospital.” Image It lets you use up to three pictograms to communicate your message. The app has a pictogram bank for categories like emergency, food and transport. It also lets you create your own pictograms. Cost: Free


  • Pictograms sorted by category
  • Create your own pictograms
  • Write on default pictograms
  • Supports 8 different languages


Kuoni UK Brochures

Fans of travel company Kuoni can now access Kuoni website content on their iPads. View travel articles, watch videos and download travel brochures that you can read anytime without an internet connection. The app updates automatically, so you always get the freshest content. Cost: Free

  • Download brochures to read offline
  • Access the latest news, travel articles and travel content
  • Bookmark any page
  • Print any page


Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts Mobile App

Luxury travelers and fans of luxury travel are in for a treat with the new Ritz-Carlton application for iOS and Android devices. Access great deals, VIP info and top secret content, including an exclusive “Presidential Tips” section by Ritz-Carlton COO Herve Humler. Humler shares his own memorable experiences about each Ritz-Carlton hotel around the world. Cost: Free


  • Book hotels and resorts around the world
  • Edit reservations
  • Interactive maps and directions
  • Hotel information, amenities, events and galleries
  • Special offers for guests
  • Tips and recommendations
  • Unlock stories with QR codes


iOS Devices:

Android Devices:


You’ve probably heard of horror stories about TSA officials in the U.S. running travelers through the gauntlet, or maybe you’re a victim of profiling. Now you can do something about it with the FlyRights application developed by the Sikh Coalition. Use the app to file complaints instantly and send them to the TSA website. Cost: Free


  • Document your uncomfortable airport experience
  • File a complaint in minutes
  • Send reports directly to the TSA and to the Sikh Coalition
  • Know Your Rights guide


iOS Devices:

Android Devices:

Top 5 One Item Per Day Sites

  • December 22, 2008
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1 item per day sites such as seem to offer the best daily deals than any other web site out there. See the top 5 one item per day sites below. – WOOT is hands down the best and not surprisingly the most popular. Also be sure to visit Shirt WOOT and Wine WOOT.

Yugster – A very popular site as well. – Features unbelievable deals daily. By unbelievable I mean $100s off the retail price of nice stuff. – Up and coming deal of the day site. – Yet another up and coming site daily deal site.

The most important site is the one web site that tracks these top 5 sites and the rest of the daily deal web sites. Visit for one page tracking.






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