GoodGrid First Mac Slicing App On Kickstarter

  • March 7, 2017
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GoodGrid is the first Mac Slicing App that produces creative collages, Polyscape, and much more, within seconds. It’s a app that the makers claim to be powerful yet extremely easy to use. With GoodGrid you can get creative within seconds or simply let GoodGrid suggest automatic layouts for you and go from there.

GoodGrid makes being creative with your photos easy and fun, but to further develop the app they need your help on Kickstarter. Visit:

The app makes beginners creative and saves lots of time for creative people. Complex collages, for example, can be created in less 5 minutes using this app while Photoshop takes 2+ hours.


Why GoodGrid? 

“Collages combine any number of photos to an emotional story, no matter if you use it as a facebook banner, Christmas card or in a photo-book. Polyscape combines scenes in so many beautiful ways. It is one of the many attractive abstract art forms that, GoodGrid opens the doors for wide. Before GoodGrid, dedicated collage apps where extremely limiting, to become creative you had to spend hours with professional creative tools – which can do everything, but are simply not dedicated to this work.”

What Collages Look Like

What It Looks Like

What Pollyscapes Look Like

Polyscape Tower  Polyscape Sun

Why Kickstarter? 

1) Help us get GoodGrid off the ground, so it can soon make everybody happy, from cellphone-photographers to professionals. We need to take time away from our other projects to turn GoodGrid into a rock solid, easy to use Mac App with all the features we want others to have.

2) GoodGrid is Édouard’s Wish-App and it can become your dream: Your input can influence GoodGrid’s features! Supporters can get involved from day one! GoodGrid will be an absolute dream App and even today there is nothing to compare – not even a combination of tools.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards from the GoodGrid Kickstater Campaign. €5+ gets you into beta, users pledge without reward; €20 beta and license, €50 gets you beta, licenses, special iOS product; €500 gets you a sponsored banner for a year; €750 gets you dinner with team, and all other previous rewards; €1000 gets you a larger sponsored banner; and finally €2000 gets you an even larger sponsored banner.

What Are The Challenges?

“There is basically no risk. We have made many apps before as you can see on our Website and GoodGrid already has a working Prototype. GoodGrid is already crazy creative and we will do our best to put your wishes in there, but please know we cannot satisfy every wish, especially since users wishes can contradict each other. We will pick all that make sense and are possible in our given time frame to make sure nothing will go wrong.”

Still Want To Know How It Works? Watch This Video

GoodGrid unleashes your creativity. As you can see from the example it creates collages, Polyscape, and much more within seconds. Please consider supporting the GoGrid Kickstarter today so this useful app can continue getting even better.






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