How To Make Money Selling On Etsy 2013

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy 2013

Introduction making money on Etsy:

It may possible that you make jewelry, good in pottery or crochet hamster huts and you want to sell your hand made works. You just need to visit and open a new own shop for yourself. Etsy is the online marketplace for artists to sell their handmade works and it provide a complete package so that they can earn money. The procedure is very simple; simply upload product images, put a price tag, describe your product, and then wait for customers to start placing orders. It is a very simple and comfortable way to make money by selling on Etsy.

Etsy Slippers

Actual Etsy Seller – Crochet Slippers

How to become an Etsy seller:

Signing up and setting up a business on Etsy is free. Publishing each item on Etsy charges $0.20 USD and it will list your product for four months or until the item is being sold. If a sale occurs then Etsy will take 3.5% of sale cost as transaction fee.

You must have a credit card for verification process and other transactions. Pick up a shop name or username, upload the requirements and then sit and start making money.

Etsy is platform for artists, collectors, and crafters to sell their vintage goods which are not more than 20 years old, handmade works, and both handmade and non-handmade crafting etc.

Tips to make more money on Etsy:

Don’t wait for a magic:

Trust on your hard work only and never except a magic to be happen. Some seller can start making a big amount of money from the beginning and some may not. It may take years to set up a right business. There is no short cut or magic formula and you have to keep working on your product to make dollars.

Don’t leave it to chance, make a plan:

Before start selling, you need to make a proper plan. Try to sell items for all time and not for just as a hobby, if you want to make more dollars. Know your targeted market and buyers to which you will sell your product. List the product and prices you are going to sell and check if it will be profitable for you or not! Have some money to start business on Etsy and for advertising and marketing.

Know your product price:

When you are a beginner on Etsy, you may tempt to under price yourself to get more orders. But it is not a good idea to keep your price low if you want to get profit from your selling. Look around the sellers on Etsy who are selling the same or similar items and try to maintain the comparative price and make you in the competition. Tag your product price based on your time, effort and materials used.

Be different than everyone else:

Now you have everything to start a shop on Etsy. It’s time to look different. Attach an eye catching picture of your product, advertise online and other social networking websites such as facebook, twitter etc, take picture in different angles, include close-up shots, choose proper keywords, and promote yourself as much as you can. These are the simple tips you can follow to get more sale on Etsy.


Etsy is a durable online community of more than 15 million buyers and for creative businesses. Grow your business by promoting your product by using online tools such as social networking sites. Express your creativity to customers, describe your product story, upload high class images and shop banners. You are just a few steps away to get your income and start an online business on Etsy.

If you are a creative person, artist or have skills to make handmade creations then be a part of this Global Marketplace and you will be definitely start making huge money after a period.

How to Make Money As a Notary Public

How to Make Money As a Notary Public


Notaries are the person who has the power to affix a seal to any document, to certify the signatures, and to witness the signing of documents etc. It’s a very simple procedure in which signer provides his identification to notary, who provides the proof that they have witnessed the signing. It all takes only few minutes and notary public can charge for each document they validate. Everyone who is interested in self employment and has the skill provides a perfect chance to make money. The most important thing is that anyone can become a notary public and can start making dollars with this profession.

Notary Public

How to become a Notary Public:

Notaries are certified through their state government. The process is very simple and certain certification and fee must be met. The cost will be negotiable and you become a notary public and doing so can open a new self employed source of income.

Why to choose this as a source of income?:

Being a notary public is a great opportunity to make money. Everyone needs their important document such as bank documents, court documents, car deeds, and land deeds etc. to be signed. So notary public is always in demand and you can do this as your full time or part time work.

Tips to get more success and make more money:

Never forget to promote yourself out there. Place ads, put sign boards, or create phone book to reach and get the customers easily. You can also have a website for your service, advertise on social networking sites, and get a classified area in local news papers. Make yourself available as freelance signing agents and you can easily make extra revenues as a notary public. You can also become a mobile notary public and provide your service at home of customers. The National Notary Association provides online training, certifications and other services for notaries.

Get your name out there and let people know more about your notary services. Create articles, web contents, and other internet sources and put all these on your website. Properly optimize your website and get searched by customers with search engine websites.

Travel as much as you can to provide your notary service and get noticed by people. It will help you to get you customers from outside your area. You can charge more from these customers and make extra dollars. Establish and maintain contact and try to chase big clients. Leave your business cards, your brochure which explains your services and costs.


If you want a self employed profession to make money, willing to work part time, generate a new source of income then being a notary public is one of the best choice you have. Peoples need a notary service for many reasons. They need their important document to be verified by notary public. Charge as maximum as you can for your trouble, distance and time. Promote yourself on internet, news paper and other social resources to get more customers. Once you have a large contact list and well set up notary business, you will be going to make a large money with this profession.

Making Money Online By Creating WordPress Themes

Making Money Online By Creating WordPress Themes

Every business and some individuals need a website to promote itself and to describe them to the world. WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the market to manage all types of websites and serving many users.  Developer of wordpress are more interested in developing its theme as many users will be going to user their high class skilled work and giving developers a good profit and chance to make more dollars for their hard work. We are going to provide you things to remember before start developing Premium WordPress Theme to sell and make money from it.

Wordpress Themes

Follow the Standard Norms When Creating WordPress Themes:

Always follow the standardization while creating theme to attract more valuable buyers. It avoids you to write unnecessary coding and protect you from a mess to happen in development. You need to use Genesis or Thesis which are a theme framework to make your development easy. WordPress has its own set of coding standards. Follow them otherwise an average user can reject your theme if it is not properly coded. To ensure the coding standard always use Theme Check, a handy plug-in.

WordPress Theme Option and Customizability:

The best thing you could do is to provide a customizing option into your theme to make more money. WordPress users love the themes more which has this option. Everyone wants to customize their website at their will. If you provide the option to make user a minor change into your codes then your theme might be used by a handful websites only. So adding the functionality of Theme Option would be a great idea.

Support and Other Document:

Keep in mind that you should provide a proper documentation about your theme and should be regularly updated according to users need and queries. Many WordPress developers and student bloggers need to get answer for their queries and this will make a chance to compete better in the market and user appreciate it very much. Whether you are selling your theme on a high price or low price be prepare to provide support to your buyers.

Never Ignore Competition:

You need to do anything when you start developing your theme. WordPress theme market it very crowded, quality level is so high and so competition is extremely high. If you want to be more successful and to make more money, then take care of all area properly. Add more features, provide theme option, easy customization, support and reach to your theme buyers. If any competitors undercut your price then it will create a very bad effect on your sell.

Other Profiting Tips When Creating WordPress Themes:

Other than above mentioned things design theme that have specific purpose. Develop some photography themes, portfolio themes, and shopping cart based themes etc. These can get you a huge amount if buyer found something extraordinary in your theme. Add certain feature like social media integration, form creation, design and plug-ins for your theme and see your financial improvement.
Never expect that once you developed your theme and you’ll start making high dollars from the same day. It will take time. Once your theme became get sell for a website, each visitor will see your work and you will reach a very large audience.


So if you are considering entering into the theme development market to make money, always remember the things explained above before making your final decision. Provide more features to your theme, add feature like social media integration, give customization facility, ready to answer user queries, and attach proper documentation etc to get more sell and profit.

Making Money Online With Shutterstock

Making Money On Shutterstock Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images and Vectors

Shutterstock is a microstock website for photographers which offer royalty free stock images. Buyers may purchase subscription and then browse images to buy and download from a huge library containing more than six million images. High quality photographers and Videographers upload their skilled work to Shutterstock to make dollars whenever their images get a download by buyers. This is the excellent way to make money and recommended by many professionals. Shutterstock is one of the leading microstock website and has a high reputation and so attracts illustrators and photographers to upload their work on it.

Shutterstock doesn’t allow every image to be uploaded in its library. First you need to submit your 10 high quality works and at least 7 of them must be approved to your account become active. Once this process has been done you’ll be start making some money. But never expect that you will make hundreds of dollars from the day you start. It may take some time and if you’re a hard worker then you have a chance to make a decent income.

Shutterstock Girl

Types of earning on Shutterstock:

•    On Each Downloads:
Each time a subscriber download your image Shutterstock will pay you 25 cent. It can be raises up to 33 cents, 36 cents, and 38 cents per download as you reach the milestone of $500, $3000, and $10,000, respectively.

•    On demand download:
A “Small & Medium JPG Sizes Only” plan pays you 81 cents and “All JPG and Vector Sizes” On Demand plan can pay you $1.88 per image download by subscribers.

•    Enhanced download let you earn $28 per image download.

•    Each time your image get saved in users backed up CDs, You will get extra 5 cent for that.

•    Each time your clips get a download via shopping cart or through a Shutterstock Footage Subscription plan, it will pay you 30% of commission sale.

•    For test products, single images, and new product per image sale will pay you 20% of the total sale.

Tips to earn even more on Shutterstock:

Before you start your work on Shutterstock, here are some tips that you must follow to make more money:

1.    Link and Promote your Portfolio:

Every photographer needs a website to promote their portfolio and work. You can provide your personal contact information there to promote your work and brief introduction about yourself. Here you can link your Shutterstock profile and sell your images or you can sell directly from your website. Promote your portfolio on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking sites.

2.    Choose the Right Keyword:

Choose a right keyword when you are submitting your images on Shutterstock library. It is important to provide the right keyword with your image; it will help buyers to browse your images easily. Images with having irrelevant keyword might be deleted by the admin. Also batch upload your work rather than uploading it one by one.

3.    Learn the Buyers demands.

4.    Learn from other experienced users who already working on Shutterstock.

5.    Upload more images on Shutterstock to make more money.


Shutterstock is the best, high class, and most recommended microstack website in the market. It is easy to use and high pay outs as well. Illustrators and Photographers recommend this because it helps them very much pay the bills. In the other hand buyers love it for its over six million collections of images, different category of images, abd affordable subscription plan. So start uploading your work and start making dollars with Shutterstock.

How to make your Traffic Stick Around and Do More

  • October 17, 2008
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How to make your Traffic Stick Around and Do More

Don’t you just wish people would stay on a page on your blog longer? May be click a few more links to your best posts and subscribe? One thing I learned is that when you want something, ask for it. As long as it’s within reason and in good taste, why not ask? Requesting subscription is common, it’s the way the blogger asks that differs. Some use a plugin called “What Would Seth Godin Do”, a wordpress plugin that shows a small box to a visitor who arrived on your blog for the first time. The box contains a request to subscribe as well as links to your subscription links. I like the idea, actually, but I would rather have a nice image attached to my request. It really depends on what the blogger’s style is. Yes, it’s perfectly ok to flatter the reader a bit, and post an attractive photo (maybe of yourself) near the subscribe box or link.

Encourage your readers or visitors to comment by adding a text after your post. There may be some internet users who do not know that they can participate in the discussion and could communicate their opinions to you through comments. It doesn’t hurt to ask a leading question after a post, and it will get your readers’ mental gears turning. Having said that, it is of equal importance to answer each comment promptly and thank the commenters accordingly. Doing this will make them feel welcome and will encourage them to comment again.

If you are running a blog contest soon, it’s just proper that you put a prominent link to a pre-launch blog post describing what the contest will be about, who can join and when it will be launched. This could make people subscribe because they have something to look forward to on your blog. You can also do this for particular blog posts or series of posts on a specific topic that you will publish in the future.

Give away a free item. A good ebook or a short report tackling the main topic of your blog could attract anyone. Remember to reiterate to your readers that the ebook is free. Having people own a piece of your blog in their hard drives will remind them to visit your website again. This free giveaway is also for those who would like to read more articles on a specific topic without having to wait for the next ones to get published.

If you’re tackling a sensitive subject, be ready to put out flames and remember to not say anything that could fan the flame that’s already burning among your readers. The attention that a comment fight attracts could be heady, but bear in mind that bad words, even when said by someone else, will be a bad thing for blog owners. On the other hand, do not be too strict with comments and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If someone directly flames you for the post and your opinions, the best option is to stay quiet and filter the bad words on the comments.

Using Twitter to increase your Blog’s Traffic and Interaction

  • October 14, 2008
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Using Twitter to increase your Blog’s Traffic and Interaction

It’s interesting to note how some people get into blogging. One particular person I know of got into it just by clicking links to blog posts on Twitter. Some Twitter members link to blogs that are so well done and the followers can’t help but be envious and be encouraged to blog. Is it safe to assume that most of the people on twitter are bloggers? Not really. Some are simply there to connect with relatives abroad, find out who’s friends with who and to promote their blogs. The fun part is getting followers. Yes, this is fun for me, but maybe not to some. See, most people feel compelled to follow you when you follow them first, and doing that over and over with really interesting people can be gratifying.

How do you fast track interaction on your blog through Twitter?
I’ve seen it done time and time again, and those who use their Twitter space wisely can enjoy the benefits of getting more blog subscribers, and more comments. I view each twit as bait; a colorful lure that invites people to explore more, ask more and follow more. Do you have a strong opinion about the economic crisis or the political standing of a presidential candidate? Simply telling your community that you have posted your thoughts about a hot topic on your blog will make them come running to read.

Comments can be ego fodder to some, and blog boost to some. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned blogger or a new one, the feeling that comes after you see someone comment on a post is indescribable. The thing is, comments mean interaction. It also increases the relevance of a post. Comments mean that people have read your post and would like to put in their two cents. Remember that Twitter communities are expanding and your friends could be following the friends of the people in your community. Everyone’s getting to know everyone else, and because there is a character limit to every twit, your first words must be interesting enough for people to get curious and follow the link provided. If they disagree too strongly to your views, they won’t be able to expound more about why they disagree via Twitter so they go to your blog to reply there.

There are spammers on twitter, like everywhere else, but the beauty of it is that oen can simply delete a spammer from a list. You can spam all you want, but if you have no friends, no one will see it.

Building curiosity as well as community is the best thing about Twitter for me. There’s just so much wit that you can inject in one or two sentences, but those who manage to keep people rapt and tuned in to their twits have the power to invite anyone to their blogs, affiliate programs and company sites. The representatives of companies can even increase brand awareness by simply describing in frequent twits what’s so unique about their product. Again, the ability to avoid turning off spam-sensitive people comes into play. If you build a reputation of sending useful, non-spam information, or extremely entertaining one-liners, you could be the most popular Twitterati in your growing community.

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