How To Make Money With Short Films

How To Make Money With Short Films: What You Need To Know

Introduction to making money with short films in 2013:

Filmmaking is a self employed business and you can make dollars by making short films. With anything that involves self-employment nothing comes easy and there will be a lot of hard work. When following your dreams first do it for love and hopefully the money will follow. Even if no money follows producing something that’s your own and you can be proud of is a great accomplishment.

There are no short cuts to make high money from the beginning of this business but once you start working hard, you can make high dollars. Many say when producing short films or documentaries the best you can hope for is to break even. I say this so you start out with realistic expectations.

Start with your small investment, equipments you have, time and your networks for your first short film. If you are satisfied with your first earning then never stop and make more and more new short films and add new ideas to make more money. This can be an excellent way to make money for those who love to make films and become the source of their livelihood.

Consider Kickstarter to fund your short film or documentary project Adam Carolla is funding his next film project on Kickstarter. Mr. Carolla at the time of this writing is approaching his goal of $1,000,000 for his next movie.

Tips to make money with short film:

Here are few tips any short film makers must follow to make more money by this business.

Film Festival Logo


Make a DVD of your short film. Distribution of DVDs can be very easy. You can directly sell them on, other online community, through your websites, and Netflix etc. Advertise your short film on social networking websites. You will make more money if you have your own media network, mailing list, and social media relationship. Keep offering them your films and create some campaign and send them to your network. Build your network of contacts and ask people to link to your web DVD sales web site. Also, look into buying traffic through Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo/Bing.

YouTube and other online platforms:

If you are a good promoter and get more viewers to your short film then you will be get paid by the third party for pulling out traffic to their website. It may possible that you have to get millions of hits to make real money. Once you are successfully get traffic then your each new video will attract the same amount of viewers and so you will make a large amount of money. YouTube is also providing the same idea for their users. Not just upload your videos but always remember to promote them on online and other internet sources. This will definitely add more earning from your short films. Sign up for Adsense and get paid for the views your video receives. Warning Adsense is a temporary funding source. For the most part Adsense is not worth your time because the dollar amounts you will earn aren’t great enough to cover costs of a short film. This rule goes out the window if you video gets 1.000,000 views for example. At low volumes Adsense is just for emergencies.


It is nearly impossible to easily short listed by iTunes or apple. You have to go through any distributor. Once your short film is into the store of iTunes then you must promote your film so that visitors get attracted and hits your video. This is the best way to make money with short films.

Film Festivals:

Visit the film festivals already going on somewhere to promote your short film with it. It will get you more orders for your video. If you are not getting more money by this then at least you’ll learn new ideas from a film maker from other state or countries. Use the idea in your film and in a new way to make more dollars. Submit to as many film festivals as you can all around the world.

Cable TV and Channels:

The cable TV and local channels don’t have commercials then they can show your video when a short film is needed to be shown in the smaller time slot. It will attract any studio and get more orders for your video and for your ideas.


If you think that you are good in film making, love to filmmaking then it can be a good way to create short films and make money with it. Make DVDs and sell them online, upload on YouTube and other similar platforms, promote your video, and visit the film festival events too. These are few good ways to make more money with short film. It may possible that you would not make huge money only with short films, but do not worry. It can provide you so much experience and leads you to a new and better commercial work such as studio career, make a complete film, TV serials, and other people hope.

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy 2013

How To Make Money Selling On Etsy 2013

Introduction making money on Etsy:

It may possible that you make jewelry, good in pottery or crochet hamster huts and you want to sell your hand made works. You just need to visit and open a new own shop for yourself. Etsy is the online marketplace for artists to sell their handmade works and it provide a complete package so that they can earn money. The procedure is very simple; simply upload product images, put a price tag, describe your product, and then wait for customers to start placing orders. It is a very simple and comfortable way to make money by selling on Etsy.

Etsy Slippers

Actual Etsy Seller – Crochet Slippers

How to become an Etsy seller:

Signing up and setting up a business on Etsy is free. Publishing each item on Etsy charges $0.20 USD and it will list your product for four months or until the item is being sold. If a sale occurs then Etsy will take 3.5% of sale cost as transaction fee.

You must have a credit card for verification process and other transactions. Pick up a shop name or username, upload the requirements and then sit and start making money.

Etsy is platform for artists, collectors, and crafters to sell their vintage goods which are not more than 20 years old, handmade works, and both handmade and non-handmade crafting etc.

Tips to make more money on Etsy:

Don’t wait for a magic:

Trust on your hard work only and never except a magic to be happen. Some seller can start making a big amount of money from the beginning and some may not. It may take years to set up a right business. There is no short cut or magic formula and you have to keep working on your product to make dollars.

Don’t leave it to chance, make a plan:

Before start selling, you need to make a proper plan. Try to sell items for all time and not for just as a hobby, if you want to make more dollars. Know your targeted market and buyers to which you will sell your product. List the product and prices you are going to sell and check if it will be profitable for you or not! Have some money to start business on Etsy and for advertising and marketing.

Know your product price:

When you are a beginner on Etsy, you may tempt to under price yourself to get more orders. But it is not a good idea to keep your price low if you want to get profit from your selling. Look around the sellers on Etsy who are selling the same or similar items and try to maintain the comparative price and make you in the competition. Tag your product price based on your time, effort and materials used.

Be different than everyone else:

Now you have everything to start a shop on Etsy. It’s time to look different. Attach an eye catching picture of your product, advertise online and other social networking websites such as facebook, twitter etc, take picture in different angles, include close-up shots, choose proper keywords, and promote yourself as much as you can. These are the simple tips you can follow to get more sale on Etsy.


Etsy is a durable online community of more than 15 million buyers and for creative businesses. Grow your business by promoting your product by using online tools such as social networking sites. Express your creativity to customers, describe your product story, upload high class images and shop banners. You are just a few steps away to get your income and start an online business on Etsy.

If you are a creative person, artist or have skills to make handmade creations then be a part of this Global Marketplace and you will be definitely start making huge money after a period.

How to Make Money As a Notary Public

How to Make Money As a Notary Public


Notaries are the person who has the power to affix a seal to any document, to certify the signatures, and to witness the signing of documents etc. It’s a very simple procedure in which signer provides his identification to notary, who provides the proof that they have witnessed the signing. It all takes only few minutes and notary public can charge for each document they validate. Everyone who is interested in self employment and has the skill provides a perfect chance to make money. The most important thing is that anyone can become a notary public and can start making dollars with this profession.

Notary Public

How to become a Notary Public:

Notaries are certified through their state government. The process is very simple and certain certification and fee must be met. The cost will be negotiable and you become a notary public and doing so can open a new self employed source of income.

Why to choose this as a source of income?:

Being a notary public is a great opportunity to make money. Everyone needs their important document such as bank documents, court documents, car deeds, and land deeds etc. to be signed. So notary public is always in demand and you can do this as your full time or part time work.

Tips to get more success and make more money:

Never forget to promote yourself out there. Place ads, put sign boards, or create phone book to reach and get the customers easily. You can also have a website for your service, advertise on social networking sites, and get a classified area in local news papers. Make yourself available as freelance signing agents and you can easily make extra revenues as a notary public. You can also become a mobile notary public and provide your service at home of customers. The National Notary Association provides online training, certifications and other services for notaries.

Get your name out there and let people know more about your notary services. Create articles, web contents, and other internet sources and put all these on your website. Properly optimize your website and get searched by customers with search engine websites.

Travel as much as you can to provide your notary service and get noticed by people. It will help you to get you customers from outside your area. You can charge more from these customers and make extra dollars. Establish and maintain contact and try to chase big clients. Leave your business cards, your brochure which explains your services and costs.


If you want a self employed profession to make money, willing to work part time, generate a new source of income then being a notary public is one of the best choice you have. Peoples need a notary service for many reasons. They need their important document to be verified by notary public. Charge as maximum as you can for your trouble, distance and time. Promote yourself on internet, news paper and other social resources to get more customers. Once you have a large contact list and well set up notary business, you will be going to make a large money with this profession.

How To Get Into The Food Truck Business: What You Need To Know

Making Money Starting a Food Truck Step-By-Step Process

A food truck business is a great way to expand restaurant sale and making money with it. If you are thinking something hearty and fresh and something that is already sold in other country or something sweet then it’s like you are on the right business. In the past food trucks have been associated with simple fare like hot dogs, sandwiches, and ice cream, but today this business has exploded in variety. Now the same food truck business offers every kind of cuisine to their customer. To open a small, standard hot dog type food truck cost approximately $2,000 to buy, while refurbished trucks may cost more than $40,000.

Babys Burgers Food Truck

Before you starts buying your truck go through your need first. The less your truck has worked to do, and the smaller it can be, the less it will cost. You need to take care of many things like permits, truck storage, security, parking, insurance, and location etc. Mobile food trucks have different permitting process and it has some other cost to consider starting and running the business smoothly.

Food Truck Insurance:

This is not similar insurance like you’re another vehicle.  You need to clear the additional risk your truck might have as you have now cooking tools, cylinders, gas connection and other flammable things to carry into your truck.

Food Truck Permits:

Permits are a variable element and generally changes based on locality. There are lists of permits you need to clear before starting the business. Mobile Food Vendor License is a must have license and some other permits for working in the locality you choose, you need to clear all. Renting and buying a permit is illegal thing to do, so be aware of this.

Food Truck Security and Storage:

Health department of the city will approve the location where you are going to park your vehicle during off duty. You might also need to pay additional cost for electricity and refrigeration facility into your food truck.

Food Truck Parking:

You need permission before you’ll park your vehicle and start selling your foods in locality. Sometimes you need to pay extra to be in special events, high class society, or private owned areas etc. Some towns have restriction for food trucks so determine where you can set up your truck.

Food Truck Cost Breakdown:

Food truck itself cost thousands of dollars. One thing you can do is to go for used trucks or look for financing either through investors, banks or small business bureau.

1.    Some other things you need to take care of for food truck business are:
2.    Health and safety are most important
3.    Competition with nearby restaurants
4.    Choosing the suitable and best location
5.    Provide a dining experience
6.    Promote your business on social media like facebook and twitter
7.    Need to do hard work
8.    Offer to expand your business


Start your food truck business and start making dollars with it. Clear all the permits, choose the proper location and rules to park your truck in any society, provide healthy food and variety as well, and advertise as much as you can to get more sell etc. Social media plays an important role to promote your business and to attract more customers to your truck for food and make your business successful.

How Make Money Sharing on Pinterest, And Here’s How

  • July 17, 2012
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How Make Money Sharing on Pinterest, And Here’s How

Even though Pinterest has been around since 2010, it is currently taking the Internet by storm. Beginning in 2012, Pinterest has surpassed YouTube, Google Plus and LinkedIn combined.  It is now the third largest social media platform behind Facebook and Twitter. Due to all of the recent algorithm changes on the Google search engine, people are looking for new ways to generate traffic to their websites. We will explore how you can leverage Pinterest to do just that.

For all intents and purposes, Pinterest is a social media site that has over 80% participation by females. Companies and individuals that have products and services that target women tend to do exceptionally well. You can target your passion if you are interested in promoting crafts as well as others that promote products that women may be specifically interested.  After navigating through the site, you will notice that all types of interests are covered from handmade garments, jewelry, shoes, clothing as well as items that you may not have considered.

Personal development guru Tony Robbins mentions that success leaves clues. On this platform, it would behoove you to check out other companies that are currently doing well. Why are they standing out above the rest? What type of products or services are they promoting? Are they constantly selling or are they using this platform for engagement? These are some of the things to consider before sticking your toe into the deep waters of this significant social media platform.

In recent years, the economic climate has been rather dismal for people in all walks of life. Popular posts by others on Pinterest also seem to have an approach that highlights inspiration. People love to be inspired. What are you inspired by? You will notice that there is a little bit of give and take and people are attracted to those that are genuine in their passion and desires.  You’ll also notice that business can actually be obtained when using this concept. In essence, you are not directly advertising your products and services but rather engaging others the way you would naturally in the off-line world.

You wouldn’t go to a party and stand in the corner and talk to yourself would you? If you are regularly pinning up products that fascinate and make them speculate, they will need to know who you are, just what you do, as well as just what makes you so unique.  More importantly, it is best if you comment and share what others are talking about. This way you are a part of the conversation instead of yelling at the top of the mountain tops trying to garner attention.

There’s a mind shift you need to accept when thinking of taking your business onto Pinterest.  Pinterest is all pictures. There are ways to pin write-ups yet they do not draw in attention. You will definitely view a growing market of info-graphics on the network.  This is simply a means to advise a statistical and also precise account in a graphic, pinnable means to get your point across.

In the popular movie, Field of Dreams, there is a saying that you can build it and they will come. This is surely a recipe of disaster if you were to try this on this social media platform. The companies that are successful are active participants who post images regularly. You should also test to see what regular actually means for you so that you do not “over share.” By no means should you only post once and then expect a tsunami of traffic to your website.

John Chow Video – Make $40,000/Month From Blogging

My two favorite bloggers are John Chow and Shoemoney. Not because they are the best writers or anything like that… it’s because they always have interesting things to say. They are genuinely interesting people who are successful at what they do. Who has time to read 2 pages of text? I’ve noticed Shoemoney often only posts one short paragraph or two. Today John Chow posted a great, educational video on how he makes $40,000/month from blogging. This is stuff he’s never shared before on his blog. Click here for the John Chow video.

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