What The Food Truck Business Can Teach You About Marketing?

  • April 19, 2014
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What The Food Truck Business Can Teach You About Marketing?

A food truck is akin to a restaurant on wheels. It has a number of distinct benefits over usual eating places. A food truck can depart to where its customers are. It has quite low overhead, as compared to a restaurant, and involves far fewer staff. Nevertheless, a food truck is a business that needs lots of work and concentration, particularly in the first pair of years. Its holders put in long days but have some problems akin to restaurant owners, like slow seasons, awful weather, and slow economy.

The food truck trend is far-reaching the nation! They are cute, cheap and very much easier to own as compared to a fully-staffed eatery in any city. Not only this, but these food truck owners know a lot of thing or two about marketing.

Think about an average restaurant website as well as social media presence, they are pretty awful. It is hard to manage marketing operations when your managerial staff expends the greater part of its time inside the kitchen, organizing the staff schedules as well as mingling with the consumers. This is not a problem particularly with the restaurants. It is an innate problem throughout every business model. The food truck can educate us a lot about social media marketing.

Food truck owner are continuously involved with their customers as they have to be. They are a moving objective!!! Consequently, they have to continuously stay in contact with their consumers by means of their social channels. They on a regular basis keep their location updated and also they keep updated menus, deals as well as local partnerships from their Facebook, Twitter etc. accounts.

Let us have a look at some points on how to run a successful food truck business:

(1) Marketing yourself:  Food trucks are just microcosm of an eatery.  The most booming eateries all have particular brands.  In present age, marketing is all free of cost.

(2) Increase your income streams: The top brands in the food truck business all have exclusive brands, and they have taken benefits from those brands by growing their income streams.

(3) Never be a hardhead: Always be prepared to modify the locations and transfer your operating hours, if it is not working or the sales are not doing well.

(4) Two is superior to one: As the food truck experts are probable to hunt you out, you will have superior success if you pair with some other mobile trucks at a particular place.

(5) Networking: Grand businesses are constructed on a network.  You get a lot of referrals, event requests, catering jobs as well as opportunities to wholesale. Construct partnerships along with the influencers in the society.

(6) Charges: Ensure that you are having a superior product, and then charge suitably.

(7) Spend in your staff. Employee revenue creates a weight on you to continuously re-train and also makes your operating costs up.  If you are constantly training your employees, it will price you a point on your outcome.

10 Excellent Strategies to Promote a Business on SnapChat

  • March 27, 2014
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10 Excellent Strategies to Promote a Business on SnapChat

The mobile internet is on a very high usage in the modern times that allows the people to surf the net continuously. Keeping pace with this sort of trend, the marketing strategists are also in the urge to explore a strong platform to accomplish the business publicity goals. The SnapChat app is the new innovation that can offer a positive solution to the business promotion goals. Here are some excellent ideas to promote your business using this app.

Maintain Connectivity with the Clients

Clients and business associates are extremely important for every business organization. Maintaining continuous contact is absolutely important to keep going. The SnapChat app allows the business owners to develop customized pictures and interesting stuff and send it to the group of people at an instance to show that you consider them extremely important.

Develop Video to Promote your Brand

The SnapChat features let the business owners to record video commercials with the help of the touch button feature. These videos can later be edited as per requirement and used as advertisement material for online marketing.

Send Digital Coupons to the Niche Buyers

The buyers are always prompted to purchase the products, if there are coupon codes available that allows them to spend less and shop more. It is quite easy to generate digital coupons with SnapChat. Develop a discount code offer and take a picture with the camera. Now, using the SnapChat send this image to the group of customers you want to send the codes.

Allow People to Share Your Business Stuff with their Associates

SnapChat allows the people to recommend the products, generate comments, reviews, images and even videos and share it with their friends and associates. This sort of sharing paves the way for brand promotion.

Organize Contests to Attract Customers

Contest and prizes always attract mass attention. If you declare giveaways to the contest winners, increased number of new audiences will take an interest in the products. Along with the prizes, you can also offer free product samples that help the users to first try it for free and then purchase.

Send Customized Messages to the Customers

Traditional boring messages fail to impress the customers. Today, the newsletters, messages for mobile internet users need to be very catchy and innovative in terms of contents and appearance. The SnapChat allows the business owners to develop interesting look and feel of the contest and offer snaps that can instantly attract them.

Showcase Newly Launched Product Images and Description

Buyers are always interested to find information about the newly launched products and services from the brand they like. If you provide such information before they search for it, then that will impress them greatly and also benefit the sales.

Promote Insider Story to Create an Impression

Customers always value the insider story or the latest events. You can generate videos and snippets of the ongoing procedures. Share these with the regular followers to gain additional attention.

Regulate Customer Care Services

You can easily regulate customer care services using SnapChat. For instance, if your business offers skincare treatment, then you can set a periodical notification system to inform the customers to book an appointment for the next session.

Announce Special Offers

People are generally interested in a seasonal sale, festive offers and similar announcements. Explore these events to offer and reward special prizes, free gifts and other tempting goodies for the long term buyers who are important to your business.

Today the market competition is growing tremendously. The cost of advertising and marketing is also increasing. The presence of the SnapChat app is a boon for the business owners to resort to the cost effective promotional measures to establish brand image and raise sales.


7 Ways Snapchat Can Promote Your Business

  • March 22, 2014
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7 Ways Snapchat Can Promote Your Business

Need unique ways to promote or market your business? Try using Snapchat, here’s how.

How To Find Out Who Links To You: Best Marketing Tools

  • February 14, 2014
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How To Find Out Who Links To You: Best Marketing Tools

Want to find out who links to your web site? If you’re like most web sites the answer is yes. Not all research for finding who links to your web sites are equal find out what tools are best.

Here are our picks for top tools:

#1) MOS Open Site Explorer. It’s the search engine for links.

Visit Opener Site Explorer here: http://www.opensiteexplorer.org

#2) This is an awesome tool! One that I use all the time it’s called Quick Sprout https://tools.quicksprout.com

The best part about Quick Sprout is you can see how many links you have in social media. Just enter your domain name and you will get a complete report.

Who Links To My Site

How To Use Quora For Marketing Your Business

  • September 14, 2013
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How To Use Quora For Marketing Your Business

Introduction to using Quora to market your business:

Quora is website for questions and answers, which is organized by its community of users. The organization was begun in June 2009 and website Quora went live in the next year on the date 21st June, 2010. Quora was founded by two former Facebook employees named Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo. Its content is also created and edited by Quora website users. Website simply aggregates the questions and answers to topics and user can edit any question and also suggest edits to someone else’s answers. The main competitors of Quora are other social bookmarking sites such as ChaCha, Yahoo! Answers, Answers.com and Reddit etc.


Business with Quora:

Right now Quora is not offering brands, companies and organizations to setup a profile with it, but there are few exceptions are also available. You can easily participate in it with the profile of any spokesperson or executives with having high profile ranking.

Tips to monitor and grow your business:

Six things that can provide profit to your company or business are:

1.    Quora can provide a monitoring platform for your company or business. If any question related to your business is posted then your person can grab the question and answer the query. You can easily monitor about your business on Quora.

2.    Quora is not like other simple question answer website but it is gaining the importance as the new social media sensation. Very much user friendly and easy options to participate within any topic area. Everything should be done under the Quora’s guidelines and acceptance. This will provide you a chance to interact with your targeted customer and build social relationship with them.

3.    Easily collect the data regarding your followers and active participants related to your business. Quora offers a good platform for soliciting feedback from your participants. Research targeted audience for your business and get feedback from them about your product design marketing or use it for any other strategy.

4.    Once there are a lot of data related to your business and you know your content on Quora then it can be used as a customer support for your company or business. It can be similar to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which is external from your primary FAQ.

5.    Quora is now getting very much attention among the community of small business and organizations because of its unique concept of sharing questions and answers which offers easy communication among the business targeted audience. The more you participate in queries related to your business the more chance to other people can know about your business.

6.     Quora is also integrated with different most popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. It offers you to get noticed by a large database of users and work like an aid in improving your business network. More people can ready to know about your organization using combination of Quora and social websites.


If you haven’t already joined Quora to market your business you should. The Quora community is growing and the sooner you can get in the better. This is all about a website named as Quora and used simply a concept of question and answer. You just need to start with Quora. Join the Qoura and follow the topics related to your business, try to answer as much question, visit the Quora frequently and collect the data of audiences, build your network with these audiences, use social networking websites and start your business with Quora. These are the some important tips you must follow before you start marketing with Quora.

Sidewalk Illusions by Artist Julian Beever

  • December 9, 2011
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Sidewalk Illusions by Artist Julian Beever

These are amazing pictures! Julian Beever is a English chalk artist. Julian has been chalk drawings on pavement since the mid-90s. The technical term is trompe-l’oeil drawings. To get the illusion he uses a technique called anamorphosis. If one uses this technique you can get the illusion of the third dimension if viewed at the correct angle. He also paints murals for companies, replicas of classic paintings, and collages. The amazing part of these painting I think is the fact that they only take one day to create. Many times these chalk paintings are gone the next day. Beever is currently based in Belgium. Just yesterday I was talking about viral marketing. A company hiring Julian Beever to do a chalk painting in the middle of the city what could be more viral than that?

Photo of Julian Beever:

Like Julian Beever on FaceBook:


In 2010 Beever actually released a book of chalk art called, Pavement Chalk Artist. The book shows all his work from around the globe.


See some of Julian Beever’s more famous work below:

Watch his YouTube video here:

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