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  • September 1, 2017
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Are you a mobile and PC Games fan? Interlight Studio is a new startup game development company developing the next generation of innovative PC and mobile games. They need your support on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6785106

Interlight Studios was founded in 2015. Interlight is a Game Development company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They are currently developing small, interesting and fun games of all genres and types. The companies current Patreon goal is a modest $500/month, so far they have raised $13 of that amount. Support their page today.

Ignoring market trends and quick selling fads, Interlight creates new and original games for their audience to experience; to feel and enjoy rather than to just play. Another thing Interlight is aiming to do here is to reconnect the burnt bridge between developers and gamers.

There are plenty of times companies only change their policies or games because they are losing money. Interlight Studios, however, wants to build and enjoy a relationship with their consumers; to interact and create content based on what their customer wants, while still imparting the message Interlight as creators intend to portray.

Interlight Studios releases their games in Alpha stage and Beta stage, and they want the community to tell them what they want to see, what they love or what they hate about their games. Feedback is very important to them.

What Kind Of Rewards Does Interlight Studio Offer?

$5 or more per month gets you special role and premium content. $15/month gives you all previous and early access to games, plus access to weekly podcast. $25 or more per month gets you all previous and an art request. The top dog at $50/month or more snags you all previous and in-game currency which you can spend on any of their games. Nice rewards!

Support Gamers Patreon

What Will The $500/month Go Towards?

Server maintenance, web hosting, RSS feed, firewall, and other. So basically all the boring critical stuff.


Interlight Studios wants to look and approach new ideas in a way that will get them noticed, but uphold and stick to their guns on what makes a game fun. Interlight Studios wants to build a network to share and educate other studios, and most importantly, they want to have fun making whatever we want. Consider supporting Interlight Studios on Patreon.

Protect Yourself From Phone Radiation With Avias

  • February 24, 2017
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Ever wondered if radiation from your pocketed mobile phone is hurting your body? If the answer is yes than you’re like me. I think about this a lot. My phone is in my pocket pretty much wherever I go, for hours at a time. Even if it’s in your back pocket, how much better for you is this? What if I told you thanks to Kickstarter there is a company that’s making a mobile phone case that protects your body from cell phone radiation. The new gadget is called ‘Avias Radiation-shielded Leather Cell Phone Wallet Flip Case’ and it’s on Kickstarter:


This is one of those products that I think to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” In a way it’s common sense. Why wouldn’t a cell phone case protect the body from potentially harmful radiation? For the price of a fun night out, you get peace of mind about radiation, protection for your phone, and a stylish accessory to boot.

Phone Case Gadget

FYI: The side facing your body is shielded. If it was completely shielded you wouldn’t receive phone calls.

Why Should I Care?

“There is reason to be concerned about cell phone radiation and cancer. The World Health Organization calls it a Group 2B “possible carcinogen”. In May 2016, early results were released from a large rat study conducted by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP). The data showed an increased rate of certain brain and heart cancers in rats. Other studies have indicated cell phone radiation causes DNA damage. These troubling results inspired us at Avias to create a stylish leather phone case that could block RF radiation while being attractive and easy to use! The risks of cell phone radiation are still poorly understood. Why continue to expose yourself to radiation, when protection can be this easy, stylish and affordable?”

How The Technology Works

“Avias shielding technology works on the same basic principle as a Faraday Cage, using highly conductive materials to reflect radiative signals away from your body harmlessly. Our cases feature radiation shielding only in the front cover, which protects the user holding the phone to their ear, while still allowing the device to communicate. This means optimum convenience combined with shielding that’s backed by physics. Because this aspect of our product is so important, we’ve also conducted internal tests with cellular-frequency testing equipment to verify that the shielding is effective.”

What Else Do I Get? 

“The case doubles as a “pocket protector”: when the phone is in your pocket, simply ensure the shielded front side is facing inward, against your body. Head protection is the most essential (because of the greater potential for cancer), but we’re pleased to offer protection at all times the phone is against your body.”

Avias Cell Phone Case Kickstarter

Any Rewards?

Yes, there are many rewards to this Kickstarter campaign. $5 gets you on the mailing list, $24 early bird special gets you one case, $30 get’s you a case as well, $40 early bird gets you two, $56 gets you two cases as well, $96 gets you four cases, and $200 gets you ten cases.

You don’t need to wear a tinfoil hat to be concerned about mobile phone radiation. This stylish Avias case with some peace of mind built in. You already need a cell phone case, why not purchase a case with radiation protection built in?







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