Taylor and Allen I Seen That Podcast On Patreon

  • July 26, 2017
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Remember all those great movies you saw as a kid? I fondly remember movies like Indian Jones And The Temple Of Doom, The Goonies, Jurassic Park, Batman, and Independence Day just to name a few. There are few things I remember as vividly as films I watched as a kid. That’s when I heard there is a Podcast about movies watched growing up I had to write about it.

The name of the Podcast is ‘I Seen That’ where Taylor and Allen discuss their favorite formative years movies. Taylor and Allen have been best friends since 3rd grade (1997) and during that time both of them have loved movies and TV shows, but could never agree on which ones were good. Now 20 years later Taylor and Allen still disagree. They love making the podcast, but need Patreon to make it better.

Support Taylor and Allen: https://www.patreon.com/Iseenthat

What’s also interesting about the Podcast is as one grows up your tastes in movies changes. So how do you discuss a movie that you once thought was good, but now think is horrible? I would think all the kids watching and liking the Michael Bay Transformers will eventually have that reaction.

I Seen That Podcast

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several Patreon rewards for this campaign. $1 gets you access to the Podcasts a whole week early. $5 lets you suggest a movie. $10 gets you an exclusive Podcast.

Help Taylor and Allen of ‘I See That’ reach their Patreon goal today.


Movies Are The Passion At MiSt Productions

  • July 11, 2017
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Support MiSt Products on Patreon where movies are the passion https://www.patreon.com/mistproductions. MiSt Productions was created by a two guys, Vlad and Alex, who love films and film-making. They want to share their passion and tell awesome, inspiring, and entertaining stories about the subject. Support their mission on Patreon at Patreon.com/mistproductions.

It all started for Vlad and Alex in 2014 when they bought the necessary equipment, filmed an entire short and made all the possible mistakes. That short short taught the team a lot of lessons and a few months later they filmed and released “TEMPORAL.”

Watch Parasomnia Written & Directed by Vlad Micu

Parasomnia was released just a few days ago. Currently the video has 5,669 views, 86 likes.

Why Patreon?

MiSt Productions is turning to Patreon to initially just get 10 pledges. Once the goal of 10 Pledges is reached the team post the first page of our next short.

Mist Productions

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes, if you give to their Patreon campaign one can expect bonuses. For example contribute $1 or more and be the first to hear about upcoming work. Pledge $3 and get movie script pieces, sneak peeks, and previous rewards. Pledge $5 and get the movies the moment they are released, extra features, and all previous rewards. These are very generous bonus levels at those low dollar amounts.

If you share a passion for film like Vlad and Alex consider donating to their Patreon campaign today.


1980s Movie Graveyard Video Distribution Startup

  • February 21, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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“What a great idea!” I thought while reading about this video distribution startup, 1980s Movie Graveyard. The goal is to get into the business of distributing Indy films and pro wrestling video. This involves money. Money for contracts, copywrite laws, marketing, and securing rights. Help this video distribution startup get off the ground visit: https://www.gofundme.com/r8k8xk-video-distribution-startup

What is video distribution? Good question 🙂 Video distribution is “the process of distributing online videos to various video and social media portals. They are websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Vimeo, LinkedIn, etc. There are numerous video and social media sites on the internet (zeroone.com/video-marketing-tips/what-is-video-distribution/).” The startup has already made some progress by signing a contract with a pro wrestling company.

GoFundMe And The Future

“For $2000.00 I will be able to acquire the rights and pay the cost of more titles. The start up is the hardest part and I’m asking people to help make this dream happen. For a few dollars, you can help these B-movie lovers achieve their dream of distributing quality indie films, horror flicks, and even pro wrestling to the masses.”

Video Startup GoFundMe

What Are The Rewards? 

“Donate $100.00 and you will receive (and yes I will put this in a legal document for you.) Each of our releases free for as long as we put them out. Donate $50.00 you get our first 10 releases. Donate $25.00 you get our first 5 releases.”

The rewards are really good especially at the $100 level.

Any Progress? 

Right now the goal is close to 10% of the way there. There’s a long way to go to get to the Go Fund Me goal.

1980s Movie Graveyard

Getting off the ground is the hardest part in business. There’s a plan in place, this startup just needs a little bit of cash to hit the ground running. Please consider contributing to their page today.

Movie Audience Down to Post-Sep. 11th Levels

  • December 12, 2011
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Movie Audience Down to Post-Sep. 11th Levels

Fewer people, according to the Associated Press, during the last 2 weekends went to the movies than in the post-Sep. 11th downturn.

Movie revenue in the US was $77 million over the weekend. The movie “New Year’s Eve” debuted this weekend #1 with $13.7 million. $13.7 million meant it was the worst weekend in 3 years since Labor Day 2008. Compared with last year at this time, ticket revenue was down a whopping 17.2%.

Hollywood.com analyst Paul Dergarabedian says he can’t believe how bad it is out there.  Only 19.8 million people went to the movies over the last tw0 weekends. These 2 weekends mark the worst time since Sep. 11th where only 22.3 million people went to the movies. Overall box-office revenue is down 3.87% in 2011, while attendance is off by 4.71% from last year.

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Hollywood.com. Where available, latest international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. “New Year’s Eve,” $13.7 million ($12.9 million international).

2. “The Sitter,” $10 million.

3. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” $7.9 million.

4. “The Muppets,” $7.1 million ($1.2 million international).

5. “Arthur Christmas,” $6.6 million ($14.3 million international).

6. “Hugo,” $6.1 million.

7. “The Descendants,” $4.4 million.

8. “Happy Feet Two,” $3.8 million.

9. “Jack and Jill,” $3.2 million.

10. “Immortals,” $2.4 million.

Estimated weekend ticket sales at international theaters (excluding the U.S. and Canada) for films distributed overseas by Hollywood studios, according to Rentrak:

1. “Puss in Boots,” $45.6 million.

2. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” $19.8 million.

3. “Arthur Christmas,” $14.3 million.

4. “New Year’s Eve,” $12.9 million.

5. “Happy Feet Two,” $10.1 million.

6. “The Adventures of Tintin,” $8.1 million.

7 (tie). “Real Steel,” $6.6 million.

7 (tie). “Vysotsky: Thank God I’m Alive,” $6.6 million.

9. “In Time,” $5.9 million.

10. “Tower Heist,” $2.9 million.

NetFlix, NetFlix.com Introduces Roku TV Boxes

  • May 20, 2008
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I currently subscribe to NetFlix because of the high value they offer. For only $16.99 a month I rent 3 DVDs at a time with no monthly limit! I can also watch hundreds of movies from my PC at no additional cost through NetFlix.com. Now comes another groundbreaking way for me to enjoy my subscription in a 5-inch-by-5-inch device from the California startup Roku. The device downloads movies from the NetFlix web site and delivers them to your TV. For the 8.2 subscribers that would like this extra it will cost them $99 for the set top box. Once you hook up the device you’ll be able to unlimitedly stream over 10,000 movies. Best part of all you only need to have the $8.99 subscription to enjoy this service. Early reviews look promising, CrunchGear: “This is one of the most elegant and surprisingly usable dedicated devices I’ve seen in a long time. Unlike, say, the Kindle, everything here is almost perfect. As the literal incarnation of a web service, the Netflix Player by Roku is a true gem.” Visit NetFlix.com.






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