The Paleo Diet, Is It Your Best Choice for the New Year?

  • January 13, 2015
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The Paleo Diet, Is It Your Best Choice in 2015?

Every January millions of us step on the bathroom scale and reality hits. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the holidays and eating everything that we have resisted all year. For most of us, we go from feast to famine and we dust off our gym membership and head back to the “exercise torture chamber.” The worst part is that we have the post- holiday blues, and where in the world did our energy go? We think, maybe it’s time to try that Paleo Diet we’ve been hearing about.

So What Really Is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet, or Paleolithic Diet, is based on how it is believed our cavemen ancestors ate. The emphasis is on meat and fish that is not saturated with growth-stimulating antibiotics and hormones and fresh fruit and vegetables. The diet excludes dairy products, processed sugars, grains, trans fats and industrialized Omega-6 fats. Herein lies the objections of many dieticians and nutritionists. They claim that any diet that excludes certain food groups is not balanced. They also claim that there is no scientific proof that the Paleo Diet leads to a longer and healthier life.

Jennifer Andrus, a New York City nutritionist, says of the Paleo diet:

“It eliminates dairy, legumes and some other foods that can be a healthy part of one’s diet…I think processed food deserves the criticism, but probably not because we haven’t evolved; more likely because we eat too much of it and most of it is nutritionally void.”

The Paleo Diet and Recent Research

Most processed foods and packaged foods contain trans fats. Trans fats are man-made oils that cause inflammation. Scientific research has unearthed the fact that inflammation is behind many of our serious health problems such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, ADD/ADHD, strokes, migraines, thyroid issues, the list goes on and on. The Paleo Diet is a diet that avoids foods that cause inflammation. When we change our diet to a diet that is anti-inflammatory, such as the Paleo Diet, we can see immediate and dramatic health improvements. Another benefit of an anti-inflammatory diet is that people tend to lose weight.

Mark Sisson, a leading expert on anti-inflammatory diets and the Paleo Diet, says:

“Certainly use plants, vegetables as the main basis of the Paleo eating strategy. And then great sources of protein: so meat, fish, fowl, eggs, and so on, and then healthy fats.”

So, what does he mean by “healthy fats?” Aren’t all fats, especially saturated fats, bad for you? No. That is another thing that extensive recent research is unveiling.

Here is a list of the healthy fats that are encouraged by the Paleo Diet and thousands of doctors who have stayed current with the recent dietary research:


Nuts and seeds

Olive oil

Fish oil

Coconut oil

Saturated fat in beef and pork

Dr. Eric Westman, of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, is one of those doctors who has changed his opinion due to the research results. He now says:

“In fact, saturated fat, the fat that we’ve been taught not to eat, raises your good cholesterol best of all the foods you can eat.”

So should you feel comfortable about using the Paleo Diet this year? Yes, but remember that balance in a diet is all important. Chris Kresser, author of the book, Your Personal Paleo Code, says:

“Some people like to abide by the 80/20 rule; if 80% of your diet is perfect, there’s wiggle room for the rest.”

Holiday Footwear For That 2013 New Years Bash

Holiday Footwear For That 2013 New Years Bash

Since the holiday brings out an array of parties many of them will call for unique footwear. Shoes without a doubt make the outfit so why wouldn’t you want to have the perfect shoes coordinating with your perfect holiday outfit? So whether you’re searching for the perfect footwear to gift to someone or just simply need a glamorous pair of shoes for a party, Footcandy knows the best Holiday Footwear Designers that Santa will without hesitation approve of this holiday season.

1. Emma Hope Shoes

Rich colors, textures and gems radiate this holiday season and Emma Hope Shoes vibrant red11047-R” style flat embodies all that is fabulous this holiday season.

With amazing suede textile and embellished rhinestones these flats embody elegance and are perfect to gift or wear to any holiday party this season. This flat will be a fun conversation starter.

3shoe  –  Emma Hope Shoes  –  “11047-R”

2. Rupert Sanderson

The “Vermont” by Rupert Sanderson is the perfect holiday boot that will complement any outfit this winter. Not to mention the stacked minimal heel height will allow one to run around to all those parties. So before you finish your last minute shopping, make sure you throw on the “Vermont.” They are incredibly festive and are extremely comfortable.

2Vermont  –  Rupert Sanderson  –  “Vermont

3. Charlotte Olympia

The holidays emit sparkle, romance, and joy but who said you couldn’t emulate this on your feet? Charlotte Olympia’s “Priscilla-GLI” is a unique and joyful design that will not only compliment any holiday dress but it is the perfect shoe that can transition into the New Year. This shoe radiates glimmer in a glamorous way.

3olympia  –  Charlotte Olympia  –  “Priscilla-GLI”

4. Moschino

Warmth, comfort, and class are a must during the holidays and Moschino’s “CA2109” ankle boot is an elegant take on these holiday must haves. This incredible design is made of a rich suede textile and the hue tone mimics the Douglas Fir trees that Santa loves to set his presents under. So when looking for the perfect ankle boot this season chose the “CA2109,” because this cozy design will allow you to pair it with an array of different outfits this winter season.

4moschino  –  Moschino  –  “CA2109”

5. Hunter

With all the wet weather that the holidays bring Hunter Rainboots are great gift ideas because they are ready-to-wear in seconds. The best part about Hunter boots is that they make them in an array of different hues so your loved can splish and splash in their favorite colored rainboots all winter long.

5hunter  –  Hunter  –  “Original-Gloss”

To purchase these great Holiday style shoes, or find more of your own, be sure to visit

New Year’s Eve Reflection with LinkGrand

  • December 30, 2011
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I received this letter from a company I deal with called I think it perfectly captures what many of us feel in the online marketing world. To all my readers Happy New Year! I couldn’t have this blog without you. In 2011 I finally saw real growth with the blog and I have my fingers crossed that 2012 will be even better.

“Time is something we will never get back, ever.

If there is one thing you are careful about in your life, I hope it is your time.

Don’t get so caught up in the online world that you forget about the people you love the most. Spend time with them and show those that matter to you that you care.

It’s so easy today to be on top of the world one minute, and right back at the bottom the next. Never take one second of success for granted.

If you love someone today, tell them. If there is something you need to change in your life today, start doing it now.

Time is something you will never, ever get back.

. . . .

Please view my Christmas card to you on my home page.

And as I close out another thankful year, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Garrett Rowland
LinkGrand, LLC






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