New Year’s Eve Reflection with LinkGrand

  • December 30, 2011
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I received this letter from a company I deal with called I think it perfectly captures what many of us feel in the online marketing world. To all my readers Happy New Year! I couldn’t have this blog without you. In 2011 I finally saw real growth with the blog and I have my fingers crossed that 2012 will be even better.

“Time is something we will never get back, ever.

If there is one thing you are careful about in your life, I hope it is your time.

Don’t get so caught up in the online world that you forget about the people you love the most. Spend time with them and show those that matter to you that you care.

It’s so easy today to be on top of the world one minute, and right back at the bottom the next. Never take one second of success for granted.

If you love someone today, tell them. If there is something you need to change in your life today, start doing it now.

Time is something you will never, ever get back.

. . . .

Please view my Christmas card to you on my home page.

And as I close out another thankful year, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Garrett Rowland
LinkGrand, LLC

Which Fast Food Has the Most Calories?

  • January 14, 2010
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With the majority of Americans making New Years resolutions to lose at least a little weight I decided to put together a list of the worst fast food available. I have reviewed the most popular fast food companies and listed what food items have the most calories so that you avoid sabotaging you 2010 weight loss resolution. The following are worst of the worst…

Roast Beef & Havarti Panini
847 Calories 34 g Fat

Calories in Nutty Smore’s Blast Large
1180 Calories 40 g Fat

Ham Salami Provolone
590 Calories 28 g Fat

Boston Market
Ham & Turkey Club Cheese
890 Calories 43 g Fat

Burger King
Double Whopper With Cheese
1020 Calories 65 g Fat

Dairy Queen
Chicken Strip Basket Fries Toast
1000 Calories 50 g Fat

Domino’s AmericanLegends
2480–4400 Calories 128–248 g Fat

GodFather’s Pizza
Jumbo Super Taco Pizza
6360 Calories 312 g Fat

Chunky Chicken Pot Pie
770 Calories 42 g Fat
Papa John’s
Specialty Pizza The Meats Pan Crust
2400 Calories 152 g Fat

Angus Burger with Bacon and Cheddar
740 Calories 45 g Fat

Papa Murphy’s
Family Size Stuffed Pizzas 5 –Meat
5920 Calories 256 g

Pizza Hut
14″ Large Stuffed Crust Meat Lover’s
3840 Calories 128 g Fat

Meatball Sub
501 Calories 25 g Fat

Taco Bell
Taco Salad & Salsa with Shell
850 Calories 52 g Fat

Chili & Cheese Potato
620 Calories 24 g Fat






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