iPhone 5 vs. Nokia Lumia 920 Comparison

  • September 21, 2012
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iPhone 5 vs. Nokia Lumia 920 Comparison

If you don’t care for Android, the smartphone showdown comes down to just two handsets: Apple’s latest offering, the iPhone 5, and the new Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 920. iPhone 5 reviews has been mixed so far. Some fans are ready to shell out lots of cash for the device come September 21, while others are not quite so impressed and view the upgrades as necessary improvements to keep the phone competitive. If you belong to this latter group—and you’re not a Samsung fan—the Nokia Lumia 920 is the top alternative.


In terms of build and design, both the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 are knockouts. The iPhone 5 is as sleek as you can get, tipping the scale at just 112 g and measuring a mere 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches. It’s a lot thinner than the iPhone 4S, but it is taller and has a bigger screen (4-inch display). The high-quality build is distinctly Apple, but it is still the same iconic design tweaked here and there. On the other hand, the Lumia 920 is a heavyweight, weighing 185 g and measuring 5.12 x 2.78 x 0.42 inches. The screen is bigger than the iPhone 5, at 4.5 inches. The Lumia also comes in flashier colors like bright yellow and bright red, rather than just grey, black and white. Everything is polycarbonate except the screen, and the Lumia feels sturdy in the hand. Verdict: If you want a slim-trim smartphone with top features, the iPhone 5 is the way to go. If you’re comfortable holding a heftier device with a slightly bigger screen, go for the Lumia 920.

Operating System

The iPhone 5 runs on the new A6 chip, vaunted to be twice as fast as the A5 chip on the 4S. It uses Apple’s new iOS 6 and still features voice-assist by Siri. The Lumia 920 runs on the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip, which is “super fast” (according to PCMag who tested it on other phones). It uses the Windows Phone 8 operating system, which is rumored to be released in October 2012. The Lumia 920’s voice-assist counterpart is the less popular TellMe by Microsoft. Verdict: It’s a draw between the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 here.


Nokia Lumia 920’s interface is Modern UI with Live Tiles that you can now resize. Theme colors are customizable as well. Other features are improved gaming support, Microsoft Office integration, camera apps called “Lenses” and wireless charging. The iPhone 5’s features remain the same, but it comes with improved maps and improved Siri. The cameras on the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 are both 8 megapixels. The Lumia 920 camera features a bigger aperture, dual LED flash, stabilization technology and 1080p video recording, while the iPhone 5 features Panorama mode and Facetime HD for streaming. Verdict: The iPhone 5 may not be the highest spec smartphone on the market right now, but it is still iconic and well-built. The app selection is also unbeatable, compared to what Windows Phone 8 has to offer. If you want a break from everything Apple-related, however, the Nokia Lumia 920 is just as good.

New Nokia Lumia Apps Some Exclusive

  • May 11, 2012
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New Nokia Lumia Apps Some Exclusive

Nokia announced some new apps coming to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Some of these apps will be exclusive to the Lumia initially.

The applications that will be exclusive to the Nokia Lumia include:

–          PGA Tour

–          ESPN

–          Groupon

–          AOL Entertainment Hub

–          Tripdots

Apps available on all Windows phones include:

–          Box

–          Time Magazine

–          PayPal

–          Gaming from EA

–          Angry Birds maker Rovio.

Only time will tell if Windows and Nokia will catch on, but nobody can say they aren’t here to compete.

Critics Love Windows Phones?

  • January 9, 2012
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Critics Love Windows Phones?

I saw this article in the New York Times today and wanted to share. I decided to buy a phone that did not run Apple or Android software so I went with a Windows Phone. I purchased the highest rated Windows phone that T-Mobile carries called the HTC Radar 4G. I wanted the Nokia 800, but unfortunately it’s not available in the US yet. I have 2 weeks to try it out, but I love the look of the Windows Mobile operating system. It makes static icon based Google and Apple phones look dated.

Some of the reviews mentioned in the New York Times read:

“GORGEOUS,” raves The Huffington Post.

“Best-looking smartphone operating system in the industry,” gushes Slate.

“Far superior to most if not all the Android smartphones,” saysTechCrunch.

As you can see the Windows Phones are actually getting positive reviews! A Microsoft product actually has critiques raving about it. One of the problems for lackluster sales is Windows Phones have been made by HTC and Samsung don’t boost top of the line specs. Critiques were down on Microsoft partnering with Nokia, but I think it was a genius move. After seeing the Nokia Lumia 800 on YouTube it’s probably one of the best looking smart phones of all time.

Microsoft built Windows Mobile from the ground up which is one of the reasons the design looks so fresh. Interestingly Windows 8 operating system will look a look like Windows Mobile. It’s thought the design switch is so Windows 8 runs better on tablets.






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