HootSuite Review: Should You Go For It?

  • December 19, 2012
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HootSuite Review: Should You Go For It?

Managing social networking websites the traditional way means opening each site on a new tab and logging in to each account. That’s fine if you only have Facebook or Twitter, but business owners who rely on social media tools to drive marketing efforts and attractpotential customers usually have five or more accounts. Enter HootSuite, a social media dashboard that lets you manage all of your social streams from one screen simultaneously. Most things you can do on the native website you can also do on HootSuite, including commenting, liking pages, retweeting posts and updating your status. There’s also a nifty scheduling feature that posts messages and comments at a later time.



HootSuite comes in two flavors: free (lets you manage up to five websites) and paid. The paid version lets you manage unlimited websites and comes with premium features.


The free HootSuite web app installs in your browser and lets you manage up to five accounts (choose from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, MySpace, FourSquare, LinkedIn and Ping.fm). Anytime you want to tweet or update your status, just click the HootSuite icon. Enter your message, select the sites you want to publish to and hit Send. For social media management on the go, HootSuite is also available on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. My only gripe about the web app is the cluttered interface that lumps up all the content in a tiny rectangle that makes for a lot of scrolling.

Visit HootSuite for a free 30 day trial


HootSuite Pro is the least expensive premium version. For $9.99 per month, you get all the basic features plus unlimited social profiles, advanced scheduling, unlimited apps and RSS feeds, HootSuite Conversations, Google Analytics, one enhanced analytics report and one additional user. If you want to add a third user, you must pay $10 per month additional. Four to 10 users cost $15 per user per month, which can set you back from $420 to $1,500 per year.

For really serious social media management, there’s HootSuite Enterprise. The price for Enterprise is so high it’s not posted on the HootSuite website—If you want to add more than 10 users, you’re going to have to pay a dizzying $17,988 per year. Definitely not for the small business owner on a budget, but HootSuite’s powerful analytics and features are extremely useful for companies who rely heavily on social media analytics for their marketing efforts.


Using HootSuite

It’s easy to set up both the free and paid HootSuite versions. You‘re asked to enter login info for all of the social networks you’ve chosen, after which you start with a blank page. There’s a message box up top and a list of websites on the left side. What you want to do next is add streams. Click on the plus icon to add a tab, enter a name for it and click on Add a Stream. From there, you can customize each stream to your liking and resize your feed boxes. Other programs like Nimble offer similar features, but what really sets HootSuite apart from its competitors is solid analytics reporting. Report Builder lets you collect data like follower growth and influencers on Twitter and regional stats and daily likes on Facebook.

Video Tutorial of HootSuite by 9malls.com:


Easy to use interface

Customizable streams

Message scheduling

RSS feeds and Atom updating

Powerful analytics

Support for mobile devices


Very expensive reports (Pro and Enterprise)

Expensive for more than ten users

Cluttered interface (free web app)

Could use more comprehensive help pages on complex operations

No e-mail or calendar integration


Overall, HootSuite is a very useful extension. The free version of HootSuite should be enough for average users with multiple social networks, but business owners who can afford the cost of analytics and premium features should definitely invest in either Pro or Enterprise.

Visit HootSuite for a free 30 day trial

Visting the Hootsuite Office

Visit HootSuite for a free 30 day trial

A Review Of FatCow Web Hosting by CashSherpa.com

A Review Of FatCow Web Hosting by CashSherpa.com

Today, I’m reviewing another one of my favorite web hosting companies, FatCow.com. If a person is looking for a great web hosting company that is on a budget friendly price, FatCow suits the bill. Even though the name sounds strange, it honestly is one to forget in memory. Here is a review of FatCow Web Hosting and what it can do for your business.

What is FatCow? Founded in 1998, this web hosting company designed itself around small home based businesses and up to medium ones including individuals who needed shared web hosting services. FatCow’s believes are old fashioned values. Great customer service, user friendly web hosting, and adding real value to your business makes this company really fun to use.

The reason for the company name, FatCow, was to be an alternative difference to all the hype a person currently sees online. There are so many confusing prices on different web hosting packages. Everything that they provide is simple and practically a one box solution. This is great for newbies just starting out online and need help.

One further step that FatCow has taken is RECs or Renewable Energy Certificates. This simply means using wind as an energy source. This reduces fossil fuel usage on the energy grids. Along with the company, the employees are making adjustments in their lives in implementing eco-friendly thing into their personal life.

This also means every website provided is eco-friendly. A person can place a green badge on the site to show this to all their visitors. The badge can be clicked on to see that your site is verified by using wind energy at one hundred percent. This boosts confidence in your customers and visitors and builds a solid foundation for your business.

FatCow has hosting plans for simple blogs and just having a few personal pages. If a business wanted to sell, they would have to choose an Ecommerce site. They just have to pick a shopping cart or use Paypal for payments. Doba is now a choice that is provided to integrate the products onto a person’s website. There are three plans to choose from and prices range from $56 a year on up. This is a current sale price from the normal $99a year.

A business could choose a business web hosting plan from FatCow that will use Constant Contact as the email marketing program, which includes the autoresponder. Create newsletters, emails using templates to choose from, a sign up form on the site for visitors, and of course reports to manage your business. Right now the site is offering a free sixty day trial.

Advertising credits and tools are now being used at FatCow. There is Google, Yahoo, Bing, FaceBook, and YellowPages. For example, if a person or business signed up for web hosting, they currently would receive a $75 credit to use Google Adwords to promote their business with.

No matter what, there will always be unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and a free domain name at FatCow. Use the photo galleries provided, site building tools, storage and store tools, and so much more. I do receive compensation for the affiliate links in this FatCow review, but I really do believe FatCow is one of the best hosting companies out there.

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