Don Smith Personal Growth And Development On Patreon

  • April 13, 2018
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I’m a huge supporter of the personal growth and development community. That’s why I sharing this Patreon with you today. Don Smith has created a Personal Development Growth Channel and needs your support on Patreon in order for it to thrive and grow. Founded in 2015 their mission is to help our personal and professional lives.

Support Don Smith on Patreon Today:

The Personal Growth Channel Patreon

Don Smith’s Personal Development Growth Channel since 2015 has grown to over 20,000 followers scattered throughout various media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Triberr, and direct email subscribers.

What Do They Do?

Don Smith’s organization produces personal development articles designed to stretch and grow you, highlight and develop courses, share book recommendations and life stories, and provide discounts and networking opportunities for their members. Most importantly they want to improve your life!

Why Patreon?

Don Smith is on Patreon to allow their company to bring you more valuable content and continue changing lives. The more Patrons that give to this Patreon the less they will rely on ads. When they reach $500 per month, they will upgrade to premium web hosting services which means that things will load faster for all of their members and they will be able to start adding more features to the main site.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, reward levels go from $1 to $50. $1 gets you a HUGE Thanks! My personal favorite is the $10 level which gives you a thanks, listing in the directory, access to everything they do, and a shout out on Twitter. $50 per month gets you a thanks, directory listing, access to everything, listing on sponsor page, sponsor plaque, snail mail thank you letter, and a shout out on Twitter.


Help take Personal Development Growth Channel to the next level consider supporting Don Smith’s Patreon campaign today.

Comedy, Drama and Literature By Erez Mayerantz On Patreon

  • March 27, 2018
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Erez Mayerantz is creating comedy, drama, and literature on Patreon and needs your help. One of the best things about Patreon is anyone can join, it allows artists to quite their day jobs and become a creator full time. At least that is the goal, but it doesn’t always work out. With Patreon you still need to spread the word, so I’m happy to provide this service on CashSherpa.

Check out Mayerantz on Patreon:

Erez Mayerantz On Patreon

Erez Mayerantz on Patreon (Above)

Once arriving at Erez’s Patreon Patreon you’ll see the statement that this page is for those of you who like “works which are dealing with the gap between science and rationality in front of the mystical and emotional.” Sign me up! I’m definitely one of those people. Erez Mayerantz wants to inspire people with his art.

Erez Mayerantz holds a BA degree in Philosophy and Comparative Literature from Bar-Ilan University (Class of 2004). From 2008 to 2009 he wrote a satirical column in “Nana 10” portal, and a series of sketches which was published on the web and also on the radio. Between the years 2013 to 2014 Erez has hosted a radio show named “On the edge of the scale” in Radio Sol. Erez has a passion for what he does, but in order to contribute to humanity further this Patreon is very important to get started. Right now there are only 8 Patrons, he has a long way to go and needs your help to meet his funding goal.

Who Influenced Mayerantz?

Play writers like Brecht, Hanoch Levin and Beckett alongside by authors like Bores, Grass, Kundera, Vonnegut and Kleist Also, the Jewish tradition, Christianity, motifs from popular culture and elements out of alternative rock.

Produced Plays

4 of his plays were produced in Israel including “Shkembe” (Short) 2006, Tzavta theater. “Climbing vegetables”, in Karov theater and also at “Habima” – Israel national Theater. “Reaction”(Monodrama) at Israel Festival (2014), “Abutbul concern” (2016) at the “Citizen here” festival in Karov Theater where he won the Human Rights Art Works Prize.

Are There Any Rewards

Yes, there are several rewards to this campaign. $1 gets you a big thank you and jokes. $3/month gets you advice. $5 gets you monthly English story and thoughts. $20 per month gets you monthly conversations with Mayerantz. This is the support level I’d take advantage of, what a deal! The pledge level tops out at $50/month and that gets you all previous perks plus a surprise.


Mayerantz as you can see is a very talented artist. He’s already proved himself by what he’s accomplished so far, even winning the Human Rights Art Works Prize for Abutbul Concern. In order to focus more time on his work Mayerantz needs additional funding through Patreon. Please consider contributing to the campaign today.

Mark’s Art, Drawings, and Videos On Patreon

  • March 26, 2018
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Patreon is the web site is were users can support others in their artistic endeavors. Patreon users are called “Patrons” and can donate amounts usually from $1+ to Patreon user accounts. Payments are made only once or repeated monthly. Mark encapsulates way Patreon was created in the first place. Mark has created a Patreon page for his art, drawings, and videos. He needs your support in order to continue making great art, buying a new computer, new editing software, and new tripod.

Mark is trying to better his artwork and with your support you can help him become a flourishing artist.

What Does Mike’s Art Look Like?

Rainy Morning (Above)

Mike’s first video was created 5 years ago titled, “Why I like Windows 8.” His most recent video filmed 1 day ago is called, “Subscriber count gone up.”

Are There Any Rewards?

No for the most part there are no rewards except a big thank you. Levels include $1, $5, $20, and $100. Donate on any level and you’ll get access to Patreon only content.

Mark On Patreon

Mike’s Patreon Page (Above)


The goal of this Patreon is $3,000 and so far Mike has a long way to go. Please consider donating to Mike’s Patreon page today. I like supporting Patreon users especially artists here on CashSherpa.


Stein Bock Indie Video Games On Patreon

  • February 27, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Are you a indie game fan like me? If the answer is yes there is a new Patreon to support indie video games. The company behind the product of these indie titles is called Stein Bock Games. I’ve checked out their titles and they all look like a lot of fun. Consider supporting Stein Bock’s Patreon campaign today:

Stein Bock Games was created by Jin Woo Moraes a student of Game Design. Jin Woo created Stein Bock in order to share his passion of game making with the world. His personal goal is to bring innovation with each game that he released and work his way up eventually to develop virtual reality games.

One of Stein Bock’s indie game title is called On Board. Watching the video (Below) it kind of reminds me of Raiden, but on the sea. Check it out below.

What do you think? Leave your comments in the comment section what you think of this game.

What’s The Goal?

The goal of this campaign is $500 per month. The $500 per month will help make a new and improved version of his game called “On Board Mobile.” This game is currently available on Google Play Store. The new features will include a credit section, two extra levels, high score board, and new sound track.

Stein Bock Games

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several rewards to this campaign. $1 or more per month gets you on the Stein Bock mailing list. $5 gets you access to behind the scenes game development content as well as added to Stein Bock Games mailing-list. You will also receive a free copy of the new version of the game “On Board Mobile” for Android that is currently being developed. The rewards go all the way up to $50. $50 will get their names added on the game credits, will receive a free copy of the new improved version of the game once is complete, a twitter shot out and follow, have access to behind the scenes game development content as well as added to Stein Bock Games mailing-list. They will also receive a free copy of the new version of the game “On Board Mobile” for Android the is currently being developed.


If you like indie games and like Stein Bock’s main title “On Board” consider donation to Jin Woo Moraes Patreon campaign today.

Joshua Massenburg is Creating Music and Videos

  • February 20, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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Joshua Massenburg is creating music and videos and needs your help on Patreon. Joshua Massenburg is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter and he’s looking to expand his audience with the help of Patreon. Become a part of this aspiring artists story, consider donating to Massenburg’s Patreon campaign today here:

Artist Josh Patreon

Patreon support levels start at just $1/month

Massenburg is currently keeping busy on various upcoming projects and albums. If you want to listen to these new tracks and albums become a patron. You’ll get access to new music, videos, and merchandise before anyone else does. You’ll also get totally Patreon exclusive behind the scenes content, free beats, and free instrumentals if you’re an artist.

Joshua Massenburg 1

Watch The Single “Love Is Never Easy”

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, lucky for you there are many rewards. $1/month gets you a digital download of “Fiend” his number one single. $5 or more per month gets you a digital mix tape download. $10 or more per month lands you early Access To “The Raven Is Coming” Album (Digital Download). All the way at the top at $20 a month this gets you The Dark Mix-tape, digital downloads for all my top singles from The Raven Is Coming Album, and a copy of the album guaranteed when it drops. I recommend taking advantage of the $20 offer as it seems to be the best offer.

Joshua Massenburg 2


Joshua Massenburg is investing everything he’s got into his music. He wants to show the world that if you work hard towards a goal you believe in that success is possible. Help make Massenburg’s dream a reality, consider supporting the Patreon campaign today.

John Schiermeier Feeding The Homeless Bus Conversion On Patreon

  • February 16, 2018
  • Crowdfunding
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John Schiermeier is feeding the homeless with his bus conversion and needs your help in order to continue on Patreon. John and his wife Shelia have come up with a great, novel idea. The couple is trying to raise enough money to buy a bus or van to feed the homeless. Consider supporting the campaign here:

Patreon Bus Help Homeless

John knows all about homelessness, he himself, was homeless at one time. That’s why John and his wife Shelia want to do something about the issue today with their converted bus/van. John has tried to make a go at getting enough funds with publishing books on Amazon, blog, vblog, and now Patreon as well. Hopefully something will stick, Patreon looks like a good option for what they are trying to accomplish. The goal is to get consistent money coming in to make feeding the homeless possible.

Long Term Goals

The long term goal is to of course convent the bus or van into a RV and then travel around the United States feeding the homeless. The title of this campaign according to John and Shelia will be “Feeding America one meal at a time” with the tagline “Help an ex-trucker and his wife convert a school bus to bring meals to the homeless across the US. Hope is just one foot forward.”

The Story

“As a trucker, my wife and I have been all over America and experienced everything it has to offer. We’ve seen wonderful attractions and met amazing people, but we’ve also seen the suffering of many individuals and families who would benefit greatly just from having a single warm meal to fill their stomachs and give them hope. It’s time for us to do more. We’re heading back on the road, only this time it’s in a converted school bus, which we’ll use to hand out meals to those in need all across America.”

The Need

I see it here in my city. The homelessness problem in Seattle is huge. There are tents everywhere. The world needs more people like this couple. Yes, city governments and non-profits can do a lot, but lets not forget we (Individuals) can help too. It’s better to take action, go into the arena, than to stay on the sidelines.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, if you contribute there are several rewards for this campaign. $50/month gets you 25% off camping coupon. $250/month gets you 40% off at the camping store. $750/month gets you 50% off at the camping store, 25% the clothing line, pictures of their progress, help your hometown, and meet the couple in person!


If you are interested in helping John and Shelia out with their ambitions of traveling around the United States and helping solve the issue of homelessness consider donating to their Patreon campaign today.

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