Stock Update August 9th 2009

I love investing… I can’t wait until next week to see what the market will do. I have feeling there will be a correction, but who knows. There is a lot of money on the sidelines… so people could start getting panicky and buy into this market not wanting to miss the bull market run we are currently experiencing. Whatever the case is my portfolio since putting new money in March is up 79%! May be I’m lucky, may be it’s part skill and part luck, may be it’s easy to make money in an up market. All I know is I’m beating some of the best mutual funds out there.

Anyway I like giving you guys these updates because investing is one way to make money online. I put money I feel comfortable losing in my Ameritrade account and buy about 80% “investments” and about 20% stocks I consider gambling. A cool site I found that picks penny stocks and has a proven track record of success is One simple tip I’ve been implementing is taking profits on up days and buying the dips on down days. Yea, $10 a trade does add up, but taking money off the table and letting the stocks ride on the houses money it something that I should of done a long time ago.

Here is my current portfolio… I’m starting to pick more and more risky stocks, this could backfire… So we will see what happens. It’s more about keeping things fun and interesting than anything else.


I Purchased a Penny Stock Today

Penny Stocks Keep Up My Interest In the Market

The stock market sucks there really isn’t any reason to check my protfolio anymore. It’s guaranteed it’s down, the question is lately just how much. So today I decided to spice things up a bit and do something I’ve never done. I bought a penny stock. Yes, you heard right, those junk companies selling for pennies on the dollar I bought one. I bought a stock called

TLLE – Teletouch Communications

The reason I bought TLLE is there’s a popular ClickBank affiliate program called Stock Trading Robot where in the video he buys this stock and makes a ton of money off it. Since penny stocks are very sensitive to any news of any kind I’m thinking the more popular this Stock Trading Robot program gets the more people will buy that stock, resulting in a higher stock price!

My Penny Stock Purchase Screen Shot

So here’s a screen shot the purchase in my Ameritrade account. I only bought 500 shares or $110 worth, but it’s strictly for fun. I see penny stocks as gambling in a casino. It’s just for my entertainment to weather this horrible economic storm.

Trade With Me

I think trading penny stocks with just a little bit of extra cash will be fun. You should trade with me and let me know your stock picks. You can’t gamble online now, so you got the stock market.

Some Good Stock Trading Web Sites (Low commissions, $0.00 if you maintain min. balance)

Scottrade (Low commissions0

Ameritrade (This is what I use, fast site, good customer service)

Good source of information

Say what you want about Jim Cramer.. he knows his stocks. He’s a great source of information at Sign up for his newsletter, it costs, but it’s worth the money.






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