Taylor and Allen I Seen That Podcast On Patreon

  • July 26, 2017
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Remember all those great movies you saw as a kid? I fondly remember movies like Indian Jones And The Temple Of Doom, The Goonies, Jurassic Park, Batman, and Independence Day just to name a few. There are few things I remember as vividly as films I watched as a kid. That’s when I heard there is a Podcast about movies watched growing up I had to write about it.

The name of the Podcast is ‘I Seen That’ where Taylor and Allen discuss their favorite formative years movies. Taylor and Allen have been best friends since 3rd grade (1997) and during that time both of them have loved movies and TV shows, but could never agree on which ones were good. Now 20 years later Taylor and Allen still disagree. They love making the podcast, but need Patreon to make it better.

Support Taylor and Allen: https://www.patreon.com/Iseenthat

What’s also interesting about the Podcast is as one grows up your tastes in movies changes. So how do you discuss a movie that you once thought was good, but now think is horrible? I would think all the kids watching and liking the Michael Bay Transformers will eventually have that reaction.

I Seen That Podcast

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, there are several Patreon rewards for this campaign. $1 gets you access to the Podcasts a whole week early. $5 lets you suggest a movie. $10 gets you an exclusive Podcast.

Help Taylor and Allen of ‘I See That’ reach their Patreon goal today.


My Top 5 Podcasts Of 2017

  • January 21, 2017
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Here are my top 5 podcasts for 2017. I listen to these weekly.

1) Tim Ferris Podcast http://tim.blog/podcast/

2) Lewis Howes The School of Greatness Podcast http://lewishowes.com/category/podcast/

3) Joe Rogan http://podcasts.joerogan.net/

4) The #ASKGARYVEE Show Podcast https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/the-askgaryvee-show-podcast/

5) Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey Podcast https://blog.bulletproof.com/category/podcasts/

Let me know if you think anything else should be on the list! I think in life you’re limited by time, can’t listen to everything. I’ve learned a ton from listening to the above Podcasts weekly.

Why Podcasts Are The Secret Ingredient

  • May 19, 2016
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Why Podcasts Are The Secret Ingredient

Is something missing in your life and you don’t quite know what it is? May be Podcasts are the secret ingredient in creating a better life. From your business to personal life Podcasts can be very beneficial. See below for my list for business, personal, and health Podcasts.


Gary Vaynerchuk – Fun, entertaining, business motivation



Dave Asprey – Looks of cutting edge research and interesting ideas. This is the butter in your coffee guy


Jillian Michaels – Good fitness tips and stories from Jillian’s life



The Daily Boost: Best Daily Motivation – Daily motivation, good start to the day, some good tips. Lately advertisements have been a pain, but overall a good show


The Tony Robbins Podcast – Tony Robbins just started his own podcast. Finally!


The Tim Ferris Show – Great tips on how to optimize your life. He’s the author of the Four Hour Work Week. If you haven’t read this book you need to


Zig Ziglar – Zig Ziglar is no longer with us, but his Podcast is







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