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  • May 15, 2017
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Are you looking to turn your business goals into reality? There is a new product development team in LA called LA NPDT that may be able to help. LA NPDT is a cross-functional team of talented engineers, designers, developers, makers, and entrepreneurs. The Team helps to make business dreams a reality by providing a complete range of new product development services from product conceptualization and design to prototyping and marketing.

Sometimes it’s not enough just to have an idea, you need to rely on either yourself or a talented team like LA NPDT to get it off the ground. They offer product development, concept design, prototyping, 3D printing, technical evaluation, training courses, web development, and marketing. They pretty much offer everything. For more information visit:

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The Team

“LA NPDT started as a student organization at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. The organization was formed by a Mechanical Engineering PhD student (at that time), Konstantin Dolgan. During his studies, Konstantin gained experience and practical skills by participating in several entrepreneurial, new product development and technology commercialization projects. Konstantin created the LA New Product Development Team with the mission of developing new products, technologies, and app/web solutions with the end goal of commercialization. Within just one year, the Team grew to more than 40 members consisting primarily of LA Tech students and alumni. A wide array of experts were welcomed into the membership including engineers, business majors, artists, physicists, and programmers. By separating the organization into eight distinct departments including R&D, Prototyping, Marketing, IT, Intellectual Property, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Finance LA NPDT was better able to serve its clients.”


“Amazing experience, by far the most professional, punctual, and talented designers I’ve come across. The words are not enough to describe the quality of experience I’ve had with LA NPDT. Thank you so much!” – C&C Spectrum Innovations Catalina Park

“”Very pleased with the outcome of my work. Took the time to work with me with revisions to ensure that deliverable was exactly what I wanted. Will recommend to others.” – Product Developer Brandon Townsdin

LA NPDT looks forward to turning your dreams into reality. It’s rare that one company can take care of so many facets under one roof and execute at such a high level. Consider using their services to help get your business off the ground.







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