Qwaya Review by CashSherpa.com

Qwaya Review by CashSherpa.com

When Facebook launched, it used to be a site where people would go to meet friends or post photos. Now however, with over 800 million users, it’s a major destination for advertisers. Sure Facebook itself does have some self serve advertising tools, but they are mostly manual and aimed at small businesses. There’s no large automated tools available to all, for those who need to run many campaigns and get a lot of flexibility. Anyone who tried to setup a large series of ads and compare demographics, image copy, bidding price and so on, knows that the native platform isn’t ideal. That’s where Qwaya comes in. This service builds on Facebook’s platform and adds much needed features for those looking to manage a large quantity of ads.

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The first benefit you can find when you register for an account is the ability to create an unlimited number of ads and templates. These templates can be stored in folders and quickly reused to create new campaigns. The actual ad creation isn’t different from Facebook’s platform, and simply asks you to use an image, title and description, but at least you can save them and go back when creating new ones. The other feature is the ability to bulk create. So if you need to have a lot of marketing done with slightly different demographics, it would be very painful to use the Facebook system. Qwaya makes it a lot easier. It’s also a nice way to test a large number of ads.

One area where Qwaya is providing a lot of options is with campaign analysis. Facebook’s results are fairly simple and not presented in an easy to understand manner. With Qwaya, you get full graphics which you can customize. You can compare factors like clickthrough rates, total impressions, and even import Google Analytics results from your site. There’s also a keyword tracking tool, something any Internet marketer would be familiar with, and this one allows you to track ads and see which keywords get you the most attention. You can get a good idea of the whole conversion process from a single interface, which is pretty nice.

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Overall, Qwaya is a good tool for people who want more flexibility when placing Facebook ads, and who have to run a lot of different campaigns. The service makes it a lot easier to keep track of what’s been going on and how it’s affecting your sales. The basic plan is available at $79 per month and allows you to place 50 ads per day. The premium plan is $149 and goes to 1,000 ads. With things like fast ad creation, bulk editing, scheduling, and advanced analytics options, it may be something you or your company needs if you really want to spend some time doing Facebook campaigns.






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