McDonald’s Big Mac Recipe, How to Step-By-Step Guide

McDonald’s Big Mac Recipe, How to Step-By-Step Guide

Yes, I know this story is a few days old but I still want to get this up on It seems like ever since I was a kid the ultimate hamburger in my mind has been the Big Mac. I remember asking my Mom for a Big Mac and she said no. Disappointed I then asked her if I paid with my own money from my piggy bank would she allow it? My Mom said yes, so I immediately busted open the piggy bank grabbing all the quarters and road my bike down to the local McDonald’s.If that doesn’t prove I’m a big fan of the burger I don’t know what will. I’m definitely going to make the sauce in my kitchen, see below for the how to guide.

McDonalds is the world’s largest fast food chain and serves more than 58 million people every day. This goes to show just how large the McDonalds chain is and how frequently people around the world purchase McDonalds fast food and eat it. One of McDonalds’s most popular burgers is the Big Mac. The reason why this burger is so special and popular amongst McDonalds’s customers is because of the secret sauce that is found within Big Macs. This sauce was originally thought to be nothing other than thousand island dressing but it has since been revealed that it is not and it actually has different ingredients from thousand island dressing. This shows why people have never been able to replicate a Big Mac as they have not known the correct sauce that has been used, up until now.

Dan Coudreaut is the executive chef at McDonalds and he has allowed the public to know the secret behind the Big Mac sauce by giving it away so that everyone can enjoy the taste of McDonalds Big Macs in the comfort of their home and know what ingredients go into the making of Big Mac sauce at McDonalds. The actual Big Mac sauce is made up of mayonnaise, French dressing, sweet pickle relish, minced white onion, white vinegar, and a bit of sugar and salt. These are all of the ingredients found within the real McDonalds Big Mac sauce and these are all ingredients that you can find at home and easily use to create your own home made Big Mac sauce which you can use on your home made burgers.

It is not only helpful to know what the McDonalds Big Mac sauce is made of so that you can make it yourself at home but it is also helpful so that you know what ingredients are found in Big Macs so that you can trust what you are eating. It is said that the Big Mac sauce ingredients slightly differ around the world, such as from America to Canada. The above version of the Big Mac sauce is the Canadian version, but they are basically the same and produce the same tasty Big Mac sauce that we all love to enjoy.

It may not be a good idea to give out such a secret recipe which is so popular but McDonalds may have done this so that people can see what the exact ingredients are that are in Big Mac sauce and can then feel safe knowing what they are eating and that the ingredients are ingredients that they can find in their own home. However, creating your own Big Mac sauce does not compare to having a Big Mac from McDonalds as it is the whole burger, not just the Big Mac sauce that makes the fast food experience memorable and enjoyable. Therefore, giving out the Big Mac sauce recipe is not such a bad thing for McDonalds.






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