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Ever wish you could find quality anime reviews online? The wait is over! Micah Tucker of YouTube channel Otaku Deity is doing just that, but he needs your help in order to continue producing anime reviews. Support his growing YouTube channel at

Anime Reviews

As readers of know feature frequently small YouTube channel and Patreon pages on my site. I think this channel could take off and be a huge in the anime niche. Otaku Deity features weekly to by weekly anime news, reviews, top 10 lists, and more. One of my favorite features of the channels is the Top 10 Lists, for example check out ‘Top 10 Greatest Anime OPS!” See video below:

Why Patreon?

“Getting started on Youtube is hard! Honestly 2016 was my first year and it hasn’t been the best. There are so many channels out there to contend with. And for small Youtube creator like myself who are thinking of trying Youtube Full-time as a career path it’s scary. But hey, I love entertaining, so i’m going to keep putting it out there. I first started Youtube as a hobby a way the express my thoughts on my favorite animated series. I’ve had my channel for almost a year now since I started it in march of 2016 it has grown to 248 subscribers so far. But for 2017 I would love to start it off with a BANG! With new and better equipment for higher quality Content. As of right now my recording set up is rather small. I am using an iphone 4s to record video, and if you watch the video below you can tell that the sound and video quality isn’t that great. And when it comes to video on Youtube better quality means better results, and I would love to give you guys my Subscribers the best video and audio quality possible!  So I am saving money for a new Camera however, it is hard to get the funds together just by my measly part-time job as a sales clerk. So  started this Patreon camping to help with the funding for it, as well as other needs for the channel.  I honestly don’t like asking for assistance with funds, but if you have it in your heart to even go 1$ toward my channels growth. It would mean the world to me.  For a small YouTube creator like myself to receive a dollar means more than you could possibly imagine.  If you can’t  It’s perfectly understandable. But you can still help by sharing my patreon with others.”

Patreon Anime

What Rewards Do I Get?

– Give just $1/month on Patreon and receive: Adblock forgivness (I will remove ads from videos), early access to videos, and name in credits.

– Give just $5/month on Patreon and receive: All the above, and access to giveaways. Who doesn’t like surprises?

– Give just $10/month or more and receive: All the above, plus you can help decide on videos and early access to giveaways.

What’s The Goal?

Right now the goal is $500/month so far Patreon has raised $6 of that amount. Support the page here: With the $500 Tucker plans to purchase better equipment, more upload time, and more giveaways.

So if you are interested in the world of anime support Otaku Deity on Patreon today.

The Hangover III Movie Review

The Hangover Three Movie Review

Despite all the praise and popularity these movies have obtained, I gotta be honest; I never thought the original “Hangover” was THAT brilliantly funny. I laughed my ass off no doubt, but I’ve laughed harder at better movies than this one. Still, popularity and box office buzz seemed to create something amazing here and went onto “The Hangover 2,” which critics and people saw as a rehashing of the first movie. However, it still earned lots of money…again. So it only seemed logical this “Wolf pack” should finish things off in a trilogy, appropriately called “The Hangover III.”

Hangover 3

Directed by Todd Phillips, this final entry stars the usual suspects Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Doug (Justin Bartha), Alan (Zach Galifinakis), and Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong). After Alan’s father passes away, the gang decides to get him medical help for his mental troubles. However, at the hospital, new troubles emerge as Marshall (John Goodman) assaults the Wolf pack and kidnaps Doug. If they ever want get Doug back and alive, the gang has to track down Mr. Chow and deliver him to the gangster Marshall or else Doug won’t live to go missing a 4th time around.

In a lot of ways, this movie seems to be doing the exact same thing they have done before, but also trying something different to keep it from feeling like a repeat like in part 2. This method yields very, very MIXED results, most of the time with the mixture not coming out right. First off, for a movie series based off the name alone; it seems very incompetent to not have anyone getting black out drunk or having a hangover like they did in part 1 and 2. Even if you know the audience will perceive another black out drunken fest as reusing the same plot from before, you almost expect it regardless since the movie IS called “The Hangover” after all.

Part of the originality of the humor that worked in the first film is the idea of 4 idiots back tracking through seemingly unrelated, nonsensical incidents and watching their reactions to all the weird crap they did without even realizing it. Here, it feels like another comedy adventure movie with the characters from the “Hangover” movies; than it feeling like it is a “Hangover” movie like you would expect. The jokes for the most part are a toss-up, some work and some don’t and there’s not a lot of comedic consistency being felt here. Part of this problem stems from the unintentional sabotaging of the series two funniest and laughably lovable characters: Alan and Chow.

No matter what your thoughts on the movie series are, it’s impossible to doubt there is real comedy gold pumping through the veins of Galifinakis and Jeong. These guys are frigging hysterical and they know it. This movie gives them much more screen time than usual and to be honest, I think that was a big mistake. These guys are given too much time and are made to look like over exaggerated assholes or head cases to be appreciated anymore. It’s kind of like the shark from “Jaws.” We really didn’t see much of the actual shark until the very end and after 3 or 4 sequels; we saw so much of the shark that it wasn’t scary anymore or much of a villain.

Chow and Alan were not funny enough in this film because we got too much of them and the writers and director didn’t know when to learn enough is enough. We saw these guys so much that they’re antics became less funny and more obvious. They didn’t seem as unpredictable anymore because we have seen them so much that they have become the predictable, and that’s mainly from this movie alone! It’s clear from the ads and trailers that the creators feel this movie series is more famous and familiar with audiences than it actually is. But as the films have progressed, the glowing reviews and high riding money trails have gotten reduced sequel by sequel and this film proves why.

Todd Phillips and the cast kept thinking because they liked what they were churning out, that meant we in turn automatically loved watching the wolf pack go through stunt after crazy stunt. Personally, this movie series has always felt like a one trick pony to me and this unfortunate, disjointed rehashed mess of the same 5 jokes has shown us the trick has long since past its prime. “The Hangover III” is another worn out party game we’ve all played before and had the same outcome every time, it’s just now were sobering up and seeing it that way for the first time. The best characters are de-humorized, the story doesn’t really work, the jokes are hit and miss and overall, the ride should have started and ended with the first “Hangover” movie.

What do you think of The Hangover III? Please leave your comments.

I give “The Hangover III” 1 star and a half out of 4. – Best Coupon Search Tool? Read the Review

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In the past, people believed that coupons were for low income shoppers only. Surveys suggested that this was not the case. Everyone loves a good deal and shoppers from all income levels use coupons when available.

There are many ways of finding coupons and one of these is using the Internet. Online coupons are similar to the paper coupons that you find in your Sunday newspapers. However, instead of cutting them out and handing them over to the cashier at the checkout counter, you simply key in a coupon code when you checkout your purchases online.

With the help of the Internet, you can find good deals and coupons right at your fingertips, as long as you know where to look. is a good place to look. is a portal where users can type in the name of the store they want to shop at and search through the reliable sources on the Internet for thousands of coupon codes.

DrasticDeals Home


Twitter Coupons – One of the sources from which searches for deals and coupons is Twitter. With the increased popularity of social media, a lot of stores, whether online or brick-and-mortar, started their own social media campaigns. They encourage their customers to connect with them on these social media platforms. Twitter, a social media platform that allows users to send and receive short 140-character messages, is one of the most popular channels that these stores turn to when they want to make short and quick announcements, such as special deals and discounts. When a user puts in a store name in the search box on, the website searches the Twitter feeds out there and return those that contain the name of the store. These results often contain some very good deals.

Facebook Share – Facebook is another popular social media platform out there.’s Facebook Share feature allows users to share deals that they found on the website with their friends and families. With a click of a button, users can instantly share their finds on Facebook.
Submit Coupons – Another way for users to share deals with people who are not their friends on Facebook is through the Submit Coupons feature on To submit a coupon to the website, users put in the store name, a title or description for the deal, the discount code, the URL of the store, a verification code to verify that the information is in fact entered by human, and click Add Coupon.

Top 50 Coupons – The Top 50 Coupons feature on returns a list of the top 50 coupon codes and discounted deals used and rated by users, sorted by their ratings. For shoppers, especially gift shoppers, who don’t have a specific store in mind where they want to shop at or who don’t know what to buy, this Top 50 Coupons list is a good place for them to get some ideas.

Top 50 Merchants – Similar to the Top 50 Coupons list, the Top 50 Merchants list returns the list of top 50 merchants who offer the best deals on the Internet.

Even though is a newcomer to the online coupon space, it is a rising star. The development team is working hard to improve the website and will be adding a lot more useful features in the future. Review by

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I actually just signed up for last week. The Voodoo interface is awesome! Adding domains to your account is fast, the parked domain pages look nice and have proven to have a high click through rate. The only problem so far is payout is averaging about $0.10 per click. Google recently ended its domain parking service so I had to switch to a new company. So far the look and ease of use of the account is better than Google, but payout is lower.

Domain parking is a very unusual part of the Internet, something that’s in used for thousands, perhaps millions of domains, yet only the most savvy Internet marketers really know what goes on behind the scenes. The concept is simple, you have a domain name, but you don’t have any site to put up on it, or you simply don’t have the time or desire to build a site. So normally, that domain would sit there, being useless. So a few years back, the concept of domain parking became popular. Anyone with domains they aren’t using could park them, where some relevant links would populate a computer generated page, and any traffic that happens to come onto that page would see these links. The owner would then be paid as visitors click on the links. Needless to say, this quickly turned out to be big money, and many companies wanted in. is one such site offering parking services, and here is a quick review.

Domain parking isn’t new, and by now pretty much every domain registrar offers to their customers the option to park their domains until they are ready to use them. But each company provides slightly different features and incentives. After all, the main purpose behind this is to make money, so that’s why Voodoo is putting a lot of efforts into that aspect of the service. When you go to the site, you can see right away a list of features, along with why you would want to use them as opposed to your domain registrar. So the first point they repeat several times is how good their ad provider is, and how they can get you the best ads for your parked page. Obviously that’s important, so as long as that’s the case, you can expect good financial results. They also offer tracking, which is usually something you find in most tracking services and is also very important.

Another feature they have is the ability to customize your parked page. This is something you don’t find often so it can be a positive element for Voodoo. You can select from one of several templates for your page. Finally, they provide full API access for customers. So as you can see, they do have quite a few features, and everything you could expect from a domain parking service, which frankly isn’t all that much. But what about actually using them? Are they reliable, more so than your domain registrar? For that, it’s easy to look through customer reviews. Overall, they seem pretty positive. One thing that’s mentioned is that they pay via PayPal and don’t keep any fee, however some have mentioned that because they are a somewhat new service, sometimes the income can seem a bit lower than some other options.

So should you use There’s no question that if you have the opportunity to build an actual site on your domains, then that’s always more desirable than parking. However, if you have those old domains you simply aren’t developing anymore, then yes, a Voodoo account may just bring you a couple of extra bucks at the end of the month.

Visit Review by Review by

It’s no secret that online games are popular. In fact, studies show that social gaming is the number one reason many people log onto Facebook, or other social networks. It’s always fun to spend some time lost in a casual game, whether it’s a cards game, a role-playing game, or even an adventure game. Regardless of the type, the experience is always better when it’s social, amongst friends. One of the many sites capitalizing on this phenomenon is

Join Game House 7 Day Free Trial

GameHouse is one of the major players in the social gaming world. It’s a web portal towards many games and other social elements. The site itself is divided into three tabs. The first tab is all about games. There, you can find well known names, as well as new ones, games you can play online for free. Most of the titled are ad supported, and they run in your browser. They have names like 7 Wonders, Campfire Legends, and Twisted Lands. These games are also highly social. Very quickly you’re encouraged to connect your Facebook account, and the site pulls in your friends and recent activity, to make sure you can share with friends what you’re playing, and the achievements you get.

Speaking of achievements, the second tab is called My GameHouse, and is all about you and what you did in these games. It’s there that you’ll find achievements, badges and rewards. To have access to them, you need to sign up, but it’s free and again you can connect your social presence to help spread around the results of your gaming experience. Most of the games are integrated into this portal and provide rewards for you to get. While badges are for fun, you can get coins which can be used inside of certain games to get vanity items and such. It’s a fun way to add to the existing game play.

Join Game House 7 Day Free Trial

The last tab of the site is the community tab, and that’s where you’ll find the forums, for you to talk with other users, as well as the GameHouse blog, where new announcements are. You can also handle your Facebook and Twitter account linking process there. The company has a fun YouTube channel where they also post some videos showing new features and games on the site, which you can find there. The community tab is always there for you to socialize with the other players.

Overall, the site is very easy to use. You can play games endlessly, and there’s even some mobile games that you can try out. While not all games have a social element, many of them do, and linking your social profiles is highly encouraged. You can play without spending a dime, and the ads typically support the development of new games. If you want to spend some time playing games online, this is a good site to try out.

Fun Pass Promo

Disclosure: We are a professional review and news site that occasionally receives compensation from the companies we review. We receive compensation only if a visitor clicks through affiliate link and makes a purchase. We test each product or site thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Review by

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Do you run an eBay business or any other business? If you do you know like me that the most annoying thing is having to go to the Post Office to purchase stamps. It not only takes time to do this it also takes gas money.


If you are an online business that needs an alternative solution to shipping your packages out, try The reason why? They are a smart, modern solution with one stop shipping and more.

Whether you want to ship a package, mail a stack of postcards to clients for an upcoming event, or anything else in between will send them either overseas or right here in the US. You will never have to drive to the Post Office again!

With no driving and high gas prices, you are already saving money with At around sixteen dollars a month, the mail person will come straight to your door to pick anything for you. You can print onto your envelopes and even your weight will be officially calculated for you with all official USPS pricing and following their guidelines.

If you are a business that has to send something certified, no problem! will even do delivery confirmation, international forms, or anything you are used to with USPS. Never fill out anything by hand ever again!

If you are shipping around the clock, do not wait for the Post Office to open. Just access anything you need as the Internet never sleeps. Just schedule your pickup time and take the worries off your mind. Your customer will know when their package is shipped with an email confirmation from You will always know where your package is from start to finish.

You have to have a postage meter to correctly weigh your packages. At, meters are actually cheaper and no fees or charges you are used to. This is all part of your monthly membership at Stamps. No more contracts, no more leasing to buy, and no more expensive ink. Use your PC or Mac’s ink instead to print onto your shipping labels or straight to the envelopes. You can use an digital weight scale to weigh things.

Just download the software that Stamps provides. Then, tell it what you want done. Print multiple labels along with invoicing or print straight from Quick Books or Microsoft Word. Take your PC address book and start printing. Everything is saved to memory for each time that Stamps is needed. No more filling out forms again and telling the software over and over something.

This greatly helps when selling on auction sites. Stamps will go straight to your shopping cart, eBay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, or Paypal. It will also send the shipping info back to the site to update your records and even hide the postage amount if you wish. A return shipping label can even be included just in case.

You see you just eliminated many steps throughout your day that is always done. is an extra pair of hands and an awesome tool to do one stop work. Stay in one place, stay focused on your shipping, and then go enjoy the rest of your day! Or, go drum up some more business with that extra time to generate more money for your family.

Disclosure: We are a professional review and news site that occasionally receives compensation from the companies we review. We receive compensation only if a visitor clicks through affiliate link and makes a purchase. We test each product or site thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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