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Review of CyberPatrol by

This is part 2 of my 3 part series o internet safety software. I review the leading internet safety software companies. My second review is on CyberPatro safety software.

Visit CyberPatrol

Cyber Patrol is an innovative and helpful tool you can use to censor your child’s use of the internet and protect them or your computer from the harmful threats which are present in the everyday use of the internet.

The internet is a helpful and fun way to get information, interact with loved ones and friends, as well as it can be used for many other activities which are performed online. But it also presents a great risk to your computer and your children. Spyware, malware, porn, and other deadly pop ups can seriously damage your computer and your child’s mind if it is allowed access to your computer.

With the protection you get from Cyber Patrol, you can prevent cyber bullies from accessing your files and destroying your computer. They scan and filter your PC to remove potentially dangerous threats for a better browsing experience.

You can become a fan of Cyber Patrol on Facebook to join their committee for internet safety. You get product updates, offers, and promotions. This software enables you to choose the sites you would like your children to see and block those you don’t. You can use parental controls to block the sites you consider harmful or dangerous. It allows you to censor and monitor the online activities of your children.

They offer siteSURV, which is a very powerful web filter which can ensure that they don’t visit unauthorized sites as well as the option to filter up to  forty-four categories of sites based on the sites’ contents. You are able to customize it by doing a selection of the sites you would like to be blocked.

The site SURV is a web based program, this eliminates the need for software installation. This software is not restricted to keeping kids in line only, as it is also effective in the workplace. Many times employees are doing a job which requires research on the internet and in the process they end up on sites they are not supposed to be browsing during work time, or wasting precious company time on these sites.

Cyber Patrol can safely and effectively censor and track the activities performed by employees each day resulting in less time-wasting and more productivity. Cyber Patrol works in libraries, schools, at home, or in the business place to effectively reduce the threats posed by unlawful visits to unauthorized sites. They give you tips and other tools to keep you informed so you can be proactive when it comes to unauthorized visits to sites. They provide information for free as well as training tools.

Cyber Patrol was the winner of a PTPA Seal of Approval and they offer a free trial of their product. The cost associated with the acquiring of cyberpatrol is only $39.95 to get protection for three computers

Cyber Patrol is a user-friendly program which effectively blocks sites from a list called “CyberNot”. These are websites which are categorized as being unsafe by Cyber Patrol. It is also able to recognize sites which are predefined in their patrol list. It removes porn, obscene, and violent content which are found by Cyber Patrol. It effectively blocks these sites so that they are not accessed by children.

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This is my third review in a 3 part series on the top places online for business card is probably the lesser known company of the three I reviewed, but it consistently ranks the highest among places to print business cards.


How does one make the business to be known to more and more people? One of the answers can be by distributing out business cards. When one thinks of a business card, a boring piece of paper comes to mind on which the person’s name, title, and contact details can be given out. How can one make one’s business card stand out among others and be the one that is not easily forgotten in the pile of business cards? The answer would be to look at the website

Moo has provided its customers with not only revolutionary business cards and ideas but also with stickers, mini cards, and greeting cards. There are lots of creative card ideas that are always being updated by the Moo team so that one does not have to look at the same, old boring cards time and again.

An important term on the Moo website is the “printfinity”. This means that a customer can order a pack of business cards with each card having an individual print on it. These can be great as well as unique to make someone remember one’s business and face. Printfinity is unique to Moo.

The Moo site also offers its customers with various types of stickers. One can find stickers for the company logos, names, labels, and more. The stickers are also made with a lot of thought and creativity by the Moo team and community. The stickers can be made in either a circular or a square shape. One can not only get individual logo stickers but also picture stickers for personalization. Picture stickers will have a picture of a person on them. One can also order the business card stickers.

You can also create a sticker book with ninety different pictures, logos, and more to make a small pocket sized book. The stickers have been designed especially for easy taking out and sticking. One side of the sticker is perforated so it is very easy to peel the stickers out. Moo stickers are printed on very high quality of vinyl. The glossy finishing of the stickers makes the pictures and the writing on the stickers prominent and attractive looking.

Another unique product of Moo is the Moo frames. One can easily arrange the mini cards on Moo frames for promotional purposes, as a gift or a creative display of art work. The frames can be arranged in a portrait or landscape form, whichever suits the customer’s taste and style.

Moo also provides its customers with unique envelopes. These envelopes can be personalized and can be ordered to be made in any color. One can easily order envelopes to be made for greeting cards as well, which are also a Moo product.

Another of the unique Moo products is the notebook. One can order notebooks with hardcover, leatherette binding, and more. The pages of the notebooks can also be ordered to be made according to the tastes of the customers.

Apart from all these wonderful products, one can also get expert advice, ideas, and suggestions from the Moo team and community at

Offer: MOO Business Cards $21.99 for 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design.

Review of by

Review of by

This is my 2nd review in my 3 part series of the best places to buy business cards. Vista Print is not only a place that I’ve shopped for business cards I’ve also purchased magnets, color flyers, and self inking stamps. I have nothing but good things to say about VistaPrint my #2 best place to buy business cards.

Starting a new business or even running an old one is not an easy task. An entrepreneur has to take many things into account, and it is after careful thinking and consideration of all the aspects, that a critical decision is taken. He alone is also answerable for the publicity of the company he runs. Now, with the help of VistaPrint, advertising has become somewhat easier. It one of the largest growing printing company worldwide.


Vistaprint is a company that offers colorful printing services. It offers post cards, envelopes, letter heads, business cards, mailing labels, note cards, stamps, stationery, flyers, lawn signs, folders, logo design, pens, posters, return address label, websites, calendars, checks, car door magnets, email marketing, and many other things, which are essential for businesses.

Vistaprint provides easy access to all these things. The ordering process is very fast and trouble-free. One can click on the desired product and the order process gets started. Two hundred and fifty cards are offered free of cost. Customers can choose the online available cards or can self design their cards. They can choose the background color, font color/format, images, and other stuff. It is very easy to upload, crop, and rotate images. Moreover, it supports a vast variety of files including Adobe, Microsoft, and others (JPG, BMP, PIC etc). They offer a good amount of discounts.

Vistaprint provides their services at fairly low prices, with minimal charges for shipping and some money-back guarantees. Their shipping service is amazingly fast. People generally get their orders before the expected time. Normally, cards and other things are delivered in about three weeks. But, if the customer wants to get it in the preceding week, then they charge an extra price.

In case there is some default with the delivered package, one can always call the customer service center. The customer service staff is very friendly and will patiently respond to any queries and concerns of the customer. Chat service is also available throughout the week except for the weekends from 6:30 to 3:00 pm. Vistaprint is the 4th largest growing printing company internationally.

All the products are of very good quality as compared to the price they charge. They offer a number of finishes including glossy, foil accents, aqueous coating, and matte. However, it doesn’t offer bindings, covers, hole drilling, or custom cutting. Vistaprint logo is embedded on the products. However, in order to get rid of this logo, they charge extra money. The size of the card is 87mmx49mm, which is smaller than the normal cards. But, they have on the whole a great user experience and the site does tremendously well in organization and graphic imaging. For customer’s ease, the site is also available in several other languages to cater to their customers in other countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, and Spain.

In short, is the ideal place for people who are looking for a great quality printed material that could help them achieve their business marketing strategies at a low cost. It provides a lot of amenities to its clients at very low cost and that’s what most people like about this site.

Offer: 500 Premium Business Cards for $10

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Review of by

This is a 3 part review of my all time favorite places to order business cards. I have used all 3 services and can vouch for them. In addition to using these three business card printing services they consistently rank high from other reputable web sites. Keep watching my blog for the additional two reviews.


Often during the course of time, a person comes across the need for printing. In professional life, a person may require business cards, calendars, marketing material, stationery, and more. In personal life, the printing may be related to postcards, invitations, envelopes, and more. For this purpose, a reliable printing service needs to be approached with the required details. However, in this highly technological era, a lot of online printing services have emerged, which has made the ordering process even more convenient.

One such service is Overnight Prints. There are many other websites for this purpose. Then why choose Overnight Prints? It is always wise to rely on someone who is a specialist and has considerable experience in the industry. Overnight Prints has had over forty years of experience in this business, with more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers. Moreover, they use waterless technology for printing, which produces very high quality results and minimizes spoilage.

Overnight Prints has made both designing and ordering very easy for its customers. Their guidelines to providing designs are very intuitive. There are three workflows: Express, Advanced, and Upload your own design. The express designer directs a step-by-step process to customize pre-made templates. The advanced designer has interactive graphics tools by means of which one may generate his/her own design. They upload your own design tool, as the name implies, and require the customer to upload their own ideas to the website.

This means that a person can produce his or her own design, browse the designs provided by Overnight Prints, or even upload a preferred design. Overnight Prints provides clear instructions for all these options which can be downloaded for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. A person can also preview the design, once it is made, to confirm the design accuracy.

This printing service has a variety of services to offer. It prints for its customer’s address labels, bookmarks, brochures, business cards, calendars, envelopes, greeting cards, letterheads, magnets, notepads, postcards, posters, presentation folders, rack cards, and stamps. This wide range of products highlights that Overnight Prints does not only cater to the customer’s personal and professional needs both, but it also covers several occasions be it business meetings, promotions, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or weddings.

Overnight Prints service uses premium quality paper for printing. The outcome is crisp and the colors brilliant. They also provide coating options whereby customers can choose to coat their order glossy or the satin matte finish.

Overnight Prints is also known for delivering the orders on time. They have four categories in their shipping service namely: Emergency, Fast delivery, Priority Ground, and Economy. The earliest that the orders can reach a person is the very next business day, and the latest is less than fourteen days. Often, they have delighted their customers by delivering the order before the mentioned date and time.

All in all, Overnight Prints has made printing services very convenient for its customers. The instructions are clearly stated which makes it easy for the customers to follow and make their choice. Furthermore, they do not seem to compromise as far as material is concerned and have proven to be timely in delivering orders and creating many satisfied customers. Therefore, one can say, that they have undoubtedly utilized their experience positively.

Today Get 40% off Select Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures. Review by Review by

Thanks for reading this review on This is my third and final review of top do it yourself online web design companies. My first review was on eBay ProStores, next came HotDoodle, and last but not least I’m reviewing Yola.

Yola which was formerly known as SynthaSite provides an application which enables you to build websites easily. The usual ways in which websites were built used to be a complicated task, but when using Yola, it allows you to just drag and drop the components you need to design your website. This program leaves you with high quality and professionally made websites, any one would be proud of displaying. You don’t have to worry about the cost, as you can host your website on Yola for free.

In 2007, SynthaSite was started by Trevor Harries-Jones, Vinny Lingham, Peter Bodechtel, Brent Viljoen and Stefan Lourens. They used the site to raise twenty five million ($25M) from different sources. With the growing popularity of the site, they changed the name to Yola in March 2009.

Yola is proud to offer their users many different services in comparison to their competitors. They offer the possibility of creating your website for free, with just the point and click of your mouse. Another option is for you to upload your site to a hosting account of your choice, or use their free hosting service.  The knowledge of building websites or knowing programming languages is not a requirement, as their system and processes are really easy to navigate.

Yola comes with an attractive design, very clear and sharp images. You can select your template of choice and customize it by choosing your colors, design, or even uploading your photos, it’s that easy. The toolbox placed on the right hand of the site offers you the flexibility to choose your activity. You can have your website integrate with Paypal and add your shopping cart.

The process of registering to use Yola is a simple one. Fill in the form and then you can go right ahead and start to build your site from scratch. You get instructions as you go along, so it takes the technicality out of the process. The entire process is free of cost. They only require that you pay $19.95 for the domain name, as this is something you will have to purchase.

Let’s face it, they will have to earn from something right? This is a small cost compared to the fact that they provide you with all these neat tools and capabilities. The least you can do is patronize them with the purchase of a domain name. Each account comes equipped with free hosting and web designing tools, with an added benefit of a sub domain which you can use to access your sites. This has at the end. offers a great application which can be ideal for people who would like to build their website but lack the inclination or time in which to do so. With so many templates to choose from, you can do it in a small amount of time. You can also download your site to your PC or laptop. The result is a high quality, beautiful, customized website created by you, and not a professional that you can be absolutely proud of. On the internet, Yola has earned an excellent reputation in regard to their services as well as their products.

Get a FREE custom domain name, unlimited website templates, hosting + more with Yola Silver (less than $10/month). Starting building today

Review of HotDoodle by

Review of HotDoodle by

This is my second review of my three part series on self directed online web design. I’m reviewing three of my favorite do it yourself all inclusive web design sites. My first review was on eBay’s ProStores second it’s Read below to see what I think of HotDoodble.

HotDoodle is a company that is dedicated to offering their customers all kinds of web hosting solutions, such as domain names, web design, and hosting. They help you to create and design a web site which you are able to update easily at any time, with no prior knowledge of hosting. They provide expert assistance at affordable prices. You can either get their help to design your website or do it for yourself. is offered by Metabyte Inc., which was founded in 1993. There are over 17 million people who use software developed by Metabyte on a daily basis for entertainment or work. allows you to create your web site for yourself completely free or you can have a custom built website which has a one month hosting and one year domain all for $550.00, but with a special promotion that is currently underway, you can get it for $330.00. For the option which enables you to create your own website for free, there is no requirement for technical skills.

Many people surf the internet on a daily basis trying to find a reasonably priced website solution, whether for business or personal use. offers you both that convenience and the affordable solution. Everything you will need to create your web site is offered by them. You get your design, hosting, domains as well as professional assistance free of cost.

You can customize your web site with your favorite photos, blogs, articles or anything you wish to update it with. offers a freelance marketplace in which you can get freelancers to help with any problems you may have with your website. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products and also a 30 day money back guarantee. For the most convenient and economical way to have and host your web site, check out, you can get the professional looking, custom made web site with your own templates and additions which you can update on a daily basis. This is a professionally made website based on ideas supplied by you. They offer a range of low monthly plans; this range is from $9.95 to $24.95. is used by businesses all over the world. They have been rated A+ on a scale of A+ to F by the Better Business Bureau. This rating is largely dependent on the time the business has been in operation, whether or not complaints have been filed with the BBB and if the BBB gets background info on the business. is the preferred choice of individuals for a better web hosting experience. will solve many problems businesses usually face when it comes to building a web site. They offer excellent hosting services and management of your domain as well as a market place which is filled with different skill sets, which you can access with the click of mouse. gives you the option to hire PenPal with the skills you do not possess, when the PenPal create your site, you don’t really experience the problems associated with creating it for yourself. allows you to work with the PenPal to create the website you’ve always wanted.

Get a custom professionally designed web site for $330 use coupon code: CJ0511

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