Looking For Indie Programming? Try Nu TV Network

  • August 24, 2017
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Do you like indie programming? If your the type of person who does there’s a new network for you called Nu TV Network. The network will be available on all phones and devices this Labor Day Weekend. Visit: www.nutvnet.com

Indie Movies Indie Movies 2

I was just curious to see what other people think of their network so I searched Google. One of the first results that popped up was for the Roku Guide. I clicked through to their Roku channel and discovered that they get 4.5 out of 5 stars with 12 reviewers on Roku. Not too bad.

The Nu has award winning series, festival winners, and also top web based series that have been adapted for HD television. Top of the list are the action series like “Here’s 2 The Throne,” “The Professional Chiller”, and top tier new additions “The Terms” and “Torture” that air every #DoOrDieFriday.

Nu Network

The Nu also have great comedies like “DC Yuppies”, the new dramatic comedy “The Put Down,” and the smash live action comedy hit Vigilant about a guy that tries to become a super hero in his spare time. They are all Nu Exclusives that air on #WeGotJokesMondays and the originals that air throughout the week go on and on. You name it, The Nu TV Network probably has something for you. For example if you like horror movies there’s something for you in the form of blood thirsty zombie horror shows on SaturdayScreams. This network has everything!

Their Instagram is nutvnetwork and their website once again is www.nutvnet.com. The Nu TV Network app will be released Labor Day Weekend. Check them out.

Roku adds $49 Roku LT device – Review of the Roku LT

  • October 11, 2011
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Roku is a fairly well known name in the streaming video players business, with their current Roku and Roku 2 media devices. Since 2008, these players have been streaming YouTube, Netflix, and other web content to TVs around the world. The Roku boxes offers over 300 media channels to users over their Internet connections. Now, the company has just announced their latest innovation, the Roku LT, which will be added to the legacy devices.

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The Roku LT is aimed at a mainstream market with a very decent $49 price point. The little box packs all the typical features like wireless connectivity and the ability to stream 720P HD movies. All those media channels are accessible on the new device, including Disney, Netflix, Pandora and more, and it comes with a simple, easy to use remote. The main features that you have to give up with a Roku LT, as compared with the older Roku 2, are the lack of a SD memory slot, and the Ethernet port. It also won’t support some of the gaming accessories requiring Bluetooth. Otherwise, it does everything that Roku is known for.

In the same announcement, the company announced a new deal with HBO to add their new HBO Go channel to the platform. HBO Go is the web based service where HBO customers can watch on-demand programming on any device, even on some mobile platforms. Now, Roku users will have the opportunity to watch these shows as well, although it will still require a cable package to be able to access HBO Go. Users will be able to simply enter their login information to watch HBO content.

Overall, there is no question that the Roku devices provide plenty of programming for everyone, and they keep adding more on a constant basis. Just recently, before this latest deal, the company added channels like EPIX and HuluPlus. Most of them also do not require a cable subscription. It’s hard to say whether HBO Go will see much success from Roku owners, who may not own a cable box, and thus most likely no cable TV either.

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As for the Roku LT box itself, at $49, that’s less than half what an Apple TV costs, and is in fact lower than most of the competition, leading to rumors that Roku may be doing this at a loss, although it’s hard to say. What can be said however is that it will likely see a good reception amongst prospective buyers, as more and more people go for web based content to replace expensive cable or satellite TV channels.

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Set Top Box Review – Is ROKU the Best? Part 2 of 3

  • May 3, 2011
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Set Top Box Review – Is ROKU the Best? Part 2 of 3

In this 3 part blog series I compare my favorite set top boxes. In this post I review ROKU which is my pick for #1 set top box. ROKU unlike Boxee does not require you to download content in order to get entertainment to your flat screen TV. I have a ROKU and love it! You simply plug the ROKU in, enter your wireless network details, and you’re off the races. Of course the best part about any set top box is Netflix so be sure to subscribe.

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Roku was founded last October 2002 as a consumer electronics company that sells home digital media products. Currently, the company’s recent consumer products includes the Roku SoundBridge, a network music player and the SoundBridge Radio, a network music player with built-in speaker, AM-FM receiver, alarm clock, preset buttons, SD slot and headphone jack.

Instead of paying monthly fees just to add a cable box for your tv at homes or offices, some prefer to use the Roku devices that offers only a single price for a unlimited usage. Today, they are currently introducing three new models namely the Roku HD, Roku XD and Roku XDS. The Roku Hd is an entry-level model with wireless raio; Roku XD is a mid-level and Roku XDS is a high-end dual- band wireless technology. All of these three models have HDML, ethernet, composite video and analog video ports. This new Roku HD is sleeker and smaller than the original one.

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In the box you can find the Roku player, remote control, a 2-AAA batteries, power adapter, red/yellow/white RCA cable and a manual for you to guide on how to use the device. The good thing about Roku devices is that they are affordable and streams more than a hundred internet video and audio services, works with all kinds of tv including the non- HD models and has a good HD video quality. On the other hand, the bad sides is that most worthwhile services required a monthly fee and some game consoles and ever cheaper offer many of the  same internet viewing options plus disc playback, which currently offers no official support for streaming from USB drives and home network sources; the videos quality may varies from channel to channel, depending on the provider and the source of material; most of the setup and content queues usually require at least some PC interaction and lacks official support of YouTube. YouTube is one of ROKU’s major drawbacks in my opinion. It’s cheap, easy, and super fast to hook up. ROKU my #1 set top box pick!

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Roku Gets Hulu Google Gets Blocked

Oh man Google has made some enemies through the years! Viacom announced that it too will be blocking Google TV from accessing its content. Viacom has joined ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. Think Google does no evil? Just asked these aforementioned companies that question.  I read a blog post today stating that Google TV is dead on arrival. It’s a useless box. Time will tell, but it seems there is all out war between entertainment companies and Google. I mean do you really think Viacom who lost a law suit earlier this year to Google would allow Google to use their content for free? Viacom is getting the last laugh today because their decision makes MTV, Comedy Central and BET inaccessible on the Google TV box. Meanwhile Hulu comes to Roku. I’ve heard people express their dislike towards Roku, but coming from someone that owns one they are awesome! Now that Hulu is on Roku as well it’s just that much better.






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