PlayStation 4 vs. XBox One Sales Statistics

  • December 13, 2013
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XBox One and PlayStation 4 Sales Statistics

Who is the winner in this epic battle for game console domination? Well here are the cold hard facts released only hours ago:


PlayStation 4 is the winner.

United States:

Microsoft’s Xbox One is the winner in the US.

Total retail spend according to Microsoft on the XBox One is $1.21 billion

Both companies have announced they have surpassed the 2 million unit sales mark. Sony claims that it has sold 100,000 units more than the XBox One. The Sony PlayStation brand has been more popular in Europe and the XBox One enjoys more success here in the United States.

Our Take:

The XBox One is clearly the better choice when deciding what game console to go with. It’s backed by a larger company in Microsoft, has better games, more features, not just a game console, voice recognition, Kinect, and lots more. I honestly don’t know why it’s even a contest between the two. When people mention that the XBox One is so expensive I laugh because you’re talking about a $100 price difference. $100!! That’s it and for $100 it’s money well spent because it does so much more than the Play Station 4. I mean you definitely have the money when your willing to plunk down $60+ on one video game so don’t hide behind that excuse. Microsoft clearly has a vision that the XBox One will me the entertainment hub of the household. The PlayStation 4 is more of a dumbed down computer with not much to offer except a limited selection of video games at the moment.

So if your best argument is the PlayStation 4 is $100 cheaper than I have no sympathy for you. Buy yourself the real winning console, Microsoft’s XBox One.

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Thanksgiving Day To Be The New Black Friday

Thanksgiving Day To Be The New Black Friday

Some retail stores have broken the long tradition of “Black Friday” that has been practiced over the years by opening their doors a day earlier. The decision has taken many shoppers by surprise with some embracing the move and others seeing it as a distraction on a very important day in the United States calendar. Most of the retail stores that have embraced this new strategy are the ones that usually attract long queues of customers on Black Friday even in previous years. Some of them include Target, Toys R Us, Sears, Kmart and Walmart among others.

These retail stores plan to open their doors to customers seeking bargains between eight and nine in the evening so that they can start their shopping early. For most families this time slot is when they are just finishing up their Thanksgiving dinner and can therefore rush out and do some shopping. According to the management of many of these stores that have adopted the early sales strategy, customers will have a lot more hours to shop which is a request that they have been receiving from many of their customers. During previous Black Friday sales many customers had to contend with a large number of people waiting to get into the door of a retail shop and also plan to arrive early so as to buy at items at discounted prices.

The start of sales on Thursday will enable customers to spread their shopping and have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of deals that are being offered by the retailers as an incentive for them. The larger the numbers of customers that embrace shopping on Thanksgiving Day, the better as most retailers expect to bring in a larger percentage of sales than in the previous years. In addition, retailers also see the Thursday opening as an opportunity for customers to focus on the holiday and then shop, which allows them to avoid storming stores early Friday morning. However, not everybody is impressed by this new strategy which has seen petitions being set up online on sites such as by a worker at Target who wants the retail store to open on Friday.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Will You Shop Thanksgiving Night?

Nevertheless, there are customers of these large retails stores that have fully embraced the idea and are planning to take advantage of the late night shopping. The discounts offered by the stores are also many as a way of attracting customers with some like Walmart offering items such as a TV, Blu-Ray Player and an iPad at fairly low prices for both their walk in customers and those who register online as well. At Target the deals that customers should look out for are likely to be on the Nook, Nikon camera and TVs. Furthermore, some of these retails stores will be offering deals the whole of Thanksgiving Day with exceptional deals starting later in the evening.

Overall, this change in strategy by retail stores is likely to be adopted by other retails stores that have kept to the traditional opening hours, if the demand for shopping on Thanksgiving remains high.

Nokia’s Lumia 900 Sales, How Did It Do?

  • July 11, 2012
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Nokia’s top smartphone may not have lived up to its hype and expectations but it wasn’t a complete flop. The Nokia Lumia 900 actually did well enough to keep Nokia afloat and competitive amongst all of the other top smartphones available on the market.

Although statistics show that the Nokia Lumia 900 did well in its sales, it did not do as well as had been expected by most people. It was very hyped and therefore sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 started out well but then the sales slowly went down and the hype disappeared. This hype and enthusiasm was shown by AT&T who were originally excited about the Nokia Lumia 900 but after sales began they became quite about the Nokia Lumia 900 and didn’t have much to say about it.

The sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 were originally quite significant as the Nokia Lumia 900 was selling better than all other smartphones except for the iPhone 4 during its first month of sales and sold just as well as the iPhone 4S at the same time of sales. Sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 then began to drop off after this time and it started to sell less than other smartphones which were running on Windows and were much older. However, all of the sales data that has been collated for the Nokia Lumia 900 has been based on online sales only and has not incorporated store sales.

It is thought that the reason why the Nokia Lumia 900 did not make as much of an impression on buyers as was expected is because it did not capitalize on the fact that it was a Windows smartphone, as opposed to being one of the more well known Apple or Google smartphones. Even though it did not leave much of an impression on many smartphone users it did not do badly at all as it still stayed as a competitor within the smartphone industry. It is unknown yet whether this will be enough to make the Nokia Lumia 900 a headliner with any U.S carrier now due to this. It is said that the competition of the other top smartphones on the market played a part in the sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 and this is why it did not meet its expectations in the end, even though it had been hyped so much.

It is believed that the next Windows smartphone will be available for sale later this year, which will increase access to Windows run smartphones. Although the Nokia Lumia 900 did not make much of an impact on consumers and did not sell as well as hoped, it was a steady seller and it has paved the way for newer versions of Windows run smartphones in the future, which could change the industry and open up more options for smartphone consumers. These smartphones will be run on Windows 8, which is highly anticipated by many consumers. On July 15th AT&T will be selling the pink version of the Nokia Lumia 900.






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