Scroogled? Microsoft Attack Ad Coins New Diction

Scroogled? Microsoft Attack Ad Coins New Diction

Steve Ballmer and Microsoft are on a roll these days. It appears they are puffing their chest out a little at Google. Microsoft has created a political campaign style attack ad targeted at Google Shopping. Microsoft is say Google is Scroogling you because shopping results are ranked based on payments from advertisers. The funny part about these videos is they are on the Google owned YouTube.


Have any of you been Scroogled? If you want to learn more about Scroogle visit

Check out the Microsoft Scroogle video below:

Here is one more!

If you want an alternative to both Bing and Google try In the spirit of these ads which feel like political attack ads, at least the first one. The search engine Duck Duck Go would be considered a 3rd party candidate, independent.

Steve Ballmer and Microsoft

Steve Ballmer and Microsoft






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