How To Find Out Who Links To You: Best Marketing Tools

  • February 14, 2014
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How To Find Out Who Links To You: Best Marketing Tools

Want to find out who links to your web site? If you’re like most web sites the answer is yes. Not all research for finding who links to your web sites are equal find out what tools are best.

Here are our picks for top tools:

#1) MOS Open Site Explorer. It’s the search engine for links.

Visit Opener Site Explorer here:

#2) This is an awesome tool! One that I use all the time it’s called Quick Sprout

The best part about Quick Sprout is you can see how many links you have in social media. Just enter your domain name and you will get a complete report.

Who Links To My Site

3 Tips to Promoting Your Blog the Right Way

  • July 15, 2009
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Every successful blogger becomes a marketer soon after he’s had practice promoting the first product he created online… his blog! This is how it starts for some of us who got into blogging first before we tried online selling by affiliate marketing or information product creation. When you start promoting your blog, you will learn about the many tools you can use to look for keywords, do search engine optimization, build traffic, propagate links, network with others and establish your brand.

While it’s true that there are a lot of good tools out there for bloggers to use for free, some are better than most, and some are more difficult to understand than others.  Each program or software has its own unique advantages, but using them all at once to promote your website can get tedious and exhausting. Here are three tips on how to promote your blog using the many resources you will find online without losing your focus.

Tip #1: Don’t join something immediately just because everyone else is.

Keep your initial impulses at bay and take time to research each social network you join to really reap the benefits of spending time inside the system. Remember, your blog promotion style should be unique to really stand out. For instance, all your other blogging friends are on Facebook and they have been spending days trying to market there. You have to observe if the system works for someone else before you rush to copy the strategy. If possible, list everything you want to try on paper before you actually create an account. This will allow you to cross out the things that you don’t think will help you at all.

Tip #2. Use WordPress’ Comments Feature to Attract Your Targets

Before your blog finds its real identity, you want everyone to visit you and leave comments. However, if you blog about something specific but fail to attract your target market, it could take a while before your site really shows profit. Make sure you know the exact demographics of the target market you want to attract. For instance, you’re blogging about cosmetics and fashion. You can’t just send out a twit inviting everyone to visit because those who aren’t interested in your niche might not feel compelled to go to your blog.

Here’s what you can do: go to WordPress blogs that talk about the same thing and promote your site there by leaving relevant comments that aim to help the visitors of the blog. Beware, however, that you cannot act rude by leaving a comment containing just your link and your invitation for people to visit. Respect the webmaster by posting a useful comment first before inviting his blog visitors to go to your site. In fact, if your comment was thought-provoking enough, you may not even need to invite anyone.

Tip #3: Monitor Your Google Analytics or Website Stats Carefully

If you’re not using Google analytics yet, you should! Having a reliable website stats monitoring system will inform you of the way your visitors behave. You will soon realize that some networking sites are better than others, and which links on your site carry your visitors away before they even start reading your posts. Take particular notice of how your search engine rankings are improving with the keywords you’re using to promote your site.

Do You Really Own Anything Online?

  • February 12, 2009
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In the online world do you really own anything?

Have you created something online or run a small online business? Do you ever get the feeling that whatever you create or design online for personal use or professional isn’t really owned by you? You web site is at the mercy of the finicky search gods.

What I mean

You work countless hours creating a web site and when It’s finally ready you publish your web site online. Unlike a brick and mortar store people may never see your finished web site. A brick and mortor store can’t be blocked from a potential customers customers view. On the web this is totally possible. On the web search engines decide who, when, where, and how a visitor can access your site. Search engines decide for you whether you will be successful or not.


My hope is Microsoft doesn’t buy Yahoo. We need strong competition among all search engines. Monopoly in any area of business I believe is negative. We need strong players Google, Yahoo, MSN, and ASK.

Just some thoughts…






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