Gravis Social Media Tracking, Analytics, and Influencer Marketing

  • March 18, 2017
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I’ve written about Gravis Marketing services recently, now I’d like to bring Gravis social media tracking, analytics, and influence marketing to my readers attention. Do your own research, I use Gravis Marketing as an example for those business owners that are on the fence as to hire a marketing agency or not. Gravis is a great example of what a full service marketing agency can offer. Check out Gravis Digital Command Centre:

Gravis Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing?

Anyone can run a social media marketing campaign the question is can you get it to convert? If it’s converting are you tracking what’s working and what is not? This is something a marketing agency like Gravis can help you with. “The GDCC is a development from Gravis Insights Australia (GIA) in partnership with our IT partners Knowledge Partner Professionals (KPP) to deliver our clients the 21st century digital ‘listening’ technology to analyse the sentiments users and the public feel towards their brands.”

I’ve heard social media marketing described like playing the piano. Anyone can make noise, but only a truly talented person can make music. Social media is a tool, just like a piano that takes skill and talent to play well.

What Gravis Command Centre Offers

“Track conversation to find mentions of the brand, products or issues being raised by the public about the brand or products. With social media command centres, each individual module offers a snippet of valuable data related to the product or business throughout the lifecycle of a campaign; whether that be political, corporate or charitable in nature. Rapid response: Allows for rumours to be quashed, issues to be fixed and status updates to be dealt with in real time. Also allows for the counter attack to be delivered when under attack from Opposition brands.”

If you would like to know more about Gravis please see previous blog article. Like I mentioned Gravis is just one of many marketing agencies for businesses and governments. I use them as an example of what a company like this can offer to expand your horizons on what’s possible. It’s up to you if you want to incorporate these tactics in your campaigns yourself or hire someone like Gravis to do it for you.

8 Social Media Trends Predicted At 2014 Digital Hollywood Conference

  • May 19, 2014
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8 Social Media Trends Predicted At 2014 Digital Hollywood Conference

Blog video discussion on 8 social media trends predicted at the 2014 Digital Hollywood Conference.

Less Search More Social Media

It seems only a few years ago that when you thought of the Internet your either conjured up images about e-mail or your favorite search engine. Now it’s all about social media ie FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


A study by Ad-ology Research suggests (Thanks College-Startup) suggests that small business’ are migrating to social media more this year than ever before. Social media marketing is current very inexpensive or free. In the current economy companies are looking for alternatives to expensive pay per click marketing and going to where as many if not more eye balls are located, social media.

Social media is the way business present their brand not search. This is only the beginning of branding through social media and not just search. Things are changing drastically.






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