Inbound Marketing Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs Book Review

  • March 9, 2010
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One of my new years resolution was to push myself on the education front. I’m about half way through the book ‘Inbound Marketing Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs’ by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. The book has some book tips on SEO and Social Media Marketing, but it’s not very technical. This is good if you are a newbie to marketing, but I wish they would get past common knowledge type marketing. The stuff that most marketers know already if you have been in this field.

What is Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is marketing that attracts visitors to your message/web site. Instead of using outbound marketing which is using traditional resources such as TV, radio, newspaper your company creates a “remarkable” message and visitors come to your companies web site which drives sales. Marketing is no longer an uninvited guest that seeks to barrage customers with marketing message after marketing message the goal is to attract the customer to your company using “remarkable content.”

Some interesting points the book makes

– Think of you web site as a hub, like New York city. You web site should be like the Grand Central Station linking Twitter, Facebook, RSS, LinkedIn, etc. All your social media accounts should intersect through your web site.

Things you should do as a marketer in this new Social Media Era

– Start a blog in sub domain example

– Avoid free blogging sites, the goal is to OWN your OWN content

– Write White Pages (7 pages or so industry news)

– Create online videos 2-3 min. long

– Create webinars

– Create pod casts

– Create web casts

– Be an authority in your field

– You need to be or sell something remarkable

– Spend 1/2 time writing titles for blog posts

– Crate remarkable content

– Run web site through grader called

– Make a business FaceBook page

– Make a business LinkdIn page

– Start a LinkdIn Group

I’m not done with the book yet so please check back soon. If you haven’t done already please subscribe or comment.

Less Search More Social Media

It seems only a few years ago that when you thought of the Internet your either conjured up images about e-mail or your favorite search engine. Now it’s all about social media ie FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


A study by Ad-ology Research suggests (Thanks College-Startup) suggests that small business’ are migrating to social media more this year than ever before. Social media marketing is current very inexpensive or free. In the current economy companies are looking for alternatives to expensive pay per click marketing and going to where as many if not more eye balls are located, social media.

Social media is the way business present their brand not search. This is only the beginning of branding through social media and not just search. Things are changing drastically.

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