Sony’s New World’s Thinnest LCD TV ZX1 – Why You Should Buy It

  • September 3, 2008
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Sony announced late last month that it will launch the world’s thinnest TV at just 9.9 millimeters on November 10th 2008. The ZX-1 is a 40 inch LCD TV that will cost 4,540. It is much more expensive than the any comparable 40 inch Sony LCD TV on the market. For price comparison purposes the Sony BRAVIA S Series KDL-40S3000 40″ LCD TV is only $1,124.06 on Once these new “thin” TVs are out on the market I predict the “old” thicker LCD TVs prices will drop even faster than they are already. One of the technologies that make the TV smaller is, “LED (light emitting diode) arrays provide the light from the side, which is shone in and reflected out through the LCD panel. Another secret to its size it that the TV tuner and some other signal processing technology have been removed from the TV case and put into a stand-alone unit. To connect the TV to the box Sony has developed a wireless transmission system that is capable of sending high-definition video over a distance of around 30 meters. This means a power cable is all that is required to be run to the set (” If you plan on hanging your TV on the wall and connect it to your Blue Ray for example this can all be done wirelessly. This is an awesome feature and will definitely save you time and money when you’re installing your home theater system.






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