Control All Your Online Communication With TransBox

  • March 20, 2017
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Control all your online communication with TransBox. TransBox is a user-centric data management service. You can use TransBox to control all of your sharable data. For example control your E-mail, online chats, social networks, blogs, and much more.

Does this type of service interest you?

Official web site



With so much data being shared daily, leaks and theft of private information are becoming increasingly frequent. With this new method of secure file sharing via e-mail, chats, social media services and cloud accounts, there’s no reason to leave your data unprotected. It’s a brand new world, where documents, texts and pictures are selected only by users approved by the owner of the data.

What Are They Key Features?

-Data Encryption. Providing Data Box (Encryption) function for private and business communication such as e-mail, chatting, social media, etc.

-Data view permission. Only permitted users can get UnBox (Decryption) permission of the data.

-Data tracking. Providing transferred data tracking function. (Data reader, time of data check, remote data destruction).

-Remote destruction. Text, photos and documents can be destroyed, you can even destroy the data you sent.

How Does It Work (Image)?

Box The Data

More info on how it works here

Now it’s possible to send images and encrypted messages, which can easily be erased at any time after being sent – and all remotely. Transbox promises to protect users against any leak of their conversations and files. The app also helps companies that wish to keep their marketing, design and consulting.

How Do I Know My Info Is Safe?

“If unauthorised users wish to unlock the encrypted file, they must request a key to the owner of the information. It’s also possible to destroy the data sent through various channels. The tracking feature for the transferred data shows who has seen it and when (date). The application is protected by a dynamic security solution. Transbox is available only for Android devices. However, the company has plans to release the iPhone version within a week.”

Right now Transbox gets 5 out of 5 stars on Android out of 33 reviews. Comments include, “Excellent tool for secure communication…. must recommend.”

Transbox on Android

Transbox Android

Since data leaks seem to be so common lately anything to make data more secure is a good thing. The application has been designed by software developers. With TransBox everything is totally encrypted and synchronised. Check out their web site and download the app today.

Send Your Photos As Postcards With MyPostcard App

  • February 20, 2017
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This idea is amazing! Turn your photos into real postcards with the MyPostcard App for iOS/Android. The idea comes from and the process couldn’t be simpler.

To create a postcard just go download the app, choose your photo or one from their design shop, write down your text, and send your card worldwide.

Download App Here:

Apple iOS:


MyPostCard download app

How Much Does It Cost? 

To send a postcard the prices vary. For a worldwide postcard the cost starts at $2.29. It doesn’t just stop at post cards, worldwide greeting cards start at $3.99.

How Does It Work?

Check this out! You can either upload your own design or use one of theirs.

Postcard how to

As you can see both options start from $2.29 with worldwide shipping included. It’s a great deal.

Want To Know More? Watch The Video

This is one of the cooler concepts I’ve seen. Send something more meaningful than e-mail check out MyPostCard today.

Trading Desk Simulator Startup

  • February 16, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Today I wanted to let my readers know about a cool little trading desk simulator startup called It’s the first site I’ve seen that simulates what trading currencies for a large market maker is like.

First go to site, next either register or sign in as a guest, and you will instantly be transported to the trading desk simulator. Best played on a laptop/mac/pc than a tablet.

Simulator Screen

Trading Screen Simulator

Once you get this thing going you’re getting phone calls, news is coming in, you can put in or cancel orders. It’s just like a real trading desk.


“You assume the role of a trader on one of the world’s busiests trading desks. You will quote two way prices to multiple clients, monitor your positions and manage your risk. You will adhere to your trading limits and experience the stresses and highs of a trading day. Good performance may enable an increase in your trading limits.”

More Simulator Backstory

“Sometimes when you are having a chat with the other half, some questions pop out which you struggle to answer correctly.
When the wife asked why trading can be stressful at a large bank, giving the usual platitudes about large deals, quick pace, egomaniacs, adrenaline just didn’t seem to suffice. So I thought, better than that I’d go to the trouble of building a simulator to illustrate what trading currencies for a large market maker is like. Think trading on a spot FX Desk at the likes of JP Morgan or Citi in NY for example. Or stocks before the machines almost completely took over.”

This is a very interesting, niche simulator that I think will be very educational.

BuzzMeHome Airbnb Smart Buzzer Startup

  • January 24, 2017
  • Crowdfunding, Tech
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“Your condo buzzer just got smarter” is the BuzzMeHome tagline. BuzzMeHome is a new Vancouver BC Startup that automates entry into your Airbnb with access codes.

The Buzz Me Home set up process couldn’t be simpler. Just sign up and you’ll automatically get a number, give that number to your property or building manager, set up your access codes and/or forwarding phone numbers, and enjoy. It’s that easy!

Want more information visit:


What Does The Company Say?

“BuzzMeHome is a fresh and exciting startup from Vancouver, BC. The entrepreneurs who developed this smart buzzer application are also owners and operators of a few Airbnb properties. Often interrupted by unconventional arrival times of their guests, they worked out a solution with a variety of options: multi phone line buzzer and a system of access codes. Ever since home buzzers got connected to cellular phones rather than landlines, homeowners got an opportunity to provide their guests with building access remotely. Today “smart buzzer” applications bring it to a next level. First of all, your guests and visitors can now select the exact phone line they would like to connect to. If your family members or roommates are busy running errands, there is no longer a need to run up and down the stairs to get your guests, as you have no access to the “designated buzzer” phone. BuzzMeHome allows you to forward your buzzer to as many as 10 numbers. So next time when you are trying to get to your friend’s house party and their buzzer prompts something like “Press 1 to reach Peter or press 2 to reach Emma”, do not get all too surprised. On top of the multiple phone lines connection, BuzzMeHome provides you with an opportunity to assign unlimited amount of access codes and even schedule them for a specific period of time. It means now you can focus on getting a perfect tan in Mexican Riviera, instead of trying to arrange for someone to meet your Airbnb guests and provide them with a key while you are away. Even if you are in town and busy with life, your personal helpers, nannies and cleaners can get controlled access to your home on days and times of your preference. For safety reasons you will also get a text message notification every time someone uses a code. BuzzMeHome is an ultimate tool for people with a demanding lifestyle such as multiple property Airbnb hosts, realtors, cleaning and home care service companies. One simple application allows to control up to 25 properties through a single account and no strings attached.”

How Much Does The Service Cost?

It’s very affordable, costing only $5.99/month

Does It Work In My Area?

“BuzzMeHome works in all cities in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.”

Do I Need Any Costly Hardware?

“No, there is no software, apps, hardware or equipment required. BuzzMeHome is a cloud-based system, so all you need is a BuzzMeHome phone number.”

I have a feeling this product is going to take off very soon. Get in on the service early. Hopefully it can be of use to some CashSherpa readers on Airbnb. Once again the site is:

Free Education Online Startup Edupedia

  • January 10, 2017
  • Crowdfunding
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Are you looking for free education online? There’s a new Indian startup called Edupedia doing just that.  Edupedia is democratizing education and making it available to all. The company motto reads “Virtual World, Free Education.” Edupedia works at providing a very flexible solution for learning. Check them out

Students can be assured that the study materials are prepared by professionals and are of high quality. I just visited the site and I’m seeing courses like “How to use After Effects composition File in Cinema 4D, Important Terms To Understand Mendel’s Work, Structure Of Mutual Funds In India, and Learn to Speak Mandarin (Traditional).” As you can see these are not basis courses, these are highly technical classes and 100% free. With more and more startups providing free or low cost education online I could see a future where self motivated, ambitious people around the world getting their education exclusively online. If I were a company hiring someone it would almost be more impressive if the job candidate learned coding, for example, online rather than at a traditional school. This would show just how self-disciplined and motivated the individual was.

Free Education Online

What Makes Edupedia Different?

“In about an year of operation, Edupedia World has uploaded more than 4000 educational videos and has millions of views on their YouTube channel, making it on one of the largest free MOOC in the world! Overall, the company is focused at creating a virtual world where education is provided for free.”

What’s The Mission?

“Our mission is to enrich the existing education system by providing a one stop web portal for all education information needs. Every study material available on our education portal is entirely free and aim at assisting students to perform better academically. We offer high flexibility to enhance the entire learning process.”

What’s Free Education?

“Edupedia World is a new Indian start-up venture which aims at providing free online education. The motto of the company is – “Virtual World, Free Education”. The company works at providing a very flexible solution for learning. It aims at filling the learning gaps that are present in the classroom teaching. It is imperative that the youth is provided with ample amount of study materials and there is no hindrance in the learning process. Doing this effectively in the classroom alone is a very difficult task and hence, providing a solution at their doorstep may solve the problem. At the core, the Edupedia Family comprises of well qualified faculties for each subject. Students can be assured that the study materials are prepared by professionals and are of very high quality. The company does not compromise on the quality aspect and believes in providing a genuine service to the students. A brief profile of each faculty is given on the website in order to maintain the transparency. Any student can check out the faculty profile for the particular subject they are learning on our website. Overall, the company is focussed at creating a virtual world where education is provided for free. We also offer career counselling and admission discounts for students at many business schools across India.”

“What you have learned is a mere handful; What you haven’t learned is the size of the world” – Avvaiyar. The goal of Edupedia is ambitious and inspiring. It’s something I’ve sure most people around the world would want to support. If you would like to teach at Edupedia visit if you would like to expand your knowledge on a wide variety of topics visit their home page.

Social Prize Giveaway Startup Review

  • August 29, 2016
  • Review
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There is a new startup called Social Prize with a unique idea. Social Prize allows Sponsors/Advertisers to contribute $10 and promote the giveaway to their user base for a chance to win a daily cash prize. Sign up at Social Prize today:

What is Social Prize?

“Normal giveaway or sweepstakes SaaS ask you to design and develop your own Giveaway. You pay for the prize on top of paying them! Social Prize is a crowd funded Sweepstakes. Meaning, Sponsors, like you, contribute $10 per day toward the Prize. We host and administer the entire sweepstakes. All you do is promote and grow your list. What’s more, most sweepstakes by nature prohibit sharing, because no one wants to share the contest and lower their chances of winning. “Viral” contests are different. Contestants are incentivized to share the contest for extra entries. This creates a viral loop that can quickly help you build a massive email list. When subscribing to your newsletter, what better way to say thank you than offering up the opportunity to win cash? What’s more, Social Prize lets you give everyone who enters a freebie, maybe a coupon for 20% off, a free ebook, or access to a webinar.”

Why run a giveaway?

“Most people love giveaways, getting something for free. They’re fun and they show your community you care about their support. In return, your community will grow! And Social Prize makes this process the easiest and most effective because we manage everything and our prize, given daily, is a large cash sum (oh, that we pay for, not you…for only $10 per day – giveaway up to $5000).”

Benefits of using Social Prize

– Grow your e-mail list. See your new email subscribers in real time. Download all the names and emails of contestants in CSV. Coming soon. Aweber and Constant Contact integration.

– Promote viral giveaways that generate leads. Gain Twitter followers and Youtube subscribers.

Social Prize

social prize review

Social Prize Video

This new startup is very useful for anyone looking to gain new subscribers. In the past I’ve run a giveaway and they are a lot of work. Letting a professional company like Social Prize manage your giveaways makes sense.


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