Twitter Stock Tumbles 18%

  • February 7, 2014
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Twitter Stock Down: What You Need To Know

I’m a Twitter user so when I heard the stock was down 18% I had to find out why. The stock tumbled 18% after it its 4th quarter results.

Reasons for Twitter stock collapse:

– Active users only increased by 3.8% over previous quarter

– Twitter increase by 9 million users over quarter to 241 million. Year over year Twitter only had a 30% increase in users

– Twitter’s revenue increased 116% year over year to $243 million, but Twitter ended up with a loss of $645 million

– Compared to Facebook’s 1.23 billion Twitter numbers seem low

The consensus is Twitter is doing well, but needs to do a lot better in order to justify its stock price.

Twitter I think will eventually get the numbers Wall Street is looking for. In my opinion Twitter is sometimes the web’s leading search engine. Nothing can beat real time unfiltered search results from around the world. Just look at the Super Bowl 2014 numbers:

(TPM stands for number of tweets per minute)

– 381,605 TPM: @Percy_Harvin 87 yard kickoff return for a TD to open 3rd quarter (8:32pm EST)

– 271,775 TPM: Jermaine Kearse (@chopchop_15) 23-yard TD pass From Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) with 3:11 remaining in 3rd quarter (9:03pm EST)

– 244,889 TPM: Malcolm Smith (@MalcSmitty) 69-yard interception return with 3:36 remaining in 2nd quarter (7:39pm EST)

– 229,533 TPM End of halftime show featuring @BrunoMars and @ChiliPeppers (8:23pm EST)

– 215,540 TPM: Give it Away Now by @ChiliPeppers featuring @BrunoMars (8:18pm EST)

The numbers don’t lie Twitter is on a roll they just need to figure out an advertising system that really works for everybody.

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Stocks Plunge 634 Points 6th Worst Dow Day On Record

  • August 9, 2011
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Stocks Plunge 634 Points 6th Worst Dow Day On Record

The Dow plunged 634 points today making this the 6th worst day on record. Here are the 10 worst days on record.

10. August 4, 2011: -513 Points

9. October 22, 2008: -514 Points

8. October 27, 1997: -554 Points

7. August 8, 2011: -634 Points

6. April 14, 2000: -618 Points

5. October 9, 2008: -679 Points

4. December 1, 2008: -680 Points

3. September 17, 2001: -685 Points

2. October 15, 2008: -733 Points

1. September 29, 2008 -778 Points

Moral of the story… for the past 20 years investing in the stock market has been one of the worst ideas ever almost as bad as investing in real estate. The gold nuts were right. If you invested in gold over the same period you would have been better off. Seems like in real estate, stocks, and most likely gold market timing is everything. Buy and hold strategy has been proven wrong.






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