MarkinBOX Mark Metals, Plastics, Paper, and Wood

  • October 23, 2016
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From time to time I like to introduce new technology to readers. The product is called MarkinBOX 1010S (MB1010S). The MarkinBOX is a desktop marker that effectively marks metals, plastics, paper, and wood.

Visit their site:

The best part of the MarkinBOX is it’s portable and handheld. These machines are great for aerospace, automotive, food, jewellery, mechanical, engineering, and security. Connection is done by I/O, ethernet, USB, and bluetooth.

Product Description

“The MarkinBOX 1010S (MB1010S) desktop marker effectively marks metals, plastics, paper and wood. By fitting an additional tool, the marker is transformed into a highly portable device. A generous marking window of X axis 100mm × Y axis 100mm makes the 1010S the largest of our dot peen systems. It can be used at any angle and includes Sktechbook2 software, easy-to-use, feature rich and Bluetooth or WiFi compatible, making portability a breeze when using a phone or tablet. Just place the part on to the marking plinth and start your project within moments. With quality, affordability and longevity in mind, the MarkinBOX range has been designed and manufactured in Japan by Tokyo Chokoku Marking Products, a company that can trace its heritage back to the beginning of the 20th century.”


“To compliment your system, we provide on-site or in-house operator training, free installation, free consultation and a 3-year fully comprehensive warranty on TYKMA-ELECTROX , or 1-year on Macsa Laser to take you far into the future.”

MarkinBox Photo

MarkinBOX Photo

See The MarkinBox In Action

Laser etching and laser engraving are becoming more and more popular. Now with products like MarkinBOX they are not only high quality, but affordable.

X-halo Early Warning System For Asthmatic Kids

  • June 13, 2016
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X-halo Early Warning System For Asthmatic Kids

Introducing a new Indiegogo tech campaign called X-halo. X-halo gives asthmatic kids early warning of impending asthma attacks in 9 out of 10 cases. X-halo has a goal of $2000 and so far they have only raised $100. If this is a product that interests you can help them out here:

Visit their web site here:

X-halo Review

“Asthma attacks are scary and dangerous. Especially for kids. Introducing X-halo. The most important advance in home asthma management since the inhaler was invented. Used daily, X-halo tracks airway inflammation levels easily and accurately with a simple traffic light reading that can give asthmatic kids (and their parents) early warning of an impending attack in 9/10 cases. X-halo’s patented sensor technology detects the onset of airway inflammation in children’s’ lungs. Increased airway inflammation levels in asthmatic children are indicative of viral or bacterial infection, which are the causes of 9 out 10 asthma attacks among children. X-halo can detect this onset up to 48 hours before the attack. There are no refills or cartridges to buy afterwards.”


The best thing about X-halo is it’s fast and easy. Anyone that has asthma or a child with asthma should take a look and track this campaign. This might be the solution to help improvement asthma management.

Do Your Pets Need Gadgets? Introducing The WonderWoof

  • January 14, 2015
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Do Your Pets Need Gadgets?

Are we ready for a world that includes gadgets not only for humans, but also for our pets? When I saw WonderWoof at CES this year I had to laugh. WonderWoof is the latest sensation in the doggie dog world that we live in. This revolutionary virtual diary allows dog owners to interact with their pet and other pet owners through an iOS app that also operates as a social media outlet for dogs.

Dog owners can connect with their pooch via a fashionable on-collar ‘bow-tie’ that transmits data from dog to diary through Bluetooth connectivity. The app tracks your dog’s whereabouts and monitors physical activity all while socializing with his or her doggie pals on Twitter. Users can create a profile for their dog, set health goals and objectives, track exercise and set reminders for veterinary visits, grooming appointments, play dates and more.

Do you miss your dog when you are not with him or her? If so, then Wonderwoof is definitely the app for you. It allows owners to stay close and snuggly with their pooch around the clock, even while they are away. Receive text messages from your dog to learn how and what he or she is doing and monitor behavioral patterns with updates sent right to your phone or tablet.

WonderWoof is also a fun and exciting way to motivate owners to spend more quality time with their companion. You and your dog can earn “bone bites and badges” for completing activities and achieving goals. The more activities you and your pet do together, the more badges you will earn.

The WonderWoof is not just a piece of wearable technology, but makes for a chic adornment as well. The bow tie is small, convenient and comfortable for your dog to wear and it is sure to be the talk of the dog park. So in this new world full of gadgets who knows, you and your dog may find a new playmate or romance.


Yahoo Might Buy Summly: Here’s What You Need to Know

  • December 17, 2012
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Yahoo Might Buy Summly: Here’s What You Need to Know

The life of Nick D’Aloisio is about to change if the news about Yahoo wanting to buy his iPhone app becomes a reality. The seventeen year old  has developed an application that enables people to receive news in a summarized format. It is iPhone app is based on algorithm that is able to display the news in a few sentences thus making it beneficial for individuals who do not have time to read through news stories. So far the application has attracted a number of investors since its launch in December 2011, which have catapulted the application to greater heights.


The first investor into Summly was Li-Ka Shing, a billionaire from Hong Kong  who was impressed by the application’s ability to summarize a large variety of articles. His investment also got the attention of other high profile people such as Ashton Kutcher, a US actor and Wendi Murdoch among others. The investments have so far added up to over a million dollars, which makes it less surprising that Yahoo is interested in this app developed by a teenager in London.

According to news reports, the CEO OF Yahoo, Marrisa Meyer met with the teenager  a couple of weeks ago and is rumored to have expressed interest in making the application part of the purchases focusing on mobile phones that she has been making lately. Nevertheless, the interest of Yahoo in purchasing Summly might not be clear to many but seems to fit well with the objective of the CEO of Yahoo which is to give the company a turn around. The purchase of Summly by Yahoo will see the application introduce news content in a mobile format with a pleasing yet native interface. This type of application that summarizes news has been considered by many companies but the execution process has been the stumbling block. For Yahoo, Summly seems to do the hard work for them and their job is just to make sure it is executed well.

Summly has a number of features that Yahoo might find beneficial to their target market which includes the summarizing of the news into text form so that it can flow naturally. This is an upgrade from the original application where the news  which was summarized was viewed in bullet points. Another feature is the preloading of news summaries every time the application is opened so that  users do not have to download the most recent ones afresh, thus saving time. Furthermore, the articles can be accessed from different publications even when the phone is not connected to WiFi. The functionality and minimalist design of Summly is exceptional as the news is categorized in topic tiles that only needs the user to swipe  or even tap to use it effectively.

Currently, the Summly app is free but this may change with its purchase by Yahoo and also  the fact that D’Aloisio has been considering to the integration of a payment system which target users who may want to read the news stories in their full version.

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