Top Five Tips for Trade Shows

  • May 31, 2016
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Top Five Tips for Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to meet people and turn them into new customers. The following five tips will help you ensure you have a successful trade show.

Plan It Out

Having a clearly defined plan is essential to your success exhibition or trade show. You will need to know when you can enter the building and the items you need to bring with you. In addition to these tangible things, you will need to clearly define your goals for the event.

This includes determining how you are going to use this event to boost your sales – do you use display printing or hand out items as a promo? An exhibition or a trade show provides you with the opportunity to collect numerous leads. How are you going to follow up each lead? Finally, if you will be selling the item at the trade show or exhibition, you much stock will you bring? And finally, what payment methods will you offer at the trade show or exhibition?

Planning and Designing your Exhibition

You want to design a space that has enough information and samples without looking cluttered. This can be a hard balance to find; so, after you have set up the area, take a step back and look through the customers’ eyes. Does it provide what you would want to see? Does it look organized?

While you are at the trade show, you will need a sign that introduces your business and the benefits of your business. The easiest way to do this is with a pop-up stand. This allows you to quickly set up and break down your backdrop.

Approaching and Engaging with Visitors

Never leave your stand unattended. For this reason, you will want to bring a knowledgeable staff member to help you. Additionally, having a staff member or two will ensure all of your visitors will be spoken to immediately. Use a staff member who knows your product and has an outgoing personality.

While you are at your stand, you need to be friendly without being overbearing. Stand in front of your stand and smile. A small, free gift is the perfect way to draw people into your stand. Make eye contact with everyone who passes by.

Focus on the Most Beneficial Visitors

While at an exhibition, you want to spend time with visitors who are interested in your product or service. It is hard to determine who you need to engage with. Additionally, a competitor or someone trying to sell you something will visit your booth. To help determine the type of visitor a person is, ask them questions about themselves, such as “where are you from?”, “where do you work?” and “what do you think about my service?” These questions will help you determine whether the visitor is actually interested in your product or service. Always be courteous and polite; however, if you can tell they are not interested in becoming a customer, quickly move on to another visitor.

Follow Up

This is one of the most important things to do after a trade show. This should be done as quickly as possible. When you return to the office, begin pouring over the information and contacting your leads.

There are many ways to get the information you need. If it is a business trade show, your visitors will usually have business cards, so ask for one. If it is a public event, offer a special discount to those who visit your booth and leave an email address. When you return from the event, send out an email thanking them for visiting your booth and offer them a special “event only” discount.

10 Excellent Strategies to Promote a Business on SnapChat

  • March 27, 2014
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10 Excellent Strategies to Promote a Business on SnapChat

The mobile internet is on a very high usage in the modern times that allows the people to surf the net continuously. Keeping pace with this sort of trend, the marketing strategists are also in the urge to explore a strong platform to accomplish the business publicity goals. The SnapChat app is the new innovation that can offer a positive solution to the business promotion goals. Here are some excellent ideas to promote your business using this app.

Maintain Connectivity with the Clients

Clients and business associates are extremely important for every business organization. Maintaining continuous contact is absolutely important to keep going. The SnapChat app allows the business owners to develop customized pictures and interesting stuff and send it to the group of people at an instance to show that you consider them extremely important.

Develop Video to Promote your Brand

The SnapChat features let the business owners to record video commercials with the help of the touch button feature. These videos can later be edited as per requirement and used as advertisement material for online marketing.

Send Digital Coupons to the Niche Buyers

The buyers are always prompted to purchase the products, if there are coupon codes available that allows them to spend less and shop more. It is quite easy to generate digital coupons with SnapChat. Develop a discount code offer and take a picture with the camera. Now, using the SnapChat send this image to the group of customers you want to send the codes.

Allow People to Share Your Business Stuff with their Associates

SnapChat allows the people to recommend the products, generate comments, reviews, images and even videos and share it with their friends and associates. This sort of sharing paves the way for brand promotion.

Organize Contests to Attract Customers

Contest and prizes always attract mass attention. If you declare giveaways to the contest winners, increased number of new audiences will take an interest in the products. Along with the prizes, you can also offer free product samples that help the users to first try it for free and then purchase.

Send Customized Messages to the Customers

Traditional boring messages fail to impress the customers. Today, the newsletters, messages for mobile internet users need to be very catchy and innovative in terms of contents and appearance. The SnapChat allows the business owners to develop interesting look and feel of the contest and offer snaps that can instantly attract them.

Showcase Newly Launched Product Images and Description

Buyers are always interested to find information about the newly launched products and services from the brand they like. If you provide such information before they search for it, then that will impress them greatly and also benefit the sales.

Promote Insider Story to Create an Impression

Customers always value the insider story or the latest events. You can generate videos and snippets of the ongoing procedures. Share these with the regular followers to gain additional attention.

Regulate Customer Care Services

You can easily regulate customer care services using SnapChat. For instance, if your business offers skincare treatment, then you can set a periodical notification system to inform the customers to book an appointment for the next session.

Announce Special Offers

People are generally interested in a seasonal sale, festive offers and similar announcements. Explore these events to offer and reward special prizes, free gifts and other tempting goodies for the long term buyers who are important to your business.

Today the market competition is growing tremendously. The cost of advertising and marketing is also increasing. The presence of the SnapChat app is a boon for the business owners to resort to the cost effective promotional measures to establish brand image and raise sales.







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