The Business Of Fake Twitter Accounts

People Making Fake Twitter Accounts & Making Money

Faux Twitter Introduction:

Selling Twitter followers is big business now days. There are people who can handle 150,000 Twitter accounts and followers at a time and sometimes even more than that too. The more you can handle the accounts, the more chances you have to make dollars. Study found that people can make $800 every day as an average just by selling followers to any Twitter account. One thing is to remember that this process is done by manually only but developers can create some software tools to make most of its steps automatic.

People need more followers to compete their business in the market. They just need to spend their money and they can easily get more Twitter followers than their competitors.  The fact is that money is transferring from one hand to another for Twitter accounts to boost the number of followers.

It’s a profitable business to sell Twitter followers today. PC World’s Christopher Null reports  says that James Clegg, make $128000 in last ten months and hold a large number of fake or bots followers. He created 13 website to sell twitter followers and to prevent rejection by Google, he regularly optimize the SEO tools and continuously get ranked by Search Engines Websites.

Fake seller just provide you the base price for 1000 fake followers and get orders from their websites where they are advertising about their business. A website with large traffic can easily get 80-100 orders in a day. Developers are making bots that creates fake Twitter accounts and they get a part of the money too.

Buyer who what to get more followers into their account includes small companies, minor celebrities, big corporations just to promote themselves. Several high profile cases have been also found in the past months like USA Today sport gambler Danny Sheridan and columnist of Sarah Phillips. The report said that they get the followers by a discontented third party.


It is a new business today to have some tools and create fake Twitter account and make more dollars for you by selling the followers who are in need. The last thing you must know is that it can improve or promote anyone, but at the same time it can also destroy someone when they are get exposed if anyone report for their account to Twitter. Buying or Selling Twitter accounts is clearly violates the Twitter TOS. If any account is confirmed as fake then it will be deleted by Twitter.

Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter can be very effective for your business. But the trick is to follow some steps to avoid spamming. If you keep spamming your followers will stop following you. Keeping your followers informed of your latest updates is important so use those 140 characters in a way that won’t seem forceful or a spam.

To get a maximum effect on your business through Twitter is to follow a few steps that will boost your business. Sign up for a twitter account and use your real name as the user name instead of business name. This helps build creditability.  Start by following the people you know. You can send as many tweets as you want but every tweet is limited to 140 characters.  Twitter also lets you post links which is a great way to let your followers know about your website and promotions.

If you twitter a few times a day, promote your business once or twice between ten or fifteen tweets. Don’t use your links every time you send a tweet.  Do some @whoever replies to the people you follow. That way when they reply, other people might see it and there’s a chance they’ll follow you too. Use link to have more free space for what you have to say in your tweet.

Tweet about topics that you think your customers will be interested in.  If they like your tweets they’ll “retweet” your message and you’ll have a more chance of increasing your customers.






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