The Best 5 Tools Twitter Marketing

  • October 7, 2015
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5 Tools Twitter Marketing

Looking for 2015 Twitter marketing tools to help you become a better social media marketer on Twitter? Here is a list of our top picks. First and foremost if you haven’t already you need to sign up for Twitter ads just visit Drive business growth and sales 140 characters at a time. Since it’s a growing advertising platform you can drive really inexpensive clicks to your web site, Twitter profile, mobile app, or almost anything you want to promote.

HootSuite Helps you Tweet without being there. Most social media experts will tell you it’s better to manually enter your tweets. Being an active manager of your Twitter accounts builds credibility, but if you must Hootsuite is a great option.

TweetDeck TweetDeck helps you manage and tweet from all your Twitter accounts. This is a very useful tool. Need to shorten your Twitter URLs? is the way to do this quickly and easily.

FollowerWonk Need better Twitter analytics? FollowerWonk is the tool for you. Dig deeper into Twitter analytics: Who are your followers? Where are they located? When do they tweet? Find and connect with new influencers in your niche. Use super-actionable visualizations to compare your social graph to others. This is an app by Moz.

ManageFlitter As a new Twitter user you are capped at 2000 users. That’s why it’s so important to find out if the people you follow are actually active. ManageFlitter lets users find those inactive Twitter people. Just go to, login using your Twitter account, at the top click on Manage the Unfollow and select quiet from the left sidebar to see the users who have not tweeted recently.

Twitter Stock Tumbles 18%

  • February 7, 2014
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Twitter Stock Down: What You Need To Know

I’m a Twitter user so when I heard the stock was down 18% I had to find out why. The stock tumbled 18% after it its 4th quarter results.

Reasons for Twitter stock collapse:

– Active users only increased by 3.8% over previous quarter

– Twitter increase by 9 million users over quarter to 241 million. Year over year Twitter only had a 30% increase in users

– Twitter’s revenue increased 116% year over year to $243 million, but Twitter ended up with a loss of $645 million

– Compared to Facebook’s 1.23 billion Twitter numbers seem low

The consensus is Twitter is doing well, but needs to do a lot better in order to justify its stock price.

Twitter I think will eventually get the numbers Wall Street is looking for. In my opinion Twitter is sometimes the web’s leading search engine. Nothing can beat real time unfiltered search results from around the world. Just look at the Super Bowl 2014 numbers:

(TPM stands for number of tweets per minute)

– 381,605 TPM: @Percy_Harvin 87 yard kickoff return for a TD to open 3rd quarter (8:32pm EST)

– 271,775 TPM: Jermaine Kearse (@chopchop_15) 23-yard TD pass From Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) with 3:11 remaining in 3rd quarter (9:03pm EST)

– 244,889 TPM: Malcolm Smith (@MalcSmitty) 69-yard interception return with 3:36 remaining in 2nd quarter (7:39pm EST)

– 229,533 TPM End of halftime show featuring @BrunoMars and @ChiliPeppers (8:23pm EST)

– 215,540 TPM: Give it Away Now by @ChiliPeppers featuring @BrunoMars (8:18pm EST)

The numbers don’t lie Twitter is on a roll they just need to figure out an advertising system that really works for everybody.

Twitter Logo


Very Interesting Facts About Twitter: Infographic

  • January 30, 2014
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Very Interesting Facts About Twitter: Infographic

Check out these very interesting Twitter Facts. I couldn’t believe them when I did the research for this infographic.

Twister Facts Infographic

10 Surprising Twitter Marketing Statistics: Infographic

  • December 30, 2013
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10 Surprising Twitter Statistics: Infographic

Check out these 10 shocking Twitter statistics.

Surprising Twitter Statistics


The Business Of Fake Twitter Accounts

People Making Fake Twitter Accounts & Making Money

Faux Twitter Introduction:

Selling Twitter followers is big business now days. There are people who can handle 150,000 Twitter accounts and followers at a time and sometimes even more than that too. The more you can handle the accounts, the more chances you have to make dollars. Study found that people can make $800 every day as an average just by selling followers to any Twitter account. One thing is to remember that this process is done by manually only but developers can create some software tools to make most of its steps automatic.

People need more followers to compete their business in the market. They just need to spend their money and they can easily get more Twitter followers than their competitors.  The fact is that money is transferring from one hand to another for Twitter accounts to boost the number of followers.

It’s a profitable business to sell Twitter followers today. PC World’s Christopher Null reports  says that James Clegg, make $128000 in last ten months and hold a large number of fake or bots followers. He created 13 website to sell twitter followers and to prevent rejection by Google, he regularly optimize the SEO tools and continuously get ranked by Search Engines Websites.

Fake seller just provide you the base price for 1000 fake followers and get orders from their websites where they are advertising about their business. A website with large traffic can easily get 80-100 orders in a day. Developers are making bots that creates fake Twitter accounts and they get a part of the money too.

Buyer who what to get more followers into their account includes small companies, minor celebrities, big corporations just to promote themselves. Several high profile cases have been also found in the past months like USA Today sport gambler Danny Sheridan and columnist of Sarah Phillips. The report said that they get the followers by a discontented third party.


It is a new business today to have some tools and create fake Twitter account and make more dollars for you by selling the followers who are in need. The last thing you must know is that it can improve or promote anyone, but at the same time it can also destroy someone when they are get exposed if anyone report for their account to Twitter. Buying or Selling Twitter accounts is clearly violates the Twitter TOS. If any account is confirmed as fake then it will be deleted by Twitter.

Patrick Stewart Eats Pizza First Time Twitter Pic

72 Year Old Man Patrick Stewart Eats Pizza First Time

Patrick Stewart at 72 eats pizza for the first time. Patrick Stewart Tweeted out, “My first ever pizza “slice”. Please note: the authentic NY fold.” You can see the Stewart Tweet here:

Check out the Patrick Steward Twitter Picture:

Patrick Stewart Eats Pizza


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