NASA Triangular “UFO” Spotted in Stereo-B Spacecraft Video Sadly Debunked

  • January 22, 2012
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NASA Triangular “UFO” Spotted in Stereo-B Spacecraft Video Sadly Debunked

Yet again, alien conspiracy theorists have attempt to use freely available NASA photographs to demonstrate how the space agency has to be participating in a more sophisticated UFO cover-up. I just wish one of these days NASA would catch something that absolutely could not be debunked. However, like in years past, they’re latest theories have been literally shot down from the laws of physics. This time around, they called focus to unusual new video footage taken by a telescope on board NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft. One of a set of probes parked on each side of the sun which, collectively, give a 360-degree look at the interior solar system. The video clip indicates Venus, Earth and, on the other side in the field-of-view, an unexplainable triangular in shape object advancing our way.

“Comparing it for size to the planetary objects that are seen in this telescope, if my calculations are correct, that thing is enormous,” quoted user “BeePeeOilDisaster” as part of his online video feedback to the video footage, which had been taken December. 27 -29. Talk of the cover-up rapidly followed when, a couple of days afterwards, NASA researchers modified the STEREO site to present more recent pictures.

This isn’t the very first time alien seekers have discovered what they consider being tremendous UFOs in pictures taken by way of the STEREO probes.

But this time around, researchers who work together with information through the probes made a decision to deal with the claim immediately. In the article on the STEREO web page, they presented a justification on the triangular in shape element from the December video footage. They say it’s nothing more than a illusion from the lighting.

“The answer lies on the exact opposite side of the image,” the researchers had written. “At the same time as this strange-looking feature starts being visible, the very bright planet Venus enters the field-of-view from the lower left.”

The researchers observe that Venus as well as the triangular shape, opposing one another throughout the center of the camera plane, remain in step while they proceed. “This is not a coincidence. The strange-looking geometrical object is actually an internal reflection of the planet Venus within the telescope optics. This effect has been seen many times before.”

With this optical illusion, inward bound lighting echos backwards and forwards off of lenses and mirrors within the telescope. The appearance of items made by this dispersed light is usually in the shape of triangles and circles of varied dimensions dependant upon the general orientations of the lenses and mirrors.

One more illustration of internal reflection, this kind of lighting from Earth, may be seen in a STEREO-B photograph taken May 2007. A lot more samples of internal reflection as well as other visual and data-processing items are shown on the researchers photograph artifacts website, in addition to information of the several effects.

UFO Sightings Up in 2012 Says Mutual UFO Network

  • January 16, 2012
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UFO Sightings Up in 2012

According to the Mutual UFO Network UFO sightings have skyrocketed in 2012. During the first week all over the world it seems there are reports of strange objects or lights in the sky. The Colorado based Mutual UFO Network has received reports from 36 out of 50 states during the first week of 2012. During January 2011 Mutual UFO Network received 500 reports in 2012 during the first week of Jan. they received 233.

Here are some of the best UFO videos of 2012 below:

To me this Japanese video doesn’t look like a UFO, but rather some type of light weight material floating in the sky. I think it’s a big stretch to say it’s a UFO. Very cool video none the less…

This video from Brazil seems a little more promising, but still not conclusively a UFO sighting.

Mexico 2012 UFO Video

This video seems the most interesting. Whatever these were in the sky they look massive.

Just wanted to give my readers an update!

“Cloaked” Planet Sized Object Discovered Near Mercury

“Cloaked” Planet Sized Object Discovered Near Mercury

I had to share this with my readers. A planet sized object was discovered near Mercury with a camera onboard NASA’s STEREO spacecraft. Electrically charged particles are shooting out from the sun and hitting this gigantic object next to mercury. The video is in infrared. “It’s cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle. It definitely looks like a ship to me, and very obviously, it’s cloaked,”  YouTube-user siniXster said in his video commentary on the footage. He goes on to say that it is obviously cloaked.  Head group scientist Russ Howard of the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) said  the mysterious object is in fact Mercury itself. It’s Mercury’s wake, “where the planet was on the previous day.” Many UFO enthusiasts won’t like this explanation, but it’s a cool video. Who knew planets leave visible wake?






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