Review of NOD32 From ESET – Review of NOD32 AntiVirus

  • April 12, 2011
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Review of NOD32 From ESET – Review of NOD32 AntiVirus

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

What Is NOD32 Antivirus?

Leo Laporte, “The Tech Guy” recommends NOD32 Antivirus. Why is this antivirus so special and getting all these rave reviews? What makes it tick and how does it protect from all the evil bad stuff we all encounter every day? Here is a review of NOD32 Antivirus so you can decide if it is the one for you.

NOD32 Antivirus is a new modern way to kick out all the bad junk that constantly attacks your computer. It never gets in your way as it is invisible doing all the work behind the scenes. Most antivirus programs will catch things hours or even days later. The NOD32 Antivirus is considered a smart antivirus as there are detection blocks that are proactive to catch things immediately. There are no hours or days later, which will kill your computer.

This antivirus, NOD32, is super fast and light. It will not weigh down your Internet connection with anything freezing up or lagging including your computer system. Files are scanned even faster. The key features of NOD32 Antivirus are:

  • Safe and Clean Email
  • Smarter Scanner
  • Removable Media Security
  • Self Defense
  • System Tools

Internet email and traffic is constantly being scanned and cleaned by NOD32 Antivirus. Even if the email is encrypted, the mail will always be safe with NOD32 Antivirus. Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, or any other POP3/IMAP email applications will be thoroughly scanned by NOD32.

If using thumb drives or external hard drives, NOD32 Antivirus will stop Trojans, spyware, malware, and any form of hacking dead in its tracks.  NOD32 Antivirus will scan autorun.inf and any associated files when the device is inserted into the computer. The portable device will also be scanned thoroughly if the settings are set that way or just to one file at a time. So, if there was anything on the device, NOD32 will not let it infect the computer it is connected to.

If a problem occurs on the computer, NOD32 Antivirus comes equipped with SysRescue and Integrated SysInspector. These two items will help with recovery and system diagnosis to fix the problem. First the problem is found. Then, what was the damage? A DVD or CD can be created to become a bootable rescue for your computer. Even a USB drive can be used to repair the computer.

With NOD32’s Smarter Scanner, anything encrypted is checked. Viruses and bad stuff does not always come through the network. So, POP3S and HTTPS channels are constantly being checked. Any compressed files, will be checked as soon as the computer starts up. Most antivirus programs will not do this as a standard operating procedure.

When playing a game or watching a video, the pop up information box will stay hidden while in full screen.  There are new keyboard and interface shortcuts that will help visually impaired computer users with NOD32 Antivirus.

With all these features and protection with NOD32 Antivirus, the program itself cannot be uninstalled because it is password protected.  Also, with the built in self defense, anything malicious that attacks the computer cannot disable or corrupt the NOD32 Antivirus software.

So, like Leo Laporte, “The Tech Guy” recommends NOD32 Antivirus, a person should listen to some sound advice. This antivirus software is one that is very hard to beat when it comes to destroying the evil bad of the computer virus world.

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Review of Iolo System Mechanic – Review

Review of Iolo System Mechanic – Review

This blog,, is all about saving you money. One of the most costly items in any household is the computer. When your computer slows down what do you do? You have three options either fix it yourself, take it to someone to fix it (Expensive), or buy a whole new computer (Very Expensive). The best of the three options is to fix it yourself. Thanks to Iolo System Mechanic it’s very easy.

What is Iolo System Mechanic? Located in LA, California, Iolo helps protect Windows based computers by optimizing, repairing, and protecting them. They are recognized as a United States company that is being a mover and a shaker. This means the American Business Awards has awarded them in 2009 and 2010 as the fastest growing in America. Even the CEO was named executive of the year.

IoIo System Mechanic Video Review:

Iolo System Mechanic is now in thirty-three countries and can be found in six languages. This has made it a global leader in the market of utility software. Over thirty-six million customers use Iolo to protect, optimize, secure, and use data recovery retrieval for their computers.  This company has won numerous industry awards including from the media. In California, the Deloitte Fast 50 has Iolo listed since 2004, as the fastest growing company in California.

Iolo now has taken over the market in computer tune ups and has control of eighty-five percent of the market and ninety-eight percent in Canada. Since they opened in 1998, the company remains debt fee, is self funded-meaning they do not borrow money, and has been profitable since they opened to the public.

So, what is Iolo System Mechanic’s product line for consumers? System Mechanic is what started the ball rolling. It is a computer tune up suite. There is a technology that is an automatic maintenance called ActiveCare and it is patented. The software will speed your computer back up, fix any problems like lagging, and keep it well maintained.

Search and Recover is a must have program when something is deleted. Sometimes it’s not in the trash can. Where is the photo, videos, music, files, emails, or document? Iolo will recover any of these items that are on a memory storage card, hard drive, and any portable device like an external hard drive or camera.

DriveScrubber is the first product on the market for discarded computers. This means when a used computer is sold or thrown away, your private information is still left on there. So, people can steal it and use it against a person in harmful ways. If the drive has been reformatted or simply deleting files, think again, it can still be retrieved. This software will erase everything permanently. This will also restore the drivers after damage from spyware or viruses. This can be used for cameras and flash drives also.

For spyware and viruses, System Shield from Iolo will not use the computer system resources hardly at all. It is a high performance engine that performs in real time to kick all the attacks throughout the day of viruses, Trojans, spyware, mal-ware, and anything else.

The last one is called System Mechanic Business. This is just like the System Mechanic but designed only for small to medium businesses. There is a lot of network options and volume pricing available.

Iolo System Mechanic is now found in over eighteen thousands stores like Wal-mart, Target, Costco, Best Buy, Staples, and many more. Online it can be found with many retailers also. So, just shop around for the best price. The quality of Iolo will still be there to protect your computer.

On sale visit Iolo System Mechanic

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