Impacting Lives Jonnie Mindez On Patreon

  • January 10, 2017
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Jonnie Mindez is making an impact on Patreon by producing videos that make people smile and add value. Mindez has a goal of 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube and a Patreon goal of $1,500 per month. Visit his page on Patreon:

The goal is not only to hit the 1 million YouTube subscriber milestone and $1,500/month, but it’s also to support his sick mother. I watched a couple videos from his channel and have to say they are hilarious. My favorite video so far is ‘Drunk College Interviews Gone Wrong’ Fun times, brings me back to the days of college parties. Even the Uber driver gets his 15 seconds of fame in the video.

Jonnie Mindez

What’s The Point?

“I created this account because I know I will not only be able to do something I am passionate about, but I can also support my sick mother while doing it. Something I think everyone should know, is that I am solely creating this in hopes of building an income to pay for the cost of my production as well as my sick mother. The nerve racking part is she has no idea I have started this. My mom has been my number one supporter in everything I do. Shes easily the strongest, yet most loving and caring human I have ever been around. My mother has Kidney failure, however, she continues to try and work to support my younger sister. Watching every battle my mother has overcome has taught me so much about character and hard work, so with this opportunity I am going to do everything I can to be worthy of your donations. The videos and content that I come up with will not be about my mom, but the intent behind doing this all is so that I can take care of her.”

How Often Does He Post Content?

“It will be my goal to have four solid entertaining videos a month that will all put a smile on your face.”

What’s In It For Me?

Level 1 or ‘Jonnie’s Legit Supporters’ $3 gets you sneak peek photos of upcoming releases and access to Patron only videos.

Level 2 or ‘Jonnie’s Committed Supporter Club’ gets you Patreon only live streams and access to Patreon only videos.

Level 3 or ‘Jonnie’s VIP Supporters’ gets you 1 on 1 live Skype call, access to brainstorming group for videos, and Patreon only videos.

So the goals are pretty straight forward. Help Mom, 1,000,000 YouTube subs, and $1500/month on Patreon. One thing is clear from watching Mindez’s videos.. he’s got a lot of ambition and passion. I think it’s pretty doable with the quality content he’s posting and also I could see a lot of support coming from his fellow college students. Check out his Patreon and YouTube page today.

New Video Platform Amazon Video Direct

  • May 16, 2016
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New Video Platform Amazon Video Direct

If you didn’t hear already there is a new video platform in town called Amazon Video Direct. I signed up for an account at The process was relatively quick, but you need to enter payment and tax information in order to start since Amazon will pay for content you upload via advertising. I uploaded the video worldwide checking two options. Free with Prime or free to view with advertisement pre roll. All the info I entered was pretty standard, but I did get hung up on closed captioning. In order to distribute your video content on Amazon Video Direct you must upload a file with the audio transcribed. Amazon suggests companies that will do this for you, I went ahead and got one done at Fiverr. The video I uploaded is now ‘pending’ and has been for a couple days. The first video had the wrong transcription format so it was rejected. Hoping Amazon Video Direct takes off.

Adding Animated Video To Your Marketing Plan

  • April 24, 2016
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Adding Animated Video To Your Marketing Plan

Top companies like know the value of animated videos in promoting their products. This not a coincidence that companies using animated videos are the top companies in the market. The videos must have some sort of power in convincing potential customers and retaining the old ones.

What is the Degree of Effectiveness of an Animated Video?

With a properly done animated video, a company can increase its conversion rate by up to 25%. Yes, 25% increase in conversion rate for just using an animated video. This shows how effective an animated video can be. All that a company need to do is to create a killer animated video and watch it convert potential leads to real customers.

Why is an Animated Video Effective?

There are many reasons that try to explain the effectiveness of animated video production. Here below are some of the reasons why an animated video can help your business increase conversion rate to 25%.

Visual and verbal learning

Animated videos are outstanding because they use a combination of two most effective modes of communication. Visual and verbal are the best ways of communicating to a consumer audience. With the use of visual and verbal modes, consumer audience is likely to retain over 50% more information than if it were to be written. This is why animated videos are considered effective.

Clear presentation

Animated videos are very clear in their presentation. With animated videos, a business can remove any form of ambiguity in its product. This clarity is what makes it an effective way of presenting information.


Animated videos are very simple. A lot of information is passed to the audience in just a minute or two. This high level of simplicity is what make animated videos a preferable way of promoting products.


Animated videos are quite interesting in their nature. In as much as they pass important information about a product, they are also humorous and thus liked by many people. This way, people are likely to share these videos over the social networks. The fact that they are sharable are what make them effective.

The above mentioned show why animated videos are considered effective. Noting its effectiveness, businesses should ensure that they have animated videos to explain their products.


Kacy Catanzaro 2014 Dallas Finals American Ninja Warrior (VIDEO)

  • July 16, 2014
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 Kacy Catanzaro 2014 Dallas Finals American Ninja Warrior (VIDEO)

The video of Kacy Catanzaro is something you truly have to see to believe.

Edyn Hardware and Software Kickstarter

  • July 5, 2014
  • Review, Science, Tech
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Edyn Hardware and Software Kickstarter

Watch the video featuring the interesting Edyn garden sensor. This is one of the most popular posts on Kickstarter. Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions, helping you make your plants thrive.

Get more information of the Edyn sensor at

Really cool concept.

Why No One Talks About Print Marketing Anymore

  • May 19, 2014
  • Marketing
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Why No One Talks About Print Marketing Anymore

Video on why no one talks about print marketing anymore and how to take advantage of this.

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