Profile of YouBar’s Featured Business

  • March 5, 2012
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Profile of YouBar’s Featured Business

It used to be that family owned small businesses were shops that would open on a local street, and get clients from around town to grow their businesses. Now, the Internet is the playground of any company, and a lot of new small businesses open up their doors online. That was the case of YouBar, a project that started in 2006 by owner Anthony Flynn and his family. The premise was simple, making energy bars customized for their clients. Here’s an overview of the company, how they grew up and how Flynn became a minor TV celebrity.

YouBar started as a family business, and to this day is still being run by Flynn and his family, his mom and his brother. They have a small office where they make the energy bars themselves, baking and creating the food from bare ingredients for their clients. Of course, the main appeal of their services is the customization that they offer. When someone goes to their web site, you can see right away the vast amount of customization available. Any organization or event could get energy bars with their own name and logo printed on the wrapper. They offer various types of bars, with ingredients like chocolate, fruits, honey, and more. Over the years, they also started to diversify and now offer shakes, trail mixes, and more. The prices are fairly reasonable, and they seem to have acquire a small list of loyal clients. It’s hard to say just how popular they have become, since the whole purpose of the site is to customize these bars in your name, so you won’t find YouBar products around.

The company has been featured in many TV shows like Good Morning America, the Food Network, and more, but perhaps how owner Anthony Flynn became the most famous was when the company Vistaprint decided to film a TV ad and feature YouBar as its main customer. Flynn describes the event as starting fairly simple, by an email he received from Vistaprint. This email explained that YouBar has bought a lot of business card materials from them, and that they were interested in making a commercial featuring them. In just a few weeks, a whole crew of over 40 people spent 14 hours in the small business filming for the ad, and when it was unveiled, Flynn went on a stage to a crowd of fan. Needless to say, Flynn was quite surprised at being selected, and at all the appraises he received. In a way, he had become a minor celebrity since so many people had worked on the commercial and already knew him by editing all that footage, before he even met the people working there.

In the end, Flynn is still working in his small business, and there’s no question that the Vistaprint ad experience helped with their own marketing efforts, along with having made him a celebrity, at least amongst the people who saw that commercial.

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Review of by

This is my 2nd review in my 3 part series of the best places to buy business cards. Vista Print is not only a place that I’ve shopped for business cards I’ve also purchased magnets, color flyers, and self inking stamps. I have nothing but good things to say about VistaPrint my #2 best place to buy business cards.

Starting a new business or even running an old one is not an easy task. An entrepreneur has to take many things into account, and it is after careful thinking and consideration of all the aspects, that a critical decision is taken. He alone is also answerable for the publicity of the company he runs. Now, with the help of VistaPrint, advertising has become somewhat easier. It one of the largest growing printing company worldwide.


Vistaprint is a company that offers colorful printing services. It offers post cards, envelopes, letter heads, business cards, mailing labels, note cards, stamps, stationery, flyers, lawn signs, folders, logo design, pens, posters, return address label, websites, calendars, checks, car door magnets, email marketing, and many other things, which are essential for businesses.

Vistaprint provides easy access to all these things. The ordering process is very fast and trouble-free. One can click on the desired product and the order process gets started. Two hundred and fifty cards are offered free of cost. Customers can choose the online available cards or can self design their cards. They can choose the background color, font color/format, images, and other stuff. It is very easy to upload, crop, and rotate images. Moreover, it supports a vast variety of files including Adobe, Microsoft, and others (JPG, BMP, PIC etc). They offer a good amount of discounts.

Vistaprint provides their services at fairly low prices, with minimal charges for shipping and some money-back guarantees. Their shipping service is amazingly fast. People generally get their orders before the expected time. Normally, cards and other things are delivered in about three weeks. But, if the customer wants to get it in the preceding week, then they charge an extra price.

In case there is some default with the delivered package, one can always call the customer service center. The customer service staff is very friendly and will patiently respond to any queries and concerns of the customer. Chat service is also available throughout the week except for the weekends from 6:30 to 3:00 pm. Vistaprint is the 4th largest growing printing company internationally.

All the products are of very good quality as compared to the price they charge. They offer a number of finishes including glossy, foil accents, aqueous coating, and matte. However, it doesn’t offer bindings, covers, hole drilling, or custom cutting. Vistaprint logo is embedded on the products. However, in order to get rid of this logo, they charge extra money. The size of the card is 87mmx49mm, which is smaller than the normal cards. But, they have on the whole a great user experience and the site does tremendously well in organization and graphic imaging. For customer’s ease, the site is also available in several other languages to cater to their customers in other countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, and Spain.

In short, is the ideal place for people who are looking for a great quality printed material that could help them achieve their business marketing strategies at a low cost. It provides a lot of amenities to its clients at very low cost and that’s what most people like about this site.

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