What My Trip to “Twilight” Forks WA Taught Me about Marketing

  • May 7, 2010
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What My Trip to “Twilight” Forks WA Taught Me about Marketing

If you don’t already know Forks is a small town in Clallam County, Washington. It is the backdrop for the Twilight books and movies. The cities economy before Stephenie Meyer’s, Twilight series was sustained by the timber industry and Clallam Bay Correctional Center. Thanks to the Twilight books and movies it’s clear that Forks, WA has added Twilight to the industries that support its residents. Forks is booming thanks to Twilight tourism.

My girlfriend and I where visiting her relatives up in Forks. No, sorry to disappoint I’m not a huge Twilight fan. I wasn’t searching for Edward and Bella. Upon first entering the town of Forks I was shocked to see how many business’ are selling Twilight memorabilia and/or tying the Twilight name into their business. There are shops called “Dazzled by Twilight,” “Native Art Twilight,” and many more. Teenagers are walking the streets with shopping bags in their hands taking pictures as if the stories of Twilight actually took place in this small town. Twilight fans drive to all the attractions described in the book including Minnie Peterson road. Day in and day out fans drive up this road and turn around.

My marketing takeaway from visiting “Twilight” Forks WA is that opportunities come virtually out of thin air. This town was Washington’s best kept secret before Twilight. Forks relied off the timber industry and the Correctional Center. Now because of something as trivial as a series of teen books and movies this once sleeping town has turned into a tourism Mecca. Business owners according to my girlfriend’s relatives in Forks are raking in the profits. Things don’t stay stagnant. If you prepare for opportunities to come your way eventually one will. Not every opportunity is predictable.  It’s up to you to capitalize on those unpredictable opportunities that come your way. As cheesy as it sounds to capitalize off Twilight many business owners in the town of Forks have went from getting by to getting wealthy beyond belief.

I Can’t Stand Seattle’s Weather!!! Global Warming, What Global Warming?

  • June 10, 2008
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I can’t believe it in the age of global warming June has turned out to be the coldest in more than a century here in Seattle. With weather records going back to 1852 we are matching and even beating record low temperatures in the region. It’s so cold here that as I type it’s STILL snowing in the mountains! This is the actual forecast from the National Weather Service… “A fierce storm could bring five to 10 inches of new snow to Washington’s Cascade Mountains, particularly in the higher elevation.” I’m going to get my skis out and get up there right away. I can probably count on my hands how many nice days we’ve had all year. I’m been a Northwesterner all my life, but I’m this close to moving to Arizona.






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