Little Oak Web Hosting Review by

Little Oak Web Hosting Review by

Little Oak is a web hosting company located in Torrance, California. Founded in 2007, the family-owned business offers Mac-focused services (they also support Windows and Linux), cutting-edge equipment and affordable prices. The company is probably best known in the Mac community for Mac web hosting and hosting RapidWeaver sites. Little Oak Hosting’s cheapest plan costs $80 per year for bandwidth of up to 50GB/mo and 5GB of storage. The most expensive plan costs $320 per year.


Little Oak has three web hosting plans: Sapling Cloud, Habitat Cloud and Chestnut Cloud.

Sapling Cloud

For $80 a year, you get unlimited websites, 50GB/mo bandwidth, 5GB disk space, 24/7 live chat and toll-free telephone support and 100% Uptime SLA .

Habitat Cloud

Habitat Cloud is quite a jump up from Sapling. It costs $160 a year for unlimited websites, 500GB/mo bandwidth, 15GB disk space, 24/7 live chat and toll-free telephone support and 100% Uptime SLA.

Chestnut Cloud

The ultimate Little Oak web hosting plan is the Chestnut Cloud. For $320 a year, you get unlimited websites, 1TB/mo bandwidth, 25GB disk space, 24/7 live chat and toll-free telephone support and 100% Uptime SLA.

All three plans also come with a pretty extensive list of features:

    • Free website builder
    • Unlimited MySQL database and users
    • POP3/IMAP4 email accounts
    • Domain aliases and subdomains
    • Domain name transfer and auto-renew
    • Free antivirus and firewall protection
    • Site traffic analysis
    • Shopping cart
    • SSL secure server
    • Google credits ($100)
    • Yahoo credits ($25)
    • Daily backups
    • Affiliate program
    • U.S.-based customer support
    • Money-back guarantee for certain services

It’s true that you can get most of these from similar providers like WestHost and SimplyHosting, but what makes Little Oak stand out from the crowd is state-of-the-art technology and its dedicated team. According to’s Uptime Monitoring, the Little Oak website has an uptime of 99.98 percent. You don’t have to be a programmer to manage your website; the integrated website builder is easy to use. Most tools you will ever need are included in the plan—Joomla, WordPress, MySQL5, PHP5, Ruby on Rails and B2Evolution. RapidWeaver, which many hosting companies don’t offer, is also included.

Little Oak also has an affiliate program for making a little extra cash. Little Oak’s customer service is one of the best out there, and customer ratings are generally positive for reliable service and competent tech support. Besides excellent support and Mac-focused services, I like that you can easily cancel your subscription when things go wrong.

On the con side, Little Oak does not have a blanket money-back guarantee policy. It’s only available to certain customers (at Little Oak Hosting’s choosing). To get a refund, you must contact customer support and ask them to terminate the service. Little Oak is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (as of December 2012) and credibility relies on feedback from customers. Some customers also complain about slow servers, but these are exceptions.


Domain name transfer and auto-renew

Mac-friendly hosting and dashboard


High quality equipment

Extensive features

U.S.-based 24/7 customer support


Limited disk space and bandwidth

Relatively young company, relies on customer feedback

Not as popular worldwide as older hosting companies

No money-back guarantee for all customers

Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau


For about the same price, you get similar features from other hosting companies, but Mac developers should give Little Oak a try. It has great infrastructure and Mac-focused services, and it’s also recommended by Realmac Software for hosting RapidWeaver sites. But if you need Windows web hosting service at a reasonable price and you want a more established company, there are many other alternatives to Little Oak Hosting.

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Finding the Perfect Webhosting Service for Your On-Line Business

Finding the Perfect Webhosting Service for Your On-Line Business

The Internet has really made the world a smaller place.  Nowadays, people can do business with other folks halfway around the world, and the transactions can take place in a matter of seconds.  In the same way, websites can be built by people within America but placed online and hosted by people who live in an entirely different time zone.

It can be stressful!

Stressed Out Web Hosting

It’s true that there is at least one webhosting company in every country and even every city across the world.  The challenge is now identifying which of those companies offer a better service.  The broader challenge is identifying what makes one service company better than another.  In order to know this, you would first need to know the different aspects of webhosting.  Here are some of the most basic aspects that should be looked at when considering a webhosting company:

Webhosting Criteria

1)      Reliability – A webhosting company is the entity responsible for keeping a website accessible over the internet.  If your website isn’t accessible to the public, then those interested in your services will most likely go somewhere else because they won’t be able to see your site and the information on it.  This also refers to the speed of the site, and this matters because people online would not have the patience to wait for a webpage to fully load.  They would rather go to a site that provides the information they need instantaneously.

2)      Data Transfer and Disk Space – Of course the server that stores your website will need to save your data and at the same time stay connected to the internet in order to allow people to access the site.  Both of these services cost money, and this is more or less what you will be paying for if you opt for a paid webhosting service.  Know the type of data you will have on your site, and consider the traffic that it will generate.  If you plan to store videos on your website, then you would most likely need more disk space as well as leeway for data transfer.  If your company says that you just have half a gigabyte for your website, then that may mean that you would not be storing music and videos that could be streamed by visitors.

3)      File Type Restrictions – Not all webhosting services will cater to all file types.  Some will restrict pictures and videos to certain formats, and this could be either due to the size of the files or the embedded reader that is provided.  Be sure to know about the restrictions, and be a lot more demanding if using a paid service.  If you are paying to design and place your website online, then you should have the capability of placing whatever type of format you prefer onto your website.

4)      Technical Support – Although this is for the paid services, it is an essential tool that is a requirement.  Should something go wrong with the website, there should be an escalation hotline that can be called in order to have the problem resolved immediately.

Shooting for the Best Webhosting Company

Searching for a webhosting company can really get confusing since there are so many companies out there saying that they offer the best service.  Before believing in the claims though, go and check on what others have to say about the service.  Read the reviews from sites such as and check on the offers that each company has to offer.  There may be no such thing as the perfect webhosting service, but personal preferences will dictate what is best for you.  Find what you like, subscribe, and go on to success through the building of your online site and business.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

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Review of InMotion Web Hosting by

  • May 12, 2011
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Review of InMotion Web Hosting by

InMotionHosting was born in 2001. For the last ten years, with the boom of the growing Internet, InMotionHosting has quietly been building this web hosting business one happy customer at a time. The customers are extremely loyal and stand alongside the company. InMotion Hosting consistently ranks in the top 3 of web hosting companies.

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InMotionHosting uses Unix and Linux operating systems. This network for web hosting is incredibly reliable and fast. InMotionHosting consistently benchmarks for the performance of the web sites and consistently monitors for anything unusual that pops up.

If it is a short term issue with InMotionHosting, it can be taken care of immediately while it is happening. This helps to keep the web hosting economical to keep a person or business on budget along with providing broadband readiness optimal and keep the system growing with InMotionHosting.

Because of this strong commitment, InMotionHosting has stayed ahead of the competition. From speed, reliability, and being economical, InMotionHosting will outperform anyone. They stay ahead of the technological curve. This web hosting company is the only company that offers Max Speed Zones.

Max Speed Zones helps the website uptime. With InMotionHosting, you can choose the data center that is closest to where the business is located. The website and email could literally run six times faster with InMotionHosting.

Most web hosting companies have only one place where they run everything. This can make things lag and look funky when a person is looking at the website live, which is bad for business. With InMotionHosting this is guaranteed not to happen.

Business Class and VPS clients will be able to use this service with InMotionHosting. InMotionHosting currently tests forty-six locations globally and thirty-five in the US.

InMotionHosting uses their technology and business sense to help find new and better ways to work. From hardware to software and trying new methods to complement the tools that already exist. InMotionHosting is proud of the work they do in the company.

Customer suggestions are always welcomed and listened to. These ideas have sometimes been used after an formal evaluation and approval with InMotionHosting. When approved, the new technology is added to the servers.

InMotion Hosting is actually owned by the employees. The average of four years experience of web hosting is found with employees, but ten years experience of web hosting plus other skills are found in the senior staff.

From management to things breaking and being fixed to many more things, InMotionHosting has been there and done it from real experience. This is why technical support with InMotionHosting truly understands the problem unlike some other web hosting companies.

InMotionHosting even has a support on their website to help teach, guide, and have you implement the tools to be successful. A person will be able to build, maintain, and grow their website either as a business, blog, or just for fun with InMotionHosting.

InMotionHosting has business class web hosting, VPS web hosting, and dedicated servers if needed. InMotionHosting is currently having a special for business class starting at $5.95 a month.

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Web Hosting at InMotion Hosting

Review of iPage Web Hosting by

  • May 10, 2011
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Review of iPage Web Hosting by


Who and what is iPage Web Hosting? This web hosting company has been around for about ten years. So, iPage knows the ins and outs of web hosting and know what the customers are needing and looking for.

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iPage will host a personal, business, non-profit, or personal website no matter how big or small. There is great flexibility with iPage Web Hosting.  Also, iPage is a green company. Using wind energy, iPage uses renewable energy credits. This greatly reduces carbon emissions. So, far an estimated two thousand six hundred and sixty metric tons has been prevented each calendar year.

iPage Web Hosting Review by from on Vimeo.

A pool of servers are used at iPage to make sure websites are always running fast. This helps keep interruptions at an extremely low minimum, provide faster load times, and more efficient redundancy at iPage.

A website comes standard with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email at iPage. A domain is also included with iPage Web Hosting Services. There is a wide variety of tools to enhance or create a website of choice with iPage. Some partners include ShopSite, Google, VeriSign, Yahoo, and many others.

Free advertising credits, computer backup, security applications, malware scanning, and search engine optimization tools are all provided by iPage Web Hosting.

So if a blog is the only thing that is needed, blogging tools are provided with iPage. If an eCommerce site is started to go into business, then a variety of shopping carts and photo galleries will help get the business off the ground. If help is needed, iPage customer service is available live online or a phone call away.

Every month, iPage tests everything to make sure it is functioning properly. There are even surveys given to the users to find out about problems and solve them. But along with that, iPage launches something new every month to help out their customers.

Besides iPage Web Hosting, iPage offers an affiliate and referral program so their users can make money. There is even a program to sell web hosting and start up a real business. iPage will help every step of the way.

There has been many awards given to iPage Web Hosting.  In 2010, it was a great year for iPage. From winning Best Support to Best Features to The 10 Best Hosts awards.

Email and domain registration are also provided by iPage Web Hosting. So, a business needing a professional email can have safety and security instead of using a free one that could be hacked. iPage is constantly monitoring everything for peace of mind.

If a person or a business needs web hosting, iPage is running a super low special of five dollars for a website. There is no contract or obligation. A three year plan can be bought at only $3.50 a month. There is always free setup and activation at iPage. Right now over four hundred and fifty dollars in credits and extras are being offered.

This company has been around for a really long time. If a reliable web hosting company is needed, give iPage Web Hosting a try.


A Review Of FatCow Web Hosting by

A Review Of FatCow Web Hosting by

Today, I’m reviewing another one of my favorite web hosting companies, If a person is looking for a great web hosting company that is on a budget friendly price, FatCow suits the bill. Even though the name sounds strange, it honestly is one to forget in memory. Here is a review of FatCow Web Hosting and what it can do for your business.

What is FatCow? Founded in 1998, this web hosting company designed itself around small home based businesses and up to medium ones including individuals who needed shared web hosting services. FatCow’s believes are old fashioned values. Great customer service, user friendly web hosting, and adding real value to your business makes this company really fun to use.

The reason for the company name, FatCow, was to be an alternative difference to all the hype a person currently sees online. There are so many confusing prices on different web hosting packages. Everything that they provide is simple and practically a one box solution. This is great for newbies just starting out online and need help.

One further step that FatCow has taken is RECs or Renewable Energy Certificates. This simply means using wind as an energy source. This reduces fossil fuel usage on the energy grids. Along with the company, the employees are making adjustments in their lives in implementing eco-friendly thing into their personal life.

This also means every website provided is eco-friendly. A person can place a green badge on the site to show this to all their visitors. The badge can be clicked on to see that your site is verified by using wind energy at one hundred percent. This boosts confidence in your customers and visitors and builds a solid foundation for your business.

FatCow has hosting plans for simple blogs and just having a few personal pages. If a business wanted to sell, they would have to choose an Ecommerce site. They just have to pick a shopping cart or use Paypal for payments. Doba is now a choice that is provided to integrate the products onto a person’s website. There are three plans to choose from and prices range from $56 a year on up. This is a current sale price from the normal $99a year.

A business could choose a business web hosting plan from FatCow that will use Constant Contact as the email marketing program, which includes the autoresponder. Create newsletters, emails using templates to choose from, a sign up form on the site for visitors, and of course reports to manage your business. Right now the site is offering a free sixty day trial.

Advertising credits and tools are now being used at FatCow. There is Google, Yahoo, Bing, FaceBook, and YellowPages. For example, if a person or business signed up for web hosting, they currently would receive a $75 credit to use Google Adwords to promote their business with.

No matter what, there will always be unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and a free domain name at FatCow. Use the photo galleries provided, site building tools, storage and store tools, and so much more. I do receive compensation for the affiliate links in this FatCow review, but I really do believe FatCow is one of the best hosting companies out there.

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