Trouble Figuring Out Restaurant Tips? Get Help With New App

  • June 5, 2015
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Use Restaurant Tip Calculator To Calculate Right Amount

Ever get a gigantic restaurant bill and need to calculate a 18.5% gratuity? Off the top of your head what 18.5% of $163.78? Don’t know? That’s where the Restaurant Tip Calculator by Starflower Solutions comes in.

Use our Restaurant Tip Calculator app to quickly and easily calculate the right tip (gratuity), new bill total, and the per person (split) amount if you are splitting the check between multiple people. Easy, Fast, and Intuitive. You can calculate the appropriate tip (gratuity) in seconds. Tipping is a lot easier with this app.

With just the press of one button, you can turn on the Camera LED flash light if you are in a dark restaurant or bar to help you see the check/bill.

And there is a button at the bottom that will help you quickly create a text message to send to friends with their share of the bill plus the tip percentage, if you are splitting the check.

You can now customize this tipping app by setting your own preferences such as the default tip, default split number, currency symbol, automatic rounding, and more.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Rating: 4.7 score on Android

Link to Android:


Tip Calculator App 

Top 5 Windows Phone Note Taking Apps

  • September 4, 2014
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Top 5 Windows Phone Note Taking Apps

Do you remember the days of having a dozen sticky notes attached to your computer monitor, your calendar or even your desk and window frame? If you needed a certain tidbit of information you would have to hunt for the right sticky note and hopefully you found it without wasting too much time. If you even found it at all.

Fortunately we have our smartphones and tablets synced to the cloud so we can see our notes on any manner of devices ranging from desktop computers to smart televisions. Of course, now we have a problem with fumbling for the right app to take notes, hoping it doesn’t crash and even worse- trying to remember where we saved that note and which app we used to record it. Sometimes we have to wonder if we are truly saving time with the high-tech approach to taking notes!

With all of this in mind it seems like a good idea to quickly go over five of the best note-taking applications available in the Windows Phone app store. The focus will be on note-taking applications that focus on simplicity of use and speed (preferably a good balance of both.) These applications are presented in no particular order (We never really thought ranking things in numerical order was accurate or useful.)

Evernote- This app offers a variety of features such as taking photos to include in your notes and even using your device’s voice recorder to add audio. You can also make lists and enable the notes themselves to be searched.

OneNote- The note-taking program Microsoft offers for Windows 8. It is very powerful and versatile but also a bit complicated for people who need to find and edit a particular note as quickly as possible. This is best used in project management environment and not for taking notes during a professor or supervisor’s presentation. This app offers dictation which translates your speech into readable text.

Hurry Notes- This is the note-taking app for those with a need for some speed. The app is very fast to download thanks to its small file size and more importantly- it opens very quickly compared to bulkier applications. You can get to writing down that phone number or quote price right away and if you need to delete something just swipe the screen. The lined paper background is actually quite useful in keeping lists neat and easy to read.

My Notes- this is a popular note taking app that is functional but not as useful in a high speed situation. While the app lets you do lots of things it can be easy to lose track of a specific file and have to hunt for it in the menu system.
Note+- A note-taking app that is noted for a beautiful interface and relatively simple design. This one is very functional but also not focused on speed note-taking. Some users have complained of losing data after the device goes through a hard reset.

Remember that note-taking apps are best judged by an individual’s needs. Some require a full-featured application while others prefer raw speed and simplicity. This is why it is important to do your research and make your decision based on the kind of application you need and not what others tell you to get.

New Windows Phone Commercial – What Do You Think?

New Windows Phone Commercial – What Do You Think?

Watch the new Windows phone commercial below. I really like it.

Windows Phone HTC 8x Review

Windows Phone HTC 8x Review

Is it finally time to buy a Windows Phone? Now that the HTC 8x is out, the answer may be yes. After being overshadowed this year by Samsung in the Android smartphone category, HTC has produced a phone that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will carry. Both HTC and Microsoft are beyond excited and a lot of consumers are, too. The new flagship phone packs high-end specs into a sleek device that’s incredibly bright and easy on the eyes. The unlocked version comes with a sharp 4.3-inch 720p LCD 2 display and superfast dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor from Qualcomm.


The first thing you’ll notice is the color, which is vivid neon (blue, yellow, red and purple) and looks like it glows in the dark. It’s a welcome break from the more sedate smartphone offerings in the market, but also comes in black if you prefer low-key. Holding the HTC 8x is very comfortable, and you can feel the slight curve of the seamless, polycarbonate shell nestled in your palm. The round edges and rubber coating also make it touch-friendly. The controls are discreet (power button and volume control are on the upper right corner), but there’s no place for a replaceable battery or memory card slot in the unibody (you use a special tool to insert the micro SIM). The front is all LCD display with the earpiece up top and the Back, Home, Search touch controls at the bottom.

Wndows Phone HTC 8x


The screen of the Windows Phone 8 is more customizable in this model, letting your resize Live Tiles for more space. It takes some getting used to if you’re coming from the iPhone or Android interface though. The HTX 8x lets you chat as a group (with the new Rooms feature) and share digital content like photos and notes with your friends and family. There’s also Microsoft Wallet for storing credit card info, Camera Lenses that supports camera app integration and lets you easily apply filters to photos, and Kids Corner, a custom Start screen that protects your personal stuff while letting the kids play around with apps you approve of. Another cool feature is Data Sense that lets you track data usage, but it’s only available for Verizon subscribers.


The 4.3-inch screen is not immense, but easily as sharp as Apple’s retina display. The optical lamination also gives it less reflection, resulting in rich blacks and natural colors. The 1.5GHz S4 processor (also powers the U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S3) and 1G RAM is a decent jump from Windows 7, and you’ll notice that the OS is more responsive. According to, the WP8 is the quickest Windows Phones they’ve tested so far. Calls and audio quality are loud and clear on the speaker and even better with earphones plugged in. A fully-charged battery lasts a whole day with normal use, but only 2.5 hours on a max CPU usage test.  Sadly, there’s no way to expand the 16GB internal memory. The Windows app store also trails way behind Google Play and the App store, but Microsoft boasted that they already have 46 of the top 50 apps. The rear 8-megapixel camera is very good, but the iPhone 5’s camera is better in terms of color reproduction and depth.

HTC 8x Windows Phone Side

HTC 8x Windows Phone Pros:

Stylish and comfy design

Sharp and beautiful display

Fast processor

Great camera

Very good audio quality

HTC 8x Windows Phone Cons:

No micro SD slot

No removable battery

Camera not as good as the iPhone 5 camera

Limited Windows apps


The Windows Phone HTC 8x certainly deserves to be Microsoft’s flagship phone, with its beautiful design, solid specs and a fast processor. The camera, battery life, memory and app store can be improved on, however. Overall, it’s a contender if you’re on the market for a super phone this holiday season.

Windows Phone Speech Enabled Apps.

Windows Phone Speech Enabled Apps.

Check out what’s coming for the Windows Phone, speech enabled apps. The technology will work will any app allowing consumers to have “conversions” with Windows phone software. The speech enabled app. demo in the video is for Audible. You can launch the Audible application with your voice, play your book of choice, pause with voice commands, and even skip to the next chapter. Windows phone 8 developers can tap into speech and open up new things that we’re possible before, even with Siri.

Windows Phone Predicted to Overtake Apple’s iOS by 2015

Windows Phone Predicted to Overtake Apple’s iOS by 2015

If there’s one thing analysts love, it’s mobile phones. That may be because the landscape is so competitive, and things change so fast. Regardless what it is, ever since the iPhone came out, it’s been a focus of all tech pundits. Now, since last year, Microsoft truly entered the market with its Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t seen much success in the market, remaining at a very low adoption rate of 1.9%. Still, research firm IHS iSuppli is now predicting that Windows Phones will overtake iOS in the smartphone market within 3 years. Crazy prediction, or bold move? Here’s the details.

First, there’s no question that so far, Windows Phone 7 has seen very little success, despite a large marketing effort from Microsoft. Ever since the first version came out, critics have pointed out various flaws in the system, and updates have been slow to come through the various carriers. Worse, it almost seemed like mobile phone stores didn’t even want to sell these phones. With the iPhone and Android taking all the real estate, it was very hard for Microsoft to find a spot on the shelve. But last year they made a very significant move, by partnering with Nokia, the largest cellphone marker in the world. Now, they will be making Windows Phones as well, and that might be enough to propel this system ahead. This is in fact what the research firm is basing it’s predictions on. The very first Nokia phone to hit the US soil running Windows Phone 7, the Lumia 900, was a big hit at CES. That’s why IHS iSuppli thinks this is just the beginning, and that the path for Microsoft and Nokia is wide open. They are predicting a 15% market share by next year.

But there’s several problems with that theory. First, of course Nokia is the largest phone maker, but the main reason is because almost all low end phones, those you typically find in Africa, part of Asia and even many European and South American markets are all using cheap Nokia phones. Those aren’t smartphones, and they won’t be running Windows Phone 7. Nokia smartphones have never been a success in the US, or many other industrial countries. So the power Nokia adds to Windows Phone 7 is not that great. Then, being a success at CES and being a success in the market place are two different things. The fact is people who go in mobile phone stores look for an iPhone or an Android phone, primarily. It’s doubtful that a lot of tech press coverage from CES is going to change that. The idea that suddenly, this one phone will propel Microsoft ahead of the market is fairly dubious.

Overall, anything could happen. The iPhone and iOS could become stale, uninteresting, and we could see a mass of customers switching within a year. But that’s doubtful. Chances are, Nokia won’t bring much to Microsoft, at least not in the US.

Let me know your thoughts please comment!

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