Critics Love Windows Phones?

  • January 9, 2012
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Critics Love Windows Phones?

I saw this article in the New York Times today and wanted to share. I decided to buy a phone that did not run Apple or Android software so I went with a Windows Phone. I purchased the highest rated Windows phone that T-Mobile carries called the HTC Radar 4G. I wanted the Nokia 800, but unfortunately it’s not available in the US yet. I have 2 weeks to try it out, but I love the look of the Windows Mobile operating system. It makes static icon based Google and Apple phones look dated.

Some of the reviews mentioned in the New York Times read:

“GORGEOUS,” raves The Huffington Post.

“Best-looking smartphone operating system in the industry,” gushes Slate.

“Far superior to most if not all the Android smartphones,” saysTechCrunch.

As you can see the Windows Phones are actually getting positive reviews! A Microsoft product actually has critiques raving about it. One of the problems for lackluster sales is Windows Phones have been made by HTC and Samsung don’t boost top of the line specs. Critiques were down on Microsoft partnering with Nokia, but I think it was a genius move. After seeing the Nokia Lumia 800 on YouTube it’s probably one of the best looking smart phones of all time.

Microsoft built Windows Mobile from the ground up which is one of the reasons the design looks so fresh. Interestingly Windows 8 operating system will look a look like Windows Mobile. It’s thought the design switch is so Windows 8 runs better on tablets.

Windows 7 About to Make Vista Obsolete?

  • May 28, 2008
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Have you upgraded to Microsoft Vista yet? If the answer is no you’re like me. I won’t even touch Vista until I absolutely have to. I was running Windows 2000 on an old machine as long as I could until I bought a new computer that I specifically requested Windows XP to be loaded onto it. Those individuals who haven’t made the jump to Vista yet might not have to because in an expected 2010 release date Microsoft will introduce Windows 7. Microsoft’s Vista is only a year and a half old and already they’re talking about a new operating system. Rumor is Windows 7 will support multi touch screens. May be they’re just trying to garner some buzz stealing Apple’s marketing hype machine dominance.






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