New Study Shows Yoga Can Boost Your Brainpower

  • September 28, 2014
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New Study Shows Yoga Can Boost Your Brainpower

Who could have guessed that a series of exercises developed thousands of years ago to develop the mind, body and spirit could possibly help people learn to function in a highly computerized world?

The science journal known as Technology published the results of a study by a group of University of Minnesota researchers. The researchers studied two groups of people; one group of 12 people who practiced yoga exercises in one-hour sessions twice a week for a year while the other group consisting of 24 people did not practice yoga or had very little exposure to it. All of the participants were both physically and mentally healthy.

Both groups of people participated in an activity that required them to use both their right and left hands to move a marker around various points of a computer monitor screen. The researchers reported that the group who regularly practiced yoga were able to learn as much as three times as fast as the group members who did not practice yoga. The group members that practiced yoga were also twice as likely to complete their tasks. The study consisted of thirty trial runs of this activity in order to weed out fluke performances.

The researchers believe that their findings may be able to help paralyzed and physically disabled people become proficient with computerized devices. It could also be possible that exposing young children to yoga exercises will help prepare them mentally for learning to use computers.






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