Get More Buzz For the Buck – Starbucks New Perks

  • May 13, 2008
  • Freebies
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Starbucks in effort to compete with competitors such as: Dunkin Donuts is announcing new incentives to get you to come back. I don’t know about you, but I’ve stopped going to Starbucks. I feel I get a much better products and overall experience at my local coffee shop (Caffé Vita) than the overpriced and under delivering Starbucks. So what new freebies do you get from Starbucks? Free Syrup shots and milk substitutes, free drink with bean purchase, free refills on drip coffee, and free Wi-Fi. In order to get these Starbucks freebies you must pay with a prepaid Starbucks charge card, which holds up to $500. One more catch I forgot to mention Wi-Fi is not unlimited it’s only good for 2 hours. Even after this I still feel I get a better deal at my local coffee shop one of which gives you a free computer and broadband time with purchase of a coffee. Let me know if you will be visiting Starbucks more often with these new incentives.

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