What makes a post Digg-worthy or Stumble Worthy

  • October 20, 2008
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Digg and StumbleUpon are like magazine or newspaper stories that one can browse. In Digg, a front page is there for users to browse the best stories in the web. Qualifying what’s a good story and what’s not depends on the number of diggs on a story. It’s safe to say that those articles receiving thousands of diggs are getting a huge amount of traffic surge whenever they get reinstated on the front page. Envious yet?

StumbleUpon is another system that will drive traffic to your blog if used correctly. It’s main feature is its toolbar, which makes it effortless for people to send links to the article to their fellow StumbleUpon users, and to tag the post as a favorite. The thing with StumbleUpon is that people get to visit your page there and view the stuff you recommend. Basically, your list will comprise the URLs of the sites you liked. Soon, the people who visit your stumbleupon page will get a glimpse of your taste in sites, what you find funny and exciting. Providing a short review of a page you discovered will also make others see you as a valuable stumbler, which simply means that anything you stumble is worth visiting.

What will make people stumble your posts? First of all, you must provide a way for people to submit your article to Digg or SU. Social bookmarking plugins are available for WordPress, but these sites have house banners and scripts that you can paste on your website to aid your visitor. However, the most important element that will make people favorite your article or submit it to social bookmarking sites will have to be the content. Let me share with you some thoughts on what I think makes an article worthy of a digg or a stumble.

Your post must incite an emotion – It could be astonishment, shock, amazement or amusement… whatever emotion you incite is immaterial, as long as you don’t put your visitor to sleep. The post could contain a photoshop-enhanced photo of a celebrity and this will tell people that you have one of the best photoshop  skills on the net. It could also be a photograph or a video of a shocking event, like a ghost apparition or something similar.

Global Appeal – Digg and SU users can be from all walks of life and from different cuiltures. Writing about an issue that has global relevance (economy, global warming, global food contaminant scare etc.) will impress a lot of people.

Controversy Appeal – Do you have a conspiracy theory about a hot issue? Do you have first hand knowledge about the high school exploits of a famous celebrity? Write about it and your blog could just get the attention you desire so much.

Entertainment Appeal – One look at cracked.com will explain what I meant by “entertainment”. Seriously, how could anyone resist digging or stumbling all of their articles? One of the most obvious reasons why people go online is to have fun and divert attention from more pressing things. Be the showman and dance.

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