Melamine Candy Poisoning This Halloween?

  • October 30, 2008
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What is Melamine?

Melamine according to is a “nitrogen-based compound used in commercial and industrial plastics, such as eating utensils and laminates, whiteboard wall paneling, flooring and Formica counter tops.”

Why would someone deliberately put Melamine in their products?

The reason Chinese food companies put Melamine in their products is, “Chinese food companies use the nitrogen-based compound in wheat flour and other products to make these products appear to have more protein (” Melamine tricks tests into thinking there is a higher nutritional content.

In China Melamine contaminated dairy products sickened 54,000 babies and killed four. Last year Melamine contaminated pet food killed an estimated 8,500 dogs and cats from kidney failure. Countries around the world are banning Chinese imports containing milk power, but not the United States. The FDA has been silent on this issue thus far and by doing so is endangering the public. If Chinese food manufacturers put Melamine in baby formula do you think they would care if it ended up in Halloween candy? Chinese dairy based Halloween candy manufactured at the time of the September Melamine scandal are on store shelves now. Watch Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia video regarding the possibility of Melamine in Halloween candy and FDA’s silence regarding this issue for further explanation.

Additional Melamine statistics

In a news story from it’s reported on Oct. 21st 2008 1,500 dogs were killed in the last two months from Melamine tainted feed.

In an October 20th 2008 article from it was reported that three more Chinese brands of chicken eggs have been found to contain high levels of Melamine.

In an Oct. 29th 2008 article from melamine tainted chocolate-flavored body paint has been withdrawn from shelves in Australia.

In an Oct. 22nd article two food products Lotte B&W Koala Biscuits and Lotte Chocolate Snack Koala Biscuits were found to be tainted with Melamine.

According to Mike Mozart the FDA allowed 2,000,000 pounds of milk based raw material from China. The 2,000,000 pounds of milk based rare material were shipped to US manufacturers and added to our food supply.

The list goes on and on. Companies in the United States need to start testing their food products from China for Melamine.


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