Roku Gets Hulu Google Gets Blocked

Oh man Google has made some enemies through the years! Viacom announced that it too will be blocking Google TV from accessing its content. Viacom has joined ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. Think Google does no evil? Just asked these aforementioned companies that question.  I read a blog post today stating that Google TV is dead on arrival. It’s a useless box. Time will tell, but it seems there is all out war between entertainment companies and Google. I mean do you really think Viacom who lost a law suit earlier this year to Google would allow Google to use their content for free? Viacom is getting the last laugh today because their decision makes MTV, Comedy Central and BET inaccessible on the Google TV box. Meanwhile Hulu comes to Roku. I’ve heard people express their dislike towards Roku, but coming from someone that owns one they are awesome! Now that Hulu is on Roku as well it’s just that much better.

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  1. Ryan Smith Says:

    Oh my! Shocking news! it gives me headache reading what google did or whoever is on the right side. Ofcourse we really dont know whats the deal between them. sigh…

    Thanks for sharing this






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