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  • September 9, 2011
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Fantasy Football at

Did you watch the game tonight? Football is here! Fantasy Football is not new. It’s been going on for almost as long as the real thing has. It’s in many ways a method for fans to simulate what the real game is, from the comfort of their own homes. Using nothing but a pen and paper, with access to some stats, anyone can start a league and become what athletes work so hard at doing. Or at least, something close to it, without all that physical activity.

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Typically, this game is played amongst friends, in a living room, at work during a lunch break, or in a school hall. But more and more, there are sites offering services for Fantasy Football. But perhaps the most interesting one is If you want to play Fantasy Football, why not do it on the official site of the National Football League? After all, they’re the real deal. allows anyone to sign up for an account and play Fantasy Football. The first thing you should do when signing up is looking at the calendar. The main page has a list of important dates, and those correspond to actual football events, such as the start of the season, kickoff events, and so on.

The Fantasy Football system also gets upgraded frequently. For example, some of the new features you’ll find for this season include new custom schedules, league histories, expanded rosters, advanced stats, live scoring, trading block, and a free mobile app.

Another advantage of the Fantasy Football service is the very real prizes they offer. On the main page is a link to a list of prizes for each seasons, and they can include things such as a trip to Indianapolis, season passes, and cash amounts.

Once you know what the site offers, you need to either join an existing league, or create your own league. There are big yellow buttons allowing you to easily make your choice, and direct you to the right parts of the site. Also note that your account is a wide account, which means it gives you access to the rest of the site should you choose to use it.

Finally, once inside, you can access all the features listed above, and more, to setup and run your Fantasy Football league. There are options to bring your friends in, by sending invites to them through popular social networks, customize the scoring and settings of your league, and maintaining records of everything that goes on while the season progresses.

If you wish to win some of the prizes offered, you have to join an NFL-managed league. Otherwise, you can create custom rules on your own. If you had a 2010 league, you can also easily convert it to the 2011 season, using the same rules and friends you had invited back then.

Overall, the site makes running a Fantasy Football game much easier than the old way, and brings the latest features and technology to the game.

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