Instagram Ads Begin: What You Need to Know

  • November 5, 2013
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Instagram Ads Begin: What You Need to Know

The world today revolves about the internet. Whether you are a student or a professional or anybody in between, we use the internet for all sorts of things from shopping to doing research on the hottest eats in town and just around everything under the sun. With that, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a staple to any modern individual’s daily living. Social media is the most popular way to spread information about something.

Instagram is one of those social media sites people love to use nowadays. This particular social media platform features photos and videos from its users. Popularly used in ‘food porn’ pictures, the use of Instagram in taking pictures of food to be eaten by the users was a common activity in a global scale. Aside from food pictures, Instagram is widely used to just about anything that needs to be captured and frozen in a photo. A lot of people enjoyed using Instagram but there was a major change that occurred last November 1, 2013. Instagram gave its users a preview of what’s to come in the social media platform which was the addition of ads.

Social Media and Ads

If you’re a regular in many social media sites like Facebook and Youtube, you would see ads around the site. In Youtube, the adaptation of having ads wasn’t really happily accepted by the users in majority but that issue got passed by and there are still a lot of users using it. As for Instagram, the first batch of ads from a popular fashion designer brand Michael Kors took some positives and negatives. The ad had over 65,000 likes and around 500 comments but by the end of the day, the users’ voices were unanimous which it clearly states a serious opposition over the entire idea.
However, Instagram’s spokesperson says that other designer brands would likely join the ad campaign Kors already took. As for the time being, it is not certain when but it is almost certain to happen. After all, social media sites like Instagram have a very wide audience and are the perfect candidates to spread ads. It might drop the user experience due to the unwanted ads showing in your screen but as for Instagram and its client, this is a huge opportunity for both parties. Instagram will certainly earn from the ads while the advertisers get the exposure they want even if that would cause a little frown from the users.

Instagram Ad

Hence, we feel that this is something users can eventually get used to as time goes by. It is hard to stop using something that we are used to like Instagram. Also, advertisers say that they will try to create ads that aren’t standing out too much and would likely blend in naturally to minimize the annoyance to the users. Whatever the future holds for Instagram, one thing is almost certain which is that once these ads appear, they will likely be there to stay.

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