Music And Memory Program For Hospice And Dementia

  • September 23, 2016
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Help those in hospice and those with dementia with the music and memory program. This is such a unique idea I’d thought I’d share this potentially groundbreaking program with the audience.

“Music and Memory is a truly life changing program for those with Dementia and Terminal Illness. It is so simple. Create a customized play list for people and watch them come alive again. Music hits a different part of the brain allowing an opening into people who have been vegetative and isolated. We pair up patients with high school students who are experts in technology and create companionship and playlist.” The idea is so simple yet as everyone knows music can have such profound benefits to one’s mood and well being. If this is something that interests you check out their page: #kind #hospice #dementia

Music Kind

Goal Information

The goal of this fundraising campaign is $10,000. So $10K will allow them to create 100 custom iPods.

What are the costs?

The cost of this program is around $100 per participant.

What impact do they hope to make?

“People with dementia or terminal illness are usually not visible to us. The live in isolation, behind locked doors. This program helps the the forgotten feel loved and cared for. The music opens them up and unlocks memories and feelings from better times. It is a beautiful program and brings dignity to people who have lost their connection to society.”

Please take a moment to visit the fundraising site. It’s a great cause.

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