A Bee Project In Dubai

VG is into a campaign ‘Bees for Us’ for running a bee project in Dubai. This project is totally different from other ‘save the bees’ programs.

It is interesting to note that the project is aiming for increasing the number of bees for the world by breeding more bees through an exclusive system management. If you donate $10, for example, you will get a “Help Save The Honey Bees” sticker.

Bees For Us

The Bees for us project has the uniqueness of making a bee incubation farm in Dubai. It is a challenge to attempt such a thing. The temperature of Middle East goes to 113 °F and above at times in summer and the bees might find it hard to coup up with this extreme higher temperature of nature. He has exemplary solutions to deal with that.

Bees for us project is not a sudden thought VG and his partners from around the world. A Global Bee Village https://globalbeevillage.com is already functioning where the platform is for bee experts and bee enthusiasts to join and discuss on the various issues that bees are facing now.
Bees need our care and attention right now to stop their decline. Bee populations are suffering everywhere and it is of serious concern for humanity. Bees are needed for pollination and also to give us useful bee products.

The Bees For Us project is about creating bee farms that would make it possible to bring bee education to the masses. The reason for choosing Dubai for this novel project is its geographical position and the number of expatriates living and working there. With more than 200 nationalities living and working in Dubai VG feels it is the most ideal place to propagate bee values to the whole world.

Bees play an important role in global environmental issues. Bees are essential for creating more of trees and greenery that in turn preserve water for us and purify our air. When we depend bees for our food and clothing, there is nothing to be ashamed in protecting and caring bees. Apiculture incubation farm is for total care of bees and propagating the need to care bees globally.

Bees For Us project is for everyone in this world, born and to be born. VGs campaign is going on in Indiegogo.

Here is the link:


Let us make it a successful Indiegogo by contributing whatever you can.

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  1. VGNair Says:

    Thanks for posting that makes it known to the people. Yes, it is an amazing project for bees. People from all around the world appreciate the lead.






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